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My comment on the article Nigeria copies and pastes new laws from Singapore by Jane Flanagan in The Times, 18 May 2020.

When I read State of the Union address to the EU Parliament, 11 September 2013, by Manuel Barroso, I thought quite a few phrases in the document looked familiar. I compared it with the letter my wife and I faxed to the EU Commission on 6 June 2013. I found surprising similarities.

Let me give you couple of examples.

LSB 6 June 2013:
The advanced knowledge of the social sciences was employed for the sole purpose of murdering the soul and murdering the social dimension of a person. Psychology became operational psychology. The key elements to the successful murder of the social being are the isolation of the victim and the participation of as many perpetrators as possible. This is the true meaning of Solidarity in Poland. It is the solidarity of the oppressors against an individual. All these methods inherited by the current Polish junta are widely used in Poland today. Psychological terror against any bright and brave individual standing up for dignity and honor is the main tool of the regime.

Barroso 11 Sept 2013:
For that reason, strengthening the social dimension is a priority for the months to come, together with our social partners. The Commission will come with its communication on the social dimension of the economic and monetary union on the 2nd of October. Solidarity is a key element of what being part of Europe is all about, and something to take pride in.

Note “social dimension”, “key element”, “solidarity” and also
“participation” vs “being part of”, “dignity and honor” vs “something to take pride in”.

There was also surprising use of “the trenches”, which appeared in our letter as well.


Virtual politics, faking democracy in Poland

The second of my comments on The Times’ article Polish election will not be free and fair, claims European Commission by Bruno Waterfield in Brussels, April 30, 2020.

Poland and other countries of evolved Communism can be described as ‘democracies’ only in the sense of ‘virtual democracy’ or ‘virtual politics’.

There is a good book by Andrew Wilson from the University of London: Virtual Politics, Faking Democracy in the Post-Soviet World (2005). While the book focuses mainly on Ukraine and Russia, it is applicable also to Poland, and likely to other East-European fake democracies.

Let me quote from the book’s flap:

“This book uncovers the sophisticated techniques of the ‘virtual’ political system used to legitimize post-Soviet regimes: entire fake parties, phantom political rivals and “scarecrow” political opponents. And it exposes the paramount role of the mass media in projecting these creations and falsifying the entire political process.”

Virtual political system, fake parties, falsified politics? This is Poland as well.

When Poland was joining EU in 2004, its flag was raised in Brussels by President Aleksander Kwaśniewski and Prime Minister Leszek Miller, both members of the pre-1990 Communist party. Kwaśniewski was a government minister in the 1980s. At that time Miller was chief of a regional committee of the Communist party and the Communist Politburo. Miller is now an MEP.

The current list of MEPs includes e.g. Karol Karski, member of PiS (Law and Justice), who was an activist in the Communist student union, or Danuta Hubner, currently member of the Civic Platform, Communist party member in 1970s and 1980s.

Elections do not make any difference in Poland.

The Solidarity trade union, a fake opposition movement of the 1980s, was created by the Communists themselves.


Communist brutality in Poland

Comment on The Times article We can’t ignore Turkey’s war on free speech by Hannah Lucinda Smith, March 18, 2020.

While I personally cannot add anything to the picture of the freedom of speech or human rights in Turkey, I would like to provide some information on violations of these rights in the European Union, in the country of Poland.

My wife and I were simultaneously fired from our state jobs in Poland for political reasons in 2015. The action against my wife Małgorzata Głuchowska, a pianist and piano teacher, involved fabricating fake statement signed by a psychologist, that due to some unspecified delusions my wife could not continue in her job in Zielona Góra, Poland, despite being the most successful pianist in the school. We have provided the state authorities with transcripts of two approximately 40-minutes meetings of MG with the psychologist (ordered under the threat of being fired from the job.

Earlier, we have addressed many texts to various Polish authorities, taking an active stance on some key issues. It quickly turned out that our rights declared theoretically in the country’s constitution and the EU’s documents are purely imaginary. The campaign against us was absolutely vicious. It was based on a typical Communist modus operandi.

We have provided top Polish authorities, including the Prime Ministers and Prosecutor General, as well as numerous European Parliament Members, with information about our case. No one asked for more details. No one wanted to know more, MEPs being no exception.

There is certainly an appetite and support for actions reinforcing pre-existing stereotypes and biases. There is, however, no appetite and no desire to act in cases contradicting the dominant mythology.

It seems therefore that violating freedom of speech and human rights is all right if you are a member of the EU, but not if you are outside. So while you continue to point and wag your finger at countries outside Europe, don’t forget the savagery and brutality in some of the Communist countries in the EU.


Donald Tusk and the Communist opposition to Communism

My comment on Asa Bennett’s article in The Telegraph Donald Tusk thinks Brexiteers are longing for empire. Has he met the EU elite?

Lech Borkowski 14 Nov 2019 1:46PM

It is useful to know where Tusk and the like come from. The Communists in Poland have trained a number of people for future positions of leadership. The idea was to organize fake opposition to Communism and to pretend that the Communism in Eastern Europe collapsed. They created fake political groups. Tusk was positioned as a young free-market liberal.

The creation of fake opposition is an old Communist trick. In the 1920s Soviet Russia their secret service ran the Operation Trust, whose aim was to fool the outsiders and the Russian emigres that there was a real internal opposition to the Soviet terror. It is an old idea really.

The Communist-style politics runs in a provocateur mode. Pretty much everything is a provocation, while the effort is made to pretend it is a real thing.

So, Tusk is a Communist provocateur simply doing what he is told to do. This is a labour of the many, not the few.


[In reaction to this, certain Adam Johnson supposed that I must be a Law and Justice supporter and used a derogatory word to describe my comment. Here is my response.]

Lech Borkowski 14 Nov 2019 5:59PM

Sorry to disappoint you. I don’t support any political party in Poland. I was expelled from my job for political reasons in Autumn 2015. My wife was expelled from her job as well for political reasons. It is all here:

The leader of Law and Justice party in Poland, Jarosław Kaczynski is a son of a Communist party member. He comes from a family firmly embedded in Communism and thus privileged. My comment about Tusk applies to Kaczynski as well, with the exception of Kaczynski was positioned to the right of Tusk on the political axis.

I was a member of the Law and Justice from 2008 to 2010. I saw in essence no difference between it and the Communist party.


Poland, EU, Brexit

On 19 August 2019 The Telegraph (London) published an article by Madeline Grant My trip to Poland left me more convinced than ever that we are right to leave the EU to fulfil its superstate ambitions.

The author wrote about her experience during the literary festival in Sopot in Poland.

I participated in the discussion following the article, making a series of comments. Here is the first of them.

“Lech Borkowski 20 Aug 2019 12:01PM

First, I think one should get a grip on the basics. Much has been written about the so-called “velvet” revolution in Eastern Europe, the mythical rise of “the people”. In truth the reorganisation of the 1980s and 1990s was simply a remodelling of the old prison. The camp is now beautified with money pouring in from the EU.

The outside observers have been confused by the cacophony, the noise, and the supposed magic rebirth of pre-WWII parties, political views, and dangerous organisations. Religious sceptics, the non-believers, believed in a miracle: the most sinister, the most perfidious and the most advanced dictatorship ever known simply collapsed under its own weight.

The first allegedly non-communist prime minister of Poland in 1989, Tadeusz Mazowiecki, was a three-time member of the Communist parliament. Each time he was “elected” with about 97 to 99 percent of the vote. While he was formally not a Communist party member, there is no higher Comunist distinction than 99 percent of the vote.

Another “hero” of the “opposition” was Adam Michnik, son of a convicted spy of the Soviet Russia in the 1930s.

The current supposedly nationalist and populist leader of the ruling party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, is a son of a Communist party member. His mother had a highly privileged job in the Institute of Literary Studies in Warsaw.

Former allegedly center-right president (2010-2015) Bronisław Komorowski comes from a family most faithfully and obediently serving the Communist regime. His parents worked in one editorial office with the top ideologues of the Communist party in the 1960s.

The “architect” of the big-bang transition to capitalism was Leszek Balcerowicz, a former Communist party member and an employee of the Institute for Basic Problems of Marxism-Leninism in Warsaw.

Lecturers in Oxford and Cambridge continue to peddle the drugs of the velvet revolution and the “transition to democracy”.

E. European countries are now part of the EU.

Do you believe in miracles?


EC President’s Fake Biography

I sent the following comment to the webmaster of the European Council. Their website contains a biography of D. Tusk, former Poland’s prime minister, currently president of the EC.

London, UK, 5 October 2018


This official Donald Tusks’s biography is fake. The “opposition” to communist dictatorship was set up by the communist dictatorship itself. He was trained by the communists to be one of future leaders, who would pretend to be against communism, while protecting communists and representing their interests. There was no such thing as authentic underground opposition movement in Poland in the 1970s and 1980s.

My wife and I were persecuted for political reasons during his term in office as prime minister of Poland. We were both expelled from our jobs in the autumn of 2015.

He was fully informed about actions against our family and fully approved the persecution. He is guilty of severe violations of human rights and constitutional rights.

You can read more about it at

I am publishing this comment on the aforementioned website. I am also mailing it to the European Parliament.

Lech Borkowski, Ph. D. (Physics, University of Florida 1995)


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