Comment on the obituary of the Hungarian Countess Margit Széchenyi

Comment on the obituary of the Hungarian Countess Margit Széchenyi in The Telegraph 25 October 2021. 25 October 2021 12:23PM With all due respect, this was a fully controlled life on the margins of the Communist dictatorship. Just being torelated and surviving. Isolated, without influence. Communists decided to permanently eliminate everyone opposing them. Some were … Read more

Fake Hungarian dissident

My comment to the obituary of Laszlo Rajk junior in The Telegraph, Laszlo Rajk, Hungarian architect, set designer and dissident whose father had been a prominent victim of the Stalin-era show trials – obituary, 26 November 2019. —— Lech Borkowski 5 Dec 2019 9:27AM Ridiculous. Rajk senior was a criminal. Period. Rajk junior led a … Read more

John Paul II approved elimination of Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty

Another comment following Niall Ferguson’s article in The Sunday Times. One reader asked me, Ulysses9: Interesting and challenging views in your comment. Do you have a reference or evidence for the Pope refusing to pray for the Polish victims of NKVD massacres? My response: If I remember correctly, the information about the reluctance of John … Read more

Magical thinking about the church and the Communists

My second comment on Niall Ferguson’s article Aftermath: the fall of the Berlin Wall — and its lesson for China 30 years on in The Sunday Times. Pope John Paul II, whom the author mentions, did not oppose Communists. He collaborated with them. He celebrated the 26 anniversary of his pontificate in October 2004 with … Read more