All the fairy tales that are fit to print

My comment on Roger Boyes’ article Don’t be surprised at Poles returning home in The Times, 15 October 2019.

Being The Times’ correspondent in Warsaw in the 1980s, Roger Boyes failed to ask critical questions and notice some of the most obvious things. And now he continues to build on those mistakes.

Let me remind him and others in the media that both Kaczynski and Orban come from families privileged under Communism. Kaczynski’s father was a Communist party member. His mother had a job at the Institute of Literary Studies in Warsaw, which was reserved for the most trusted and privileged few. In their early years, Jaroslaw Kaczynski and his twin brother Lech played in a film for children. This is a firm stamp of approval for the reliability and trustworthiness of the Kaczynski family in the eyes of the Communist dictatorship. The Kaczynski brothers were later trained by the Communists for their political roles in the fake opposition to Communism.

Roger Boyes was reporting from the 1980s Warsaw that the Solidarity movement was an authentic one and and opposed to Communism. It wasn’t on both counts.

Fast forward to 2019 and Boyes writes “Leaders like Kaczynski (who actually pulls the strings from the back benches)”. I am sorry, but this is not true. This is a fake story. A former Communist apprentice, who would be fully emancipated now into running the show of his own? That’s a real joke.

All the fairy tales that are fit to print.

Concentration camp Poland

My third comment following the article Benefits boom pushes Polish populists to victory by Oliver Moody in The Times, 14 October 2019.

This is a response to those uncritically accepting the well-known widely publicized narrative.

To present a narrative, especially one contrary to the widely publicized one, it does take a little longer to experience, analyze and assess. And I and my wife have done that. We have documents and texts to show for it.

The Communist devil is in the details. The necessary condition is to think critically, ask questions, verify, interact with the authorities by e.g. writing letters etc.

I recommend reading our texts at

They are available for everyone to see.

We also have some sound recordings. At the top of my Twitter feed is currently pinned a sound clip from my visit to the Ministry of Culture in Warsaw, Center for Artistic Education, 23 October 2012. This was at the time when Donald Tusk was the Prime Minister and another former ‘dissident’ and a recent MEP Bogdan Zdrojewski was the Minister of Culture. One of the lawyers in the legal section of the Center threatened me with hurting my ‘paws’ during my attempt to make notes during the few minutes when I had access to a document produced by a representative of the Ministry.

We documented falsifications and violations of law. We also raised our voice against it.

We were both expelled from our jobs in the Autumn of 2015, my wife from the State School of Music in Zielona Góra and I from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań for contradicting the imposed fake narrative, for using our rights theoretically declared in the constitution of 1997.

My wife, the best piano teacher in the School’s piano section, with many professional achievements, was declared to be psychologically unfit for the job. After twenty years of an impeccable and a very successful service. The authorities used against her a typical Communist method. The Communist Labor Code introduced in 1974, contains provision for compulsory health checks by the specialized branch of the health service: Occupational Health Service.

In 1996, the Minister of Health issued an ordinance allowing the functionaries of the Occupational Health Service to request unspecified and unrestricted additional health checks. The employee is not allowed to continue in his/her current occupation, unless he or she shows an approval from the Occupational Health Service. Much like in a concentration camp. The camp physician decides, whether you can continue to work, and therefore to live, or whether you should be fired and your life ought to be terminated.

Why such an obvious totalitarian tool escaped attention of journalists, scholars, politicians? We sent hundreds of letters to the top officials and MPs in Poland and have not received a single meaningful answer.

My wife was forced to go to a psychologist under the threat of losing her job. Everyone knows that there is no method to assess psychologically whether someone is fit for the job of a pianist and piano teacher. After two approximately 40-45 minute conversations the psychologist issued an ‘opinion’ that Malgorzata Gluchowska suffers from unspecified delusions and is unfit for the job she performed so successfully for over twenty years. Sounds like the Soviet Union, doesn’t it?

We have got sound recordings of these conversations. We have sent transcripts to the authorities. We sent it to the Prime Minister Morawiecki, the Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro, to other members of the cabinet and to the MPs. You can read the transcript online. Part of recording is also available there. And the entire recording is ready to be used in the criminal proceedings against the members of the Occupational Medical Service as well as against other members of the state hierarchy. The state’s top officials protect criminals masquerading as a health service.

It is obvious that this action had the approval and protection at the very top. The participants must have been assured of impunity and of being rewarded for it, otherwise they wouldn’t have dared to undertake such a bold action.

The prosecuting authority falsified the proceedings in a typical Communist manner.

My parents were imprisoned in Communist concentration camps in the Soviet Union for their convictions and standing up against it. My father deserted from the Communist army in January 1945. He was sentenced by the NKVD War Tribunal to ten years in the camp. My mother’s family supported anti-Communist resistance in Eastern Poland, which was occupied by the Soviet Union after 1944. She was imprisoned from 1949 to 1956. That was real opposition to Communism.

The Solidarity trade union and other ‘opposition’ movements of the 1970s and the 1980s in Poland were fake.


Oka flowing wide in the Vatican

My second comment following the article Benefits boom pushes Polish populists to victory by Oliver Moody in The Times, 14 October 2019.

Cardinal Wojtyla wouldn’t have advanced to the top of the church hierarchy without Communist support. The church in Poland quickly lost its independence after WWII. The Communist control was total.

In October 2004, the Red Army Choir gave a special performance in the Vatican during the celebration of the 26th anniversary of his pontificate. The last song performed that evening was “Oka”, the hymn of the Polish Communist army units formed in the Soviet Union under the Soviet control. There is nothing accidental about it. The performance was televised to Italy and Russia. Press correspondents noted that the pope was ‘visibly moved’. Ha ha. Visibly moved, sure.

He did come to the Vatican from a ‘faraway place’ indeed as he declared in his speech right after becoming the pope.

He did not want to pray for the Polish officers murdered by the Soviet NKVD in Katyn in 1940.

‘Very instrumental in the downfall of the Iron Curtain’. These are just empty slogans.

Communist Santa Claus

My comment following the article Benefits boom pushes Polish populists to victory by Oliver Moody in The Times, 14 October 2019.

“Lech Walesa, 76, a national hero in the struggle against communist rule”

Lech Walesa was the leader of a fake opposition to Communism. The Communists created the Solidarity movement themselves and appointed him as the leader. There was no such thing as an authentic opposition to Communism. They laughed and continue to laugh at the world believing that the Communist authorities allowed an underground movement to function in the Lenin shipyard in Gdansk, of all places. This is beyond ridiculous.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski is a son of a Communist party member. His mother had a highly privileged job at the Institute of Literary Studies in Warsaw. Their family was firmly supporting Communism in Poland. Just like Walesa, J. Kaczynski and his brother Lech, were recruited by the Communist regime to be part of ‘opposition’. He has got a PhD in law with focus on the labor law. The really funny thing is he seems to have not noticed that the current labor law in Poland is the one introduced in 1974 under the Communist dictatorship.

The judiciary and the media were and are serving the same master all these years, regardless which party is in power. My wife and I have really tested the system in the last eight years. There is absolutely no difference between the pre-2015 and post-2015 time, when PiS formed the government. The modus operandi of state institutions is exactly the same as under Communism.

It really boggles the mind that all those fantasies are repeated over and over again. Just like a fairy tale about Santa Claus. Children believe in the existence of Santa. It is such a beautiful tale. He brings them gifts each year. Wonderful.

The supposed overthrow of Communism is a story about political Santa Claus in the form of fake opposition to Communism. Curiously, the leaders of this opposition were firmly embedded in the regime socially, professionally and otherwise.

The legend of Solidarity and related ‘movements’ is a variation on the theme of the Russian October Revolution adapted for a Catholic country.

To have a glimpse of reality, you can navigate to my website via my Twitter account. It is a different narrative.


Labour of the many, not the few

My comment on Marc Bennett’s article Elite Russian spy unit ‘given job of sowing chaos in Europe’ in The Times, 10 October 2019.

The western thinking goes along the lines of specialized units and members of intelligence, while ignoring other enduring aspects of the legacy of the Communist dictatorship.

Vyacheslav Molotov proclaimed in the 1930s: “Every toiler a security agent”. He also said that millions were helping in the work of the Soviet intelligence.

The system relied on millions of prying eyes. The whole Communist criminal state was one big intelligence agency, not just in the Soviet Union, but in each of the Communist countries.

Has this really changed? I don’t think so.

Communist capitalists

On 9 October 2019, The Times published the article Putin’s enemy Mikhail Khodorkovsky on Citizen K, the film that tells his story. Here are my comments posted on the newspaper’s website.

Comment 2 is a response to another reader’s post, who argued that

1. careers in politics or economy were reserved for the Communist party members.

2. “after the regime change the people who were best placed to become political and business leaders were the ones who had worked their way up under the old system.” This was argued to be entirely logical. Some dissidents have also made good careers but there enough of them to replace the incumbents.

3. The same thing happened in Germany after WWII, where only the top Nazis were purged.

Comment 1

Isn’t it funny that throughout entire Communist block the best way to achieve capitalist and/or political success is to be a Communist or come from Communist circles?

Khodorkovsky’s story is not credible.

Knowing how stories are fabricated in Poland, for example, where Communists where presented as liberals, enlightened democrats and pro-capitalist, I would remain highly skeptical of the article’s subject.

Comment 2

Paragraph 1. You suggest a surprisingly limited scope of control exercised by the Communist dictatorship. Only two areas of activity are mentioned, politics and economy. What about the judiciary, the military, lawlessness enforcement (not to be confused with the law enforcement in a normal country), education, science, etc.? Was there an area of activity remaining outside a strict control?

There was not.

Also religion was no exception.

Paragraph 2. “So of course after the regime change …”. What regime change? You mean the new guys, who are the same as the old guys? There was no regime change. Change was superficial and involved mostly the stage props. The control remained in the same hands.

The “leading dissidents” were performing the roles assigned to them by the Communists. In Poland the entire Solidarity movement of the 1970s and 1980s was created by the Communists themselves. The dissidents were fake.

The future “capitalist reformer”, “author of the big-bang transition to capitalism” was an earlier member of the Communist party and a former employee of the Institute of the Fundamental Problems of Marxism and Leninism in Warsaw.

I remember how some years ago the Polish Minister of Internal Affairs at the time and a former Communist Party member explained that those working in the Communist secret services where natural partners of western businesses, because of their knowledge and qualifications.

You write “it is entirely logical”. Whose logic do you follow?

The last sentence of Paragraph 2 contradicts the first one.

There was no regime change. The regime hasn’t changed not only at the top, but in the middle and in the lower layers of the hierarchy as well. In other words, the Communist system of the selection of the cadres remained firmly in place. These cadres remained fully operational in the same sense as before 1990. They are fully operational today. I happen to know this first-hand.

Paragraph 3. “The same thing happened in Germany after the war.” No, it has not. Germany after WWII and the Communist countries post-1990 are two different things.


Trust 2019

My comment to The Times article Anti-Putin protesters jailed for six years, 7 October 2019.


These protests seem to be mostly meaningless. Fake opposition is the most basic thing in Russia and other East European countries.

The same story is being repeated over and over again. Like a well known fairy tale children keep listening to, the West listens to, reads and watches tales of ‘protests’ and ‘opposition’. And Russia obligingly supplies these stories. But are there any true stories here?

One ought to remember what Operation Trust was in the 1920s Soviet Union and how it was replicated in countless variations over the years. The political and social situation in Eastern really is fundamentally different from the West. Think of China, a Communist country with a capitalist makeup. There are ways to camouflage the political life and stage it theatrically. After all, the whole Communist politics was a theatrical play.

So, has a magical return to authenticity in public life in Russia and other East European countries occured or not? It has not.

Take the example of Poland. The Communist regime in Poland created fake opposition movements in the 1970s and 1980s, complete with street protests and prison sentences, and staged a fake collapse in 1989. The first ‘non-communist’ prime minister, Tadeusz Mazowiecki for example, was a three-time deputy to the Communist parliament, each time elected with 96-99 percent of the ‘vote’. There is a long list of post-1990 leaders whom graduated from the same political school but pretended to represented change. The Communists were leading ‘transition to capitalism’ themselves. The Communist party headquarters were even converted to a stock exchange to symbolize the change.

Today’s ‘nationalist’ political leaders in Poland and Hungary are Communist-trained functionaries.


Human rights offenders in Poland

My comment on the article Conservative conference: Human rights offenders may be barred from UK in The Times, 30 September 2019.

You should also add Gluchowska Act, declaring as persona non grata all top Polish officials, including Donald Tusk, current President of the European Council, who approved of severe human rights violations against our family: my wife (Malgorzata Gluchowska), our daughter and I, in recent years. Three other PMs, including the current one should be banned as well. Two Prosecutor Generals.

The list of banned persons should include prosecutors falsifying the juridical process, top officials from the Ministry of Culture in Warsaw, Ministry’s regional inspectors, physicians-functionaries of the Occupational Health Service fabricating false medical statements in the spirit of the Communist dictatorship and many other persons.

Special mention merits one of the lawyers in the Ministry of Culture (!), who threatened to hurt my “paws” during my visit on 23 Oct. 2012.

And what about the teacher and the head teacher who organized a provocation against my daughter in her elementary school?

And what about the heads of the Department at the university where I worked in Poland, who organised provocations in the Communist manner? University officials, who participated? Ministers, who covered this at the top?

Some of those people are former or current Members of the European Parliament.


OGPU and the army

Ben MacIntyre’s article Did MI6 let Cold War spy Kim Philby escape to Moscow? in The Times, 28 September 2019. Here is my comment posted on the newspaper’s website.

[Kim Philby:] I joined the OGPU as one joined the army.

This sort of argument is consistent with what apparently was routine Communist intelligence training in presenting a personal narrative.

I have the personal misfortune to be a brother in law of an officer working for the Polish Communist Ministry of Internal Affairs, Jerzy Skwarczyński, a graduate of a military school. He appeared in our family in 1979, when he married my older sister. I was still in high school then. Professionalism, patriotism and subordination of an army type were part of the story. The problem was that both of my parents were former inmates of Communist concentration camps. But they couldn’t do much about their daughter’s choice.

Today, I know beyond any doubt that both my sister and my brother in law continually worked against me and against my parents, not only before 1990, but the whole time after that. When I got married, this was extended to my own family as well.

The apologetic argument of either following orders or working for a greater good frequently comes up, whenever someone’s ties to Communist intelligence or Communist party are discussed. So, Philby’s statement to this effect is nothing really new and nothing surprising.


Michnik, Konrad, and the fake opposition to Communism

Comment to Gyorgy Konrad’s obituary in The Telegraph. The comment was submitted in the morning of 18 September 2019 among in the digital edition of the paper but was blocked.


Adam Michnik is a son of a Soviet agent convicted for his activities against the Polish state in the 1930s. His mother was a Communist as well. He led a highly privileged life. He was one of the key figures in the fake opposition movement created by the Communist authorities. The key roles in this “movement” were played by the children from the Communist hard core.

Communists understood very well that a full control of the past, the present, and the future requires a presence of a phony opposition as well. This trick allows to fool the observers as to the real workings of the system and enables easy maneuvering of the situation in a desirable direction. Also, it allows to execute long-term plans which are more difficult to detect and predict.

The first Communist large scale operation of this type was the Soviet Trust in the 1920s. The Soviets pretended that there is an active internal anti-Soviet opposition. Few years later, they called it off after fooling a large number of people as well as international observers.

Creating a fake opposition is a bread-and-butter Communist technique.

The entire Solidarity movement of the 1970s and 1980s was completely fake and fully controlled by the Communists.

This so-called opposition did not reveal any essential organisational details of the regime or its techniques. The Communist devil is in the details.

The official story line says that the Communist dictatorship collapsed like a house of cards. I am sorry to tell you that this is not true.

My wife and I were expelled from our jobs in state institution, school of music and university, respectively, for political reasons in 2015. We have been under harassment since we have been married more than 20 years ago.

My wife was forced to visit a psychologist under the threat of losing her job. The psychologist was supposedly testing her ability to continue her job of a pianist and piano teacher. There is of course no such thing in psychology as a way to determine during two 40-45 minutes conversations your ability to teach piano. My wife’s cv testifies to her excellent performance in her job. The psychologist issued a report which condemned her mental facilities. A typical Communist method.

The transcripts of the two conversations with the psychologist are available online on our website

We wrote many critical texts about the situation in Poland and distributed it widely via fax, email, and letters. They are available at the aforementioned website. Some of them are also available at .

Here you can view our short video statement recorded in May 2016:

The Communist techniques are in continuous use in Poland. What we know and what we analyse and describe has not been published by any of the so-called “dissidents” from the Communist countries.

As to Mr. Konrad, I suppose he was a fake “opposition” figure.


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