Kremlin operatives

Comment on the article The Lebedevs are freedom fighters, not Kremlin cronies by Dmitry Muratov in The Times, 17 March 2022.     The word ‘former’ is a very important and flexible word in the Communist/Russian dictionary. It is applied on opposite sides of the axis of memory and importance. When used in reference to … Read more

Doświadczenie zawodowe

Komentarz do artykułu Morgan Sondelmeier w The Telegraph The Uber ruling is meddlesome over-regulation – which will ultimately backfire, Wyrok w sprawie firmy Uber jest nadmierną ingerencją i przyniesie niekorzystne skutki, 19 lutego 2021. Wersja angielska: Work experience. Lech S Borkowski, komentarz w The Telegraph 19 lutego 2021 19 Lutego 2021 20:43 Wątpię, by autorka … Read more

Czy poważnie traktujecie prawa człowieka?

Komentarz do artykułu Britain in united front is only way to resist Russia post-Brexit, Po wyjściu z UE Wielka Brytania może stawić czoła Rosji tylko pod warunkiem zjednoczenia w jeden front, Baroness Warsi, The Times, 21 January 2021. Wersja angielska: Are you serious about human rights? Właściwym słowem kluczowym jest prowokacja. Należy podkreślić, że Bill … Read more

Work experience

Comment on the article The Uber ruling is meddlesome over-regulation – which will ultimately backfire by Morgan Schondelmeier in The Telegraph, 19 February 2021. Polish version: Doświadczenie zawodowe. 19 Feb 2021 8:43PM I doubt the author worked at the lowest rungs of the gig economy. She does not seem to have contacted the Uber workers … Read more

Rees, Navalny, Colston, Dzerzhinsky

Comment on the article Marvin Rees: ‘When my pal Alexei Navalny is free, I’ll give him a grand tour of Bristol’ by Matthew Campbell in The Sunday Times, 14 February 2021. Polish version: Rees, Navalny, Colston, Dzierżyński, In the June 8, 2020 article in the Evening Standard Marvin J Rees was quoted to have said … Read more

Are you serious about human rights?

My comment on the article Britain in united front is only way to resist Russia post-Brexit by Baroness Warsi in The Times, 21 January 2021. Polish version: Czy poważnie traktujecie prawa człowieka? The appropriate keyword is provocation. It must be pointed out that Bill Browder is the grandson of the General Secretary of Communist Party … Read more

Polishing images of totalitarian agents in The Telegraph

The untold story of Edith Tudor-Hart: ‘grandmother’ of the Cambridge spies by Charlotte Philby in The Telegraph, 3 October 2020. Wersja polska: Ocieplanie wizerunku agentów totalitaryzmu. When thinking about woman’s bravery, I prefer my mother, who was imprisoned by the Communist henchmen in eastern Poland occupied by the Soviet Russia after WWII. She was ‘tried’ … Read more

Ally de jure, enemy de facto

Comment on The Times article We led the war effort, say British — others disagree by Lucy Fisher, May 8, 2020 The poll is asking the wrong questions. The UK and the US allied with one of the two genocidal regimes in Europe against the other one. Collectively, they succeeded in defeating one enemy, while … Read more

Truwoman show

Comment on The Countess and the Russian Billionaire review — the 1 per centers who went peak Jeremy Kyle in The Times by Carol Midgley, April 9, 2020 If information available on the Internet is true, Sergei Pugachev comes from a Soviet military family. A career like his would be absolutely impossible without the full … Read more

The uber-parasites

The article The film that shows we’re all parasites now by David Aaronovitch in The Times, February 12 2020. My comment 13 February I came to the UK in June 2016, couple of days before the Brexit referendum, looking for a job that would pay our family bills and mortgage on a flat in Poland. … Read more

The plurality of lies

On 19 August 2019 The Daily Telegraph (London) published an article by Madeline Grant My trip to Poland left me more convinced than ever that we are right to leave the EU to fulfil its superstate ambitions. I made a number of comments in a discussion following the article. I already included two of those … Read more

Communist-trained ‘Thatcherite’

My three comments following the article Portland spies undone by a giant lighter by Ben McIntyre in The Times, 24 September 2019, in order of appearance. The West is completely blind to subversive activities in the political and social sphere which I would call “the narrative management and control”. There is no need to steal … Read more

On WWII, memory management and control

I posted the following comment following the article Forgive us for starting the Second World War, Germany begs Poland in The Times: The war was started by a joint German-Soviet invasion of Poland. Each of the invaders occupied roughly half of the country. Joint Communist-Nazi victory parade was held in Brześć on the Bug river (Brest-Litovsk) … Read more