Communist rebranding exercise

Comment on the editorial Brussels will bully Poland back into line before long in The Telegraph 27 October 2021.   27 Oct 2021 3:24 PM Media interpretations of this pseudo-standoff between Poland and the EU suffer from unfamiliarity with the Communist modus operandi. The last time Poland had a rule of law was before WWII. The … Read more

Parlament Europejski ignoruje ofiary metod komunistycznych

Komentarz do artykułu redakcyjnego The Times view on Russia sanctions: Punishing Putin, 23 lutego 2021. Wersja angielska: EU Parliament ignores victims of Communist methods. Polskie władze użyły służby medycyny pracy przeciwko mojej żonie w 2015 roku. Wydane zostało fałszywe oświadczenie lekarskie, aby wyrzucić ją z pracy pianistki i nauczycielki fortepianu w Państwowej Szkole Muzycznej w … Read more

Horrible wasteful bureaucracy

Comment on the article EU launches legal challenge against UK over ‘unlawful’ Gibraltar state aid by Catherine Neilan in The Telegraph, 19 March 2021. Lech Borkowski 19 Mar 2021 7:07PM EU is such a horrible wasteful bureaucracy. In 2017, several of us were driven from London to Truro in Cornwall to distribute some job training/job scheme … Read more

EU Parliament ignores victims of Communist methods

Comment on the editorial The Times view on Russia sanctions: Punishing Putin, 23 February 2021. Polish version: Parlament Europejski ignoruje ofiary metod komunistycznych. Polish authorities used the service of occupational medicine service against my wife in 2015. They manufactured fake medical statement to expel her from the job of pianist and piano teacher at the … Read more

Zagubieni zachodni obserwatorzy Europy Wschodniej

Komentarz do artykułu A new ‘Iron Curtain’ is descending on the EU, and threatens to collapse the project, Jonathan Saxty, The Telegraph, 24 listopada 2020. Wersja angielska: Western observers lost the plot in Eastern Europe. 25 Nov 2020 4:11PM Zachodni obserwatorzy całkowicie stracili orientację w Europie Wschodniej. Na przykład w Polsce klasa rządząca pozostała dokładnie … Read more

Western observers lost the plot in Eastern Europe

Comment on the article A new ‘Iron Curtain’ is descending on the EU, and threatens to collapse the project by Jonathan Saxty in The Telegraph 24 November 2020. 25 Nov 2020 4:11PM Western observers completely lost the plot in Eastern Europe. In Poland, for example, the ruling class remained exactly the same as before 1990. … Read more

Communists seriously underestimated

Comment on the article Covid is a 1914 moment for the post-Cold War globalised order by Allistair Heath in The Telegraph, 27 January 2021. Polish version: Siła komunistów skrajnie niedoceniona. Lech Borkowski 28 Jan 2021 1:39AM “a wonderful, freewheeling, ultra-mobile 30-year affair that started with the downfall of communism in 1989 has come to a … Read more

All the Pravda

“All the Pravda That’s Fit to Print”. My comments on the article Meet Maroš Šefčovič, the steely former communist who imposed the EU’s Brexit deadline by James Crisp in The Telegraph, 11 September 2020. Lech Borkowski 13 Sep 2020 4:14PM This article reads like The London Pravda. Let’s see… towering, basketball-loving, polyglot, wise choice, embroiled … Read more

Barroso copied keywords

My comment on the article Nigeria copies and pastes new laws from Singapore by Jane Flanagan in The Times, 18 May 2020. When I read State of the Union address to the EU Parliament, 11 September 2013, by Manuel Barroso, I thought quite a few phrases in the document looked familiar. I compared it with … Read more

Virtual politics, faking democracy in Poland

The second of my comments on The Times’ article Polish election will not be free and fair, claims European Commission by Bruno Waterfield in Brussels, April 30, 2020. Poland and other countries of evolved Communism can be described as ‘democracies’ only in the sense of ‘virtual democracy’ or ‘virtual politics’. There is a good book … Read more

Communist brutality in Poland

Comment on The Times article We can’t ignore Turkey’s war on free speech by Hannah Lucinda Smith, March 18, 2020. While I personally cannot add anything to the picture of the freedom of speech or human rights in Turkey, I would like to provide some information on violations of these rights in the European Union, … Read more

EC President’s Fake Biography

I sent the following comment to the webmaster of the European Council. Their website contains a biography of D. Tusk, former Poland’s prime minister, currently president of the EC. London, UK, 5 October 2018 Sir, This official Donald Tusks’s biography is fake. The “opposition” to communist dictatorship was set up by the communist dictatorship itself. … Read more