Communist methods in Poland’s schools and universities

Two comments on the article What sluggish Britain can learn from Poland by Emma Duncan in The Times, 30 July 2021.

Comment #1

Lech S Borkowski comment in The Times 30 July 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Times 30 July 2021

The author is trying to push fairy tales, having no knowledge and experience of the educational system in Poland.

“The children of middle-class people in our town go to technical schools,” says Anne Applebaum, an American historian married to a Polish politician. “There’s no shame in it.”

A. Applebaum is an unreliable narrator. She sent her sons to Eton. She is married to Radek Sikorski, a politician tied to Communist military intelligence. He was arranged an entry to U. of Oxford by Zbigniew Pełczyński, an Oxford don. ZP was later awarded the Order of the White Eagle in Poland for his services to the Polish (Communist) ruling class.

I have a PhD in Physics from the University of Florida in US. My parents were prisoners of Communist concentration camps. I am married to Małgorzata Głuchowska, academy-educated excellent pianist and piano teacher, granddaughter of Aleksander Głuchowski, who was prisoner of Soviet camps in 1940-41, later fought with the Allies on the western front and was imprisoned by Communists again, upon return to Poland in 1947. I was the only faculty member at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań with a western PhD. I was denied normal participation in teaching duties, being sidelined to teaching computer-related courses. I had to bring my own laptop to work. They wouldn’t buy me one. I was bullied, harassed, humiliated.

Our daughter was attacked in her elementary school in a coordinated campaign. My wife and I were fired in 2015.


Correction: Pełczyński was awarded the order of Polonia Restituta in 2014, second-highest civilian order in Poland.

Comment #2

Lech S Borkowski comment no. 2 The Times 7 August 2021, article on education and economic development Great Britain vs Poland 30 July 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment no. 2 The Times 7 August 2021

My second comment.

‘Poland is now nearly three-quarters as rich as Britain […] if recent trends persist, Poland will be more prosperous than Britain by 2030.’

3/4 as rich? Nonsense. No, it won’t. Position of power, privilege, and well-paying job are distributed by the same ruling class, as before 1990, next generation. Statistics can be manipulated at will.

The author praised the educational system. People controlling this system make sure that power remains in the hands of the same ruling class. Grades were falsified at the university, where I worked. Law was broken at exams at the school of music, where my pianist wife was employed. Our daughter was targeted in schools and treated with contempt. University authorities systematically sabotaged my attempts at equal treatment of all students in a manner similar to western universities. They made the point of applying pressure to raise grades of selected students. Sometimes they cancelled my class without notifying me.

The procedure of my professional advance was sabotaged as well. It was delayed, procedural traps were set up . The law was violated and nobody cared. Poland is a lawless country.

Falsehoods and lies are part and parcel of the system. Rules and honesty are nonexistent. This was demonstrated to me countless times. Ethical standards and social norms are broken whenever they stand in the way of the ruling class.



An iron fist in a velvet glove

Comment on the article Poland could be next to leave if the EU stands up to Warsaw by John Kampfner in The Times, 23 July 2021.

Lech S Borkowski comment in The Times 24 July 2021 An iron fist in a velvet glove
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Times 24 July 2021

In Poland and Hungary Communists seized power at the end of WWII and never gave it up. They wiped out any pockets of resistance to the dictatorship within the first few years.

Having done that, they realised a unique opportunity to fully control, shape, manipulate, and falsify the past, the present, and the future.
East European totalitarianism evolved over decades. This is the case of dynamic dictatorship, not a static one.

Having eliminated any real opposition to its rule, they decided to create a fake opposition recruiting from within the ranks of the ruling class. Children of the Communist elite and their most loyal servants formed fake dissident groups. No form of such resistance would be tolerated by the Communists unless it was given their own seal of approval. It is mind boggling that western reporters have not questioned these issues.

Timothy Garton Ash, who began his career reporting from Eastern Europe, didn’t bother to explain in his reports and books that his East Europeans friends led privileged and sheltered lives. That their family members were staunch Communists.

The claim that changes of 1989-90 was a ‘velvet revolution’ is obviously a lie. It was not a velvet revolution. It was a fully staged and managed fake transition, something well practiced in the Communist world. The same Communist iron fist is now masked by a velvet glove. However, this fist has the same ability to choke and strangle, something my wife and I know very well.



Awkwardly euphemistic

Comment on the article Vladimir Putin bans comparisons between Soviets and Nazi Germany in Second World War by Tom Parfitt in The Times, 1 July 2021.

Lech S Borkowski comment The Times 12 July 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Times 12 July 2021

‘The latter is likely to anger former Soviet states like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which say they were occupied by the Red Army and then coerced into joining the Soviet Union against their will.’

The Times follows the Communist narrative, which avoids any mention of occupation of Poland by Soviet Russia. The phrase ‘coerced into joining … against their will’ is awkwardly euphemistic. We are talking here about murder, torture, concentration camps. The use of ‘former Soviet states’ is inappropriate. They didn’t have any sovereignty.

Note also the following:

‘In response, Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland’s prime minister, called Putin a liar.’

This is a non-essential criticism from Polish PM. By calling Putin a liar Morawiecki avoided giving proper response, which would be to recall the Communist terror unleashed against Polish citizens, such as my family members, in eastern Poland occupied by Soviet Russia. Contemporary Polish ruling class follows unmistakably the same Communist narrative, in which eastern Poland and its citizens are to be erased.



Appropriation of names and ideas

Comment on the article Hungarian coffee shop idolises UK philosopher Sir Roger Scruton by Oliver Moody in The Times, 15 June 2021.

Lech S Borkowski comment in The Times 15 June 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Times 15 June 2021

Viktor Orban is a most loyal pupil of the Communist regime. He was the leader of the Communist Pioneers organisation in high school. Only the most trusted ones coming from a ‘proper’ background were chosen for this function. He allegedly underwent a transformation while in the army, before university.

For those familiar with realities of life under Communism Orban is a typical representative of the most privileged circle. Many of them were selected to play the role of a fake opposition to Communism. The same game was played in Poland, where many children of the hard core Communists were assigned roles of ‘dissidents’. Dissident is a largely Communists’ own creation. There was simply no way to oppose the system, in which nobody would lift a finger to help you. You were alone.

It is a longer story, how the West believed the dissidents were the real deal.

Appropriating someone’s names and ideas, including conservative ones, in the way presented in the article is nothing surprising in Eastern Europe. Polish university, from which I was expelled in 2015 for political reasons was named in the 1950s after a great Polish 19th century poet Adam Mickiewicz, a great humanist, who was a figure of an exactly opposite kind to the Communist folk.




The Internet and the Russian state

Comment on the article Anger after Ryanair flight ‘hijacked’ by Lukashenko to arrest dissident by Marc Bennetts, The Times, May 24 2021.

Lech S Borkowski comment in The Times 24 May 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Times 24 May 2021

The Nexta channel is run on Telegram, service operated by a Russian team from Dubai, as the company’s website explains:

“The Telegram development team is based in Dubai. Most of the developers behind Telegram originally come from St. Petersburg”, i.e. Leningrad.

Pavel Durov, Telegram’s chief, has an account on Twitter but remains mostly silent since January 2021. Similarly, Nexta stopped posting on Twitter in January 2021.

This story has Russian and Belarussian state written all over it. The so-called ‘opposition’ is fake. Gullible westerners will believe anything and will not ask any questions.

Nexta’s founder Stsiapan Putsila was born into Belarussian privileged class, Financial Times February 25 2021:

“[Putsila’s] father had been a sports presenter since the 1990s who was the only one who broadcast in the Belarusian language”

Putsila doesn’t seem to have a Twitter account.

Looking at the material posted by the Belarussian ‘opposition’ I haven’t noticed anything significant. Plenty of theatricals but no substance.

The Russian state is gradually wresting control over large portions of the Internet from western companies and governments. If you believe that Telegram has nothing to do with the Russian state, you are a complete fool. Those signing up for Telegram should be aware that they are giving their personal data and the contents of their communication to the Russian state.



Epicentre of falsifications

Comment on the article Poland sets out to reclaim Marie Curie’s legacy, Maria Wilczek in The Times, 12 May 2021.

Lech S Borkowski comment in The Times 13 May 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Times13 May 2021

Polish political functionary talking about ‘false narrative’? He is merely repeating the comment I wrote under another Times article,

Prisoner of false narrative, 21 June 2020

However, he is trying to alter the meaning and point finger at someone else.

I wrote

“I find the text being of poor quality, merely a retelling of an official story. The problem is that Poland is an epicentre of falsifications of both recent European history and contemporary politics.”

These words are equally applicable here.

By the way, I applied to a Polish university for an official transcript of my undergraduate grades twice. I paid the fee. The functionaries refused to issue the document I asked for. The first time they pretended they didn’t know how it should look like. On the second attempt, they sent few pages which do not qualify as official transcript. The first page was stamped with university seal, but the rest were not. This was done on purpose, of course. I was expelled from Polish state institution for political reasons in 2015. I am a physicist, like Marie Curie.



Pomniki Dzierżyńskiego w Rosji

Komentarz do artykułu Lenin’s architect of red terror rises again, Architekt terroru Lenina znów na piedestale, Ben Macintyre, The Times, 16 września 2017.

Użyłem ostatnio Google Maps w celu zlokalizowania pomników Feliksa Dzierżyńskiego w Rosji. Jest ich wiele, w różnych częściach kraju. Oto przykład. Cytowane wpisy z Tweetera należą do wątku, w którym publikuję współrzędne geograficzne i zdjęcia miejsc kultu Dzierżyńskiego, organizatora komunistycznej tajnej policji.

Przestrzeń publiczna w Rosji ma charakter sowiecki i komunistyczny. Większość doniesień z Rosji ignoruje tę podstawową informację.

Moskwa (dwa pomniki), Sankt Petersburg, Saratow, Ufa, Wołgograd (dwa), Taganrog, Kirow, Krasnojarsk, Nowosybirsk, Dzierżyńsk, Orzeł, Kursk…

W Kirowie jest centrum handlowe nazwane imieniem Dzierżyńskiego. Wiele ulic i skwerów w Rosji nosi to imię.

Jest także pomnik Stalina w Jakucku odsłonięty w 2013.




Monuments to Dzerzhinsky in Russia

Comment on the article Lenin’s architect of red terror rises again by Ben Macintyre in The Times, 16 September 2017.

I used Google Maps recently to try and locate monuments to Felix Dzerzhinsky in Russia. There is lots of them all over the country. Here is a sample. The tweets quoted below are part of a thread, where I provide coordinates and pictures, courtesy of Google, of this organizer of the Communist secret police.

Public space in Russia is as Soviet and Communist as ever. Most of the articles from Russia ignore this most basic information.

Moscow (two statues), Sankt Petersburg, Saratov, Ufa, Volgograd (two), Taganrog, Kirov, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Dzerzhinsk, Oryol, Kursk…

Kirov has a shopping centre named after him. Numerous streets, squares.

Then there is the monument to Stalin unveiled in Yakutsk in 2013.

Absolutely horrible.



Komedia International

Komentarz do artykułu Alexei Navalny has prisoner of conscience status revoked by human rights group Amnesty International, Amnesty International cofnęła Nawalnemu status więźnia sumienia, Marc Bennetts w The Times, 24 lutego 2021. Zamieściłem tekst pod artykułem na stronie internetowej gazety, gdzie został natychmiast zablokowany, a później usunięty. Wersja angielska: Comedy International.

Lech S Borkowski comment in The Times 24 February 2021
Lech S Borkowski, komentarz w The Times 24 lutego 2021
Lech S Borkowski comment in The Times 24 February 2021 blocked
Lech S Borkowski, komentarz w The Times 24 lutego 2021 został natychmiast zablokowany

Komedia trwa. Amnesty International ignoruje obecność pomników Dziuerżyńskiego w Rosji, ulic i miast jego imienia. Nie zauważyłem, że Nawalny lub ktokolwiek inny w Rosji protestował przeciwko ich obecności. Czy Amnesty zapytała, dlaczego rosyjscy “dysydenci” milczą w sprawie zbrodni komunistycznych?

Nawalny jest projektem państwowym. Promowanie korupcji jako głównej kwestii w państwie uformowanym na komunistycznym ludobójstwie jest oczywistym odwracaniem uwagi. Zbrodnie te są oczywiście tabu zarówno w Rosji, jak i wśród działaczy Amnesty.

Chciałbym również przypomnieć Amnesty, że informowaliśmy ich o sprawie Małgorzaty Głuchowskiej w Polsce, pianistki i nauczycielki fortepianu, która została wyrzucona z pracy w 2015 roku. Podczas rutynowych badań w ramach służby medycyny pracy polskie władze poddały ją dwóm upokarzającym wizytom u psychologa pod groźbą utraty pracy w instytucji państwowej. Sfabrykowały fałszywe oświadczenie podpisane przez psychologa i lekarzy medycyny pracy, twierdząc, że nie była w stanie dalej wykonywać swojej pracy. Była najlepszą nauczycielką fortepianu w Państwowej Szkole Muzycznej w Zielonej Górze. Jej uczniowie zdobyli najwięcej nagród na krajowych i międzynarodowych konkursach pianistycznych. Wcześniej napisaliśmy wiele listów do władz państwowych w Polsce, ujawniając łamanie przez nich prawa i praw człowieka.

Opublikowaliśmy na Youtube nagrania dźwiękowe rozmów mojej żony z psychologiem. Po pierwsze, państwo przymusem poddające kogoś wizycie u psychologa jest wyraźnie totalitarne. Po drugie, jeśli ktoś tutaj nie nadaje się do kontynuowania pracy w swoim zawodzie, to są to psycholog, lekarze medycyny pracy uczestniczący w tej operacji, a także rządzący i prokuratura, które sfałszowały postępowanie po naszych doniesieniach i chroniły bezpośrednich sprawców.

Zapraszam Amnesty i inne organizacje praw człowieka, aby zaangażowały się w naszą sprawę. Wyjdźcie ze swojego kokonu i zobaczcie prawdziwy świat.

Kampania przeciwko naszej rodzinie trwała latami. Informowaliśmy wiele osób w różnych krajach, ale do tej pory nikt w mediach ani wyżej wymienionych organizacjach nie poprosił o kontakt i informacje.



Parlament Europejski ignoruje ofiary metod komunistycznych

Komentarz do artykułu redakcyjnego The Times view on Russia sanctions: Punishing Putin, 23 lutego 2021. Wersja angielska: EU Parliament ignores victims of Communist methods.

Lech S Borkowski comment The Times 23 February 2021
Lech S Borkowski, komentarz w The Times 23 lutego 2021

Polskie władze użyły służby medycyny pracy przeciwko mojej żonie w 2015 roku. Wydane zostało fałszywe oświadczenie lekarskie, aby wyrzucić ją z pracy pianistki i nauczycielki fortepianu w Państwowej Szkole Muzycznej w Zielonej Górze. Dokonano tego za zgodą rządu. Mamy szczegółowe dowody, w tym nagrania dźwiękowe, które są dostępne na YouTube. Moja żona została oskarżona przez psychologa o nieokreślone urojenia. Pod groźbą utraty pracy została zmuszona do dwukrotnej wizyty u psychologa w ramach rutynowej kontroli medycyny pracy.

Wcześniej napisaliśmy wiele listów do przedstawicieli aparatu państwowego, wskazując na łamanie prawa i praw człowieka podczas wieloletniej intensywnej kampanii przeciwko naszej rodzinie. Kilkakrotnie powiadamialiśmy o tym posłów do Parlamentu Europejskiego. Zignorowali nas. Skontaktowaliśmy się również z organizacjami praw człowieka, które milczały.

Europa lubi deklaracje dotyczące praw człowieka, ale nienawidzi współpracy z ofiarami i zrobienia czekogolwiek rzeczywistego.

Członkowie mojej rodziny, w tym moi rodzice, obywatele polscy, byli więźniami komunistycznych obozów koncentracyjnych w północnej Rosji po II wojnie światowej. W Parlamencie Europejskim jest miejsce dla członków komunistycznych organizacji totalitarnych, ale w kraju Unii Europejskiej nie ma miejsca dla ofiar metod komunistycznych.


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