Harassment and stalking wikipedialised

Comment on the article You think the BBC is biased? Check out Wokepedia by Andrew Orlowski in The Telegraph, 27 May 2021. 28 May 2021 1:29AM On January 10 2021, The Telegraph published an enthusiastic review of a book about Wikipedia https://www.telegraph.co.uk/books/what-to-read/wikipedia-has-transformed-knowledge-still-looked/ I wrote a critical comment under that article. The text was removed. I … Read more

Century of cognitive neglect

Comment on the editorial article Belarusians look to the West in vain for support in The Telegraph, 24 May 2021. The Belarussian ‘opposition’ tv channel Nexta uses the Telegram app provided by a group of Russians from Sankt Petersburg/Leningrad. Telegram is advertised as a safer, encrypted method of communication. They operate their company from Dubai … Read more

The Internet and the Russian state

Comment on the article Anger after Ryanair flight ‘hijacked’ by Lukashenko to arrest dissident by Marc Bennetts, The Times, May 24 2021. The Nexta channel is run on Telegram, service operated by a Russian team from Dubai, as the company’s website explains: “The Telegram development team is based in Dubai. Most of the developers behind … Read more

Polska Wikipedia i wywiad komunistyczny

Komentarz do artykułu Wikipedia has transformed knowledge – so why is it still looked down on?, Wikipedia dokonała transformacji wiedzy – dlaczego zatem wciąż patrzy się na nią z góry?, Simon Ings, The Telegraph, 10 stycznia 2021. Wersja angielska: Polish Wikipedia and Communist intelligence. Autor artykułu reprezentuje entuzjastyczne podejście do Wikipedii. Cytat z artykułu: Dariusz … Read more

Polish Wikipedia and Communist intelligence

Comment on the article Wikipedia has transformed knowledge – so why is it still looked down on? by Simon Ings in The Telegraph, 10 January 2021. English version: Polska Wikipedia i wywiad komunistyczny. Lech Borkowski 10 Jan 2021 7:01PM The article’s author represents an enthusiastic approach to Wikipedia. Quote from the article: Dariusz Jemielniak (author … Read more

Narrative control with Wikipedia

My comment on The Times’ article Kremlin drops plans for state-approved Wikipedia by Marc Bennetts, May 15, 2020. The text was blocked and did not appear among readers’ comments. Lech Borkowski Russia’s decision to abandon the official state-run equivalent of wikipedia does not make much difference. Wikipedia in Eastern Europe is controlled by the same … Read more

Dark profile

The Times published the article Mark Zuckerberg wanted Facebook users to make ‘dark profiles’ on others by Jacqui Goddard, February 15, 2020. Around 2006 the Facebook’s owner mulled the idea of letting third persons create profiles of those who have not opened a Facebook account yet. Here are my comments. Creating ‘dark profiles’ on others? … Read more

Wikipedia, perfect tool for evolved Communist dictatorship

Wikipedia operates differently in different languages. There is a cultural, political, and historical context involved. Poland is a country of an evolved Communist dictatorship. Wikipedia’s Polish content is a reflection of that. Wikipedia article about me was created not because I am a public and notable figure. It was created because I was being fired … Read more