University of Warsaw celebrates Communist Politburo member

Comment on the article in a British daily the Telegraph by the Polish Ambassador in the UK. Polish authorities pretend to oppose Russia and to be friends with western democracies in general and the UK in particular. However, this is not true. Poland is ruled by the same Communist class as before 1990. My wife … Read more

Kremlin operatives

Comment on the article The Lebedevs are freedom fighters, not Kremlin cronies by Dmitry Muratov in The Times, 17 March 2022.     The word ‘former’ is a very important and flexible word in the Communist/Russian dictionary. It is applied on opposite sides of the axis of memory and importance. When used in reference to … Read more

Communist rebranding exercise

Comment on the editorial Brussels will bully Poland back into line before long in The Telegraph 27 October 2021.   27 Oct 2021 3:24 PM Media interpretations of this pseudo-standoff between Poland and the EU suffer from unfamiliarity with the Communist modus operandi. The last time Poland had a rule of law was before WWII. The … Read more

Dennis Bryden pilot shot down in 1944

Comment on the obituary of Flight Lieutenant Dennis Bryden pilot shot down in 1944 […] in the Telegraph 11 November 2021. “Bryden […] and his crew took off from Brindisi on the night of September 10 1944 to drop supplies to the Polish underground movement in Warsaw.” ‘Movement’?! This sentence is a serious distortion. On … Read more

Comment on the obituary of the Hungarian Countess Margit Széchenyi

Comment on the obituary of the Hungarian Countess Margit Széchenyi in The Telegraph 25 October 2021. 25 October 2021 12:23PM With all due respect, this was a fully controlled life on the margins of the Communist dictatorship. Just being torelated and surviving. Isolated, without influence. Communists decided to permanently eliminate everyone opposing them. Some were … Read more

Communist children faked persecution and asked for asylum

My comment on the article The guards at the Poland-Belarus border kicked us like footballs by Maria Wilczek and Paulina Olszanka in The Times 13 November 2021. These stories are impossible to verify. During the 1980s children of Polish Communist party members were traveling abroad on tourist visas and asking for political asylum in Greece, … Read more

Surveillance and social sabotage in Poland continues

My comment on the article Piecing Together the History of Stasi Spying by Annalisa Quinn and Mustafah Abdulaziz in The New York Times 11 August 2021. It is highly significant that the comment coming from a person targeted by Communists for elimination has been rejected by the NY Times. Lech Borkowski, London, UK Methods used … Read more

Communist political technology

Comment on the editorial Krystsina Tsimanouskaya’s desperate escape highlights a shameful state of affairs in Belarus in The Telegraph 3 August 2021. Lech Borkowski 3 Aug 2021 8:13PM ‘President Lukashenko is often called Europe’s last Communist dictator. We now know how accurate a description that is’ Not really. Belarus, like any other Communist country is … Read more

Uwierzyliście w nieistotną opowiastkę

Comment on the editorial article A reckoning is coming for Vladimir Putin in The Telegraph, 1 February 2021. English version: You have been told the wrong story. Nie chodzi tu wcale o Putina. Rosjanie i inni wschodnio-Europejczycy skutecznie wyćwiczyli zachodnio-Europejczyków w podążaniu za fałszywą narracją. Jak gdyby komunizm nigdy nie istniał i z ekstremów kolektywizmu … Read more

Politics in provocation mode

Comment on the article A cultural Iron Curtain separating east and west threatens to tear the EU apart by Jonathan Saxty in The Telegraph, 21 July 2021. 22 Jul 2021 1:18PM The confusion about East European members of the EU stems from incorrect examination and interpretation of post-WWII history and politics in EE countries. The … Read more

Plurality of lies

Comments on article Poland stokes fears of EU exit as court defies bloc over reforms by James Rothwell in The Telegraph 14 July 2021. Lech Borkowski 15 Jul 2021 1:42AM These articles are written by people who don’t bother to ask critical questions and suffer from short attention span. Eastern Europe’s politics is a pyramid … Read more

Appropriation of names and ideas

Comment on the article Hungarian coffee shop idolises UK philosopher Sir Roger Scruton by Oliver Moody in The Times, 15 June 2021. Viktor Orban is a most loyal pupil of the Communist regime. He was the leader of the Communist Pioneers organisation in high school. Only the most trusted ones coming from a ‘proper’ background … Read more

Harassment and stalking wikipedialised

Comment on the article You think the BBC is biased? Check out Wokepedia by Andrew Orlowski in The Telegraph, 27 May 2021. 28 May 2021 1:29AM On January 10 2021, The Telegraph published an enthusiastic review of a book about Wikipedia I wrote a critical comment under that article. The text was removed. I … Read more

Century of cognitive neglect

Comment on the editorial article Belarusians look to the West in vain for support in The Telegraph, 24 May 2021. The Belarussian ‘opposition’ tv channel Nexta uses the Telegram app provided by a group of Russians from Sankt Petersburg/Leningrad. Telegram is advertised as a safer, encrypted method of communication. They operate their company from Dubai … Read more

The Internet and the Russian state

Comment on the article Anger after Ryanair flight ‘hijacked’ by Lukashenko to arrest dissident by Marc Bennetts, The Times, May 24 2021. The Nexta channel is run on Telegram, service operated by a Russian team from Dubai, as the company’s website explains: “The Telegram development team is based in Dubai. Most of the developers behind … Read more

Epicentre of falsifications

Comment on the article Poland sets out to reclaim Marie Curie’s legacy, Maria Wilczek in The Times, 12 May 2021. Polish political functionary talking about ‘false narrative’? He is merely repeating the comment I wrote under another Times article, Prisoner of false narrative, 21 June 2020 However, he is trying to alter the meaning and … Read more

Pomniki Dzierżyńskiego w Rosji

Komentarz do artykułu Lenin’s architect of red terror rises again, Architekt terroru Lenina znów na piedestale, Ben Macintyre, The Times, 16 września 2017. Użyłem ostatnio Google Maps w celu zlokalizowania pomników Feliksa Dzierżyńskiego w Rosji. Jest ich wiele, w różnych częściach kraju. Oto przykład. Cytowane wpisy z Tweetera należą do wątku, w którym publikuję współrzędne … Read more

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