Communist methods in Poland’s schools and universities

Two comments on the article What sluggish Britain can learn from Poland by Emma Duncan in The Times, 30 July 2021.

Comment #1

Lech S Borkowski comment in The Times 30 July 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Times 30 July 2021

The author is trying to push fairy tales, having no knowledge and experience of the educational system in Poland.

“The children of middle-class people in our town go to technical schools,” says Anne Applebaum, an American historian married to a Polish politician. “There’s no shame in it.”

A. Applebaum is an unreliable narrator. She sent her sons to Eton. She is married to Radek Sikorski, a politician tied to Communist military intelligence. He was arranged an entry to U. of Oxford by Zbigniew Pełczyński, an Oxford don. ZP was later awarded the Order of the White Eagle in Poland for his services to the Polish (Communist) ruling class.

I have a PhD in Physics from the University of Florida in US. My parents were prisoners of Communist concentration camps. I am married to Małgorzata Głuchowska, academy-educated excellent pianist and piano teacher, granddaughter of Aleksander Głuchowski, who was prisoner of Soviet camps in 1940-41, later fought with the Allies on the western front and was imprisoned by Communists again, upon return to Poland in 1947. I was the only faculty member at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań with a western PhD. I was denied normal participation in teaching duties, being sidelined to teaching computer-related courses. I had to bring my own laptop to work. They wouldn’t buy me one. I was bullied, harassed, humiliated.

Our daughter was attacked in her elementary school in a coordinated campaign. My wife and I were fired in 2015.


Correction: Pełczyński was awarded the order of Polonia Restituta in 2014, second-highest civilian order in Poland.

Comment #2

Lech S Borkowski comment no. 2 The Times 7 August 2021, article on education and economic development Great Britain vs Poland 30 July 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment no. 2 The Times 7 August 2021

My second comment.

‘Poland is now nearly three-quarters as rich as Britain […] if recent trends persist, Poland will be more prosperous than Britain by 2030.’

3/4 as rich? Nonsense. No, it won’t. Position of power, privilege, and well-paying job are distributed by the same ruling class, as before 1990, next generation. Statistics can be manipulated at will.

The author praised the educational system. People controlling this system make sure that power remains in the hands of the same ruling class. Grades were falsified at the university, where I worked. Law was broken at exams at the school of music, where my pianist wife was employed. Our daughter was targeted in schools and treated with contempt. University authorities systematically sabotaged my attempts at equal treatment of all students in a manner similar to western universities. They made the point of applying pressure to raise grades of selected students. Sometimes they cancelled my class without notifying me.

The procedure of my professional advance was sabotaged as well. It was delayed, procedural traps were set up . The law was violated and nobody cared. Poland is a lawless country.

Falsehoods and lies are part and parcel of the system. Rules and honesty are nonexistent. This was demonstrated to me countless times. Ethical standards and social norms are broken whenever they stand in the way of the ruling class.



The real vs the virtual story from Poland

My comment on the article Duda vs Trzaskowski: Poland heads to polls in close-run presidential election by Maria Wilczek in The Sunday Times, July 12 2020.

Typical false story.

Both candidates come from the same background, the same group.

The readers are fed fake stories about Poland. There is no real difference between the candidates. It is a difference of appearance only between two actors playing in the same show. The political story in Poland is not the story of competing political and social forces.

The real story in Poland is the story of organised social violence, which was established in the decades post-WWII and continues today. The ‘transition to democracy’ was completely fake. The Communists pretended to give up power. This was only an engineered change in appearances.

It is a folly to think that the most advanced form of dictatorship known in history simply collapsed like a house of cards. The dictatorship continues in a new form.

I am currently working as a shop assistant at a West London greengrocer’s as a result of this continued social violence in Poland. I have a PhD in Physics from a well-known American university and a habilitation.

My parents were long-time prisoners of Communist concentration camps in the Soviet Union following WWII and the Yalta agreement. I share my parents views. Hence there is no place for me at a Polish university. I was fired from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan in 2015. The letter of dismissal did not state the reason behind the decision expelling me from academia in Poland. However, the reason is abundantly obvious.

Małgorzata Głuchowska, pianist and piano teacher at the State School of Music in Zielona Góra, here on stage at the Steinway grand piano in the Zielona Góra Philharmonic 2015; Małgorzata Głuchowska, pianistka i nauczycielka fortepianu w Państwowej Szkole Muzycznej w Zielonej Górze, przy fortepianie Steinway w Filharmonii Zielonogórskiej 2015
Małgorzata Głuchowska on stage at the Zielona Góra Philharmonic in 2015

Małgorzata Głuchowska, my pianist wife was likewise fired from her job at the State School of Music in Zielona Góra in 2015. The authorities conducted a very long and very vicious campaign against our family. Our daughter has been targeted as well, especially when she was in her elementary school. Those criminal activities were carefully planned and coordinated.

Following our submitting of evidence and documents to the prosecutor office, the juridical process has been falsified.

My wife has been fired on the basis of a falsified medical statement, which claimed that she suffered from unspecified delusions and could not continue working as the teacher of piano. She was the most successful piano teacher in her school. We have published our evidence on our website and provided it to the authorities. We also have sound recording of two conversations with an appointed psychologist, to which my wife was subjected under the threat of losing her job in case she did not comply. We have provided the top authorities with the transcripts of the conversations.

The campaign against us has been carried out regardless of the parties in power.

This is the real story of Poland. Elections are completely fake.



Reporting the noise, ignoring the signal

The first of my comments on the article Polish law under siege by ministers, warns judge by Oliver Moody in The Times, 28 April 2020.

First the quote,

Since winning the 2015 election the right-wing Law and Justice (PiS) party has targeted the courts with measures it claims are to purge corrupt judges and relics of the communist era. Although it failed to introduce a mandatory retirement age that would have forced out Ms Gersdorf and a third of the 72 other Supreme Court justices, it has taken over the panel that appoints judges and created disciplinary hearings with the power to sack or fine them.

The West is completely clueless as to what exactly happened in Eastern Europe around 1989-90 and what is happening there now. The PiS leaders are just as Communist as the people they are pretending to oppose. They come from families privileged in various ways under Communism. They are children of Communist party members, secret police functionaries, and all sorts of beneficiaries of Communist dictatorship. The same is true of other, allegedly competing, parties. They are all friends and family, they only pretend to differ.

The Supreme Court issue is completely artificial.

Communism has not collapsed. It was restructured. The control remains firmly in the same hands as earlier. Elections are fake affairs.

I am writing this as a person removed from my university job in Poznań for political reasons. I was fired in 2015. At the same time my wife Małgorzata Głuchowska was fired from her job in the State School of Music in Zielona Góra. She is a pianist. I am a physicist with an American PhD. Having studied in Poland as an undergraduate in the 1980s and then working at a Polish university up to a rank of an associate professor, I can say there is really no difference.

Change of government means nothing in Poland because it does not change anything. It is only a change of decorations.

My wife was fired on the basis of a fabricated ‘psychological opinion’. The same Communist methods, as before.

The Times, like other newspapers, is simply a clueless observer. It duly reports the noise, while completely ignoring the signal.



Organised crime at university in Poland

Hugh Tomlinson writes in The Times, February 21 2020, about cheating in Indian schools in the article Testing times for India’s school exam cheats. My comment is about falsifications at a university in Poland.

In Poland, where I was employed at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, everything, not just exam results is subject to falsification.

This has not changed since the so-called ‘fall of Communism’. The very term ‘fall of Communism’ is actually a false statement.

When two Erasmus students from Spain turned in their essays, which copied large quantities of text from the literature of the subject, I handed the matter over to a University official. About a month later I was attacked during a faculty meeting for not issuing the students’ grades. This attack was carried out in the presence of top University officials, including the rector, who was visiting the Department of Physics that day. Following the attack, the meeting was immediately closed, so that I did not have a chance to respond.

Couple of days after the meeting I received a note signed by several ‘committee’ members, who accused me of applying wrong teaching and examination methods. This was in March 2012.

On other occasions I was pressured to sign a pass grade during an exam, when a pass grade was absolutely out of the question.

Whenever I tried to follow strict and transparent rules of assigning grades, my efforts were sabotaged by both the University and students themselves. Sometimes my lecture was cancelled by the University without notification. This was a very highly organised harassment.

I was fired from the University in 2015. The letter of dismissal was signed by a person who was present during the faculty meeting in 2012. This person is now the University rector, i.e. its president.



The camp thrives

My comment following the review of tv documentary Belsen: Our Story, review: a devastating and dignified oral history of Holocaust horrors, by Michael Hogan, The Telegraph, January 28, 2020
Lech Borkowski

Great documentary.

I made the following note in 2014:

“The last century, beginning with World War I, has seen an incredible devastation of everything. Here in the east-central regions of Europe, especially in Poland, we live on the civilization cemetery. And I am afraid we have not seen it all yet.

Traditionally, the crimes and criminal codes focus on the harm done to human bodies and material objects. What about the incredible devastation of human souls or psyche, if you prefer the latter term?

Are we out of the concentration camp yet? No, we are not. The answer depends somewhat on the definition of the camp. The old, stereotypical image of the concentration camp is the place surrounded by barbed wire, with watchtowers, guards with dogs and emaciated prisoners in striped uniforms.

The idea of the camp, however, is alive and well also today, The camp has not withered away. It thrives.

October 23, 2014”

My both parents were long-time prisoners of Communist concentration camps in the Soviet Union: my father 8 + 2 in exile, my mother 7 years. They were Polish citizens and opposed to Communism. They both survived, luckily, but the trauma was enormous, especially for my mother. For her the war, which started in 1939, when she was twelve years old, has never ended.

More recently, my wife, my daughter, and I learned, that rumours about the liquidation of the camps were vastly exaggerated. Why and how it is possible, you can read at

Irma Grese, the sadistic Nazi camp guard is not such a rarity. A certain Communist woman active in the Soviet Union and Poland was a sadistic torturer, with particular focus on genitalia. She had a PhD in philosophy from Paris obtained between WWI and WWII.

My wife, a pianist and piano teacher, experienced extreme forms of sadism in her place of work, in the State School of Music in Zielona Góra, Poland, between 2011 and 2015. Standing outside the school building, on the street, you would have never guessed, what is happening inside. In this case the camp guards were several of her fellow female employees. These were not accidental forms of social violence. These were methods meticulously scripted and based on the Communist know-how. We have also learned in the process, that these guards are fully protected by functionaries at the higher levels of the state apparatus, all the way to the top, the PM, the president, as well as the prosecutor office.

It is a mistake to think that the camp exists only as an isolated place, surrounded by barbed wire. The Communist state perfected the idea of the camp and developed it much further. This is where we are today.



The rude health of evil

My comment on the article in the The Times We can never be sure we’d be the good guys by David Aaronovitch, January 1 2020.

Lech Borkowski  2 January 2020

Many of the comments following the article indicate an under-appreciation of the evolution of evil. Evil is alive and in rude health.

Here is my proposition to The Times and to the readers of this article. Here is an opportunity to do something good and to resist the forces of evil. Please read and propagate this example.

My wife Małgorzata Głuchowska, a pianist and a very successful piano teacher in the State School of Music in Zielona Góra in Poland, was fired in by the authorities in 2015, using a false statement issued by the Occupational Medical Service in Poland. This statement declares that she is unable to perform her job anymore due to some unspecified psychological issues. The Communists imposed a labour code in Poland in 1974 requiring each employee to undergo periodic health checks. This requirement has not been abolished after 1990. It was even quietly extended by the Minister of Health ordinance in 1996, stating, in translation,

“Physician carrying out the prophylactic examination may extend its scope to include additional specialist consultative examinations and additional examinations, and can also establish an earlier date of the next examination than specified in methodical instructions, if he finds it necessary for a precise evaluation of the state of health of a prospective employee or an existing employee.”

It seems ok, no? Who would object to free medical consultations?

The problem is that these medical examinations are as free as in prison or concentration camp. Even in Auschwitz there was free medical care. Periodic medical consultations were used to determine who is unfit for work and whose employment in the camp should be terminated, followed by a disinfecting ‘bath’ in the gas chambers. To have a job and to live was not a right, it was a privilege. Similarly, in Poland today, to have a job and to continue as a visible member of society, even if a repressed and harassed one, is a privilege. This privilege can be revoked at any time. The Occupational Medical Service was used to administer social death.

This is today’s firing squad. The physicians employed in the Regional Center of Occupational Medicine in Zielona Góra, Wojewódzki Ośrodek Medycyny Pracy, committed a crime for political reasons. Each of them is bound by the officially declared law and by the professional oath. Yet, they know that there is the other undeclared officially set of rules and this is where their allegiance lies. The state is a criminal state. Its functionaries are both representatives of the state and members of organised crime.

We were both fired for who we are, for standing up for human dignity, for the officially declared law, for common sense, for basic truth, for human rights. I worked as an associate professor of physics at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. I was fired in 2015 for political reasons as well.

We wrote many letters to the top authorities in Poland and to the European Parliament, with no result. It seems that the Continent is overflowing with defenders of human rights. Yet, when the real test comes, you are on your own. No one, including those being paid to defend law and rights, asked for more information.

We have a website devoted to a larger project. You can navigate to it via my Twitter account. We also have presence on the Researchgate portal.



Concentration camp Poland

My third comment following the article Benefits boom pushes Polish populists to victory by Oliver Moody in The Times, 14 October 2019.

This is a response to those uncritically accepting the well-known widely publicized narrative.

To present a narrative, especially one contrary to the widely publicized one, it does take a little longer to experience, analyze and assess. And I and my wife have done that. We have documents and texts to show for it.

The Communist devil is in the details. The necessary condition is to think critically, ask questions, verify, interact with the authorities by e.g. writing letters etc.

I recommend reading our texts at

They are available for everyone to see.

We also have some sound recordings. At the top of my Twitter feed is currently pinned a sound clip from my visit to the Ministry of Culture in Warsaw, Center for Artistic Education, 23 October 2012. This was at the time when Donald Tusk was the Prime Minister and another former ‘dissident’ and a recent MEP Bogdan Zdrojewski was the Minister of Culture. One of the lawyers in the legal section of the Center threatened me with hurting my ‘paws’ during my attempt to make notes during the few minutes when I had access to a document produced by a representative of the Ministry.

We documented falsifications and violations of law. We also raised our voice against it.

We were both expelled from our jobs in the Autumn of 2015, my wife from the State School of Music in Zielona Góra and I from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań for contradicting the imposed fake narrative, for using our rights theoretically declared in the constitution of 1997.

My wife, the best piano teacher in the School’s piano section, with many professional achievements, was declared to be psychologically unfit for the job. After twenty years of an impeccable and a very successful service. The authorities used against her a typical Communist method. The Communist Labor Code introduced in 1974, contains provision for compulsory health checks by the specialized branch of the health service: Occupational Health Service.

In 1996, the Minister of Health issued an ordinance allowing the functionaries of the Occupational Health Service to request unspecified and unrestricted additional health checks. The employee is not allowed to continue in his/her current occupation, unless he or she shows an approval from the Occupational Health Service. Much like in a concentration camp. The camp physician decides, whether you can continue to work, and therefore to live, or whether you should be fired and your life ought to be terminated.

Why such an obvious totalitarian tool escaped attention of journalists, scholars, politicians? We sent hundreds of letters to the top officials and MPs in Poland and have not received a single meaningful answer.

My wife was forced to go to a psychologist under the threat of losing her job. Everyone knows that there is no method to assess psychologically whether someone is fit for the job of a pianist and piano teacher. After two approximately 40-45 minute conversations the psychologist issued an ‘opinion’ that Malgorzata Gluchowska suffers from unspecified delusions and is unfit for the job she performed so successfully for over twenty years. Sounds like the Soviet Union, doesn’t it?

We have got sound recordings of these conversations. We have sent transcripts to the authorities. We sent it to the Prime Minister Morawiecki, the Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro, to other members of the cabinet and to the MPs. You can read the transcript online. Part of recording is also available there. And the entire recording is ready to be used in the criminal proceedings against the members of the Occupational Medical Service as well as against other members of the state hierarchy. The state’s top officials protect criminals masquerading as a health service.

It is obvious that this action had the approval and protection at the very top. The participants must have been assured of impunity and of being rewarded for it, otherwise they wouldn’t have dared to undertake such a bold action.

The prosecuting authority falsified the proceedings in a typical Communist manner.

My parents were imprisoned in Communist concentration camps in the Soviet Union for their convictions and standing up against it. My father deserted from the Communist army in January 1945. He was sentenced by the NKVD War Tribunal to ten years in the camp. My mother’s family supported anti-Communist resistance in Eastern Poland, which was occupied by the Soviet Union after 1944. She was imprisoned from 1949 to 1956. That was real opposition to Communism.

The Solidarity trade union and other ‘opposition’ movements of the 1970s and the 1980s in Poland were fake.



Human rights offenders in Poland

My comment on the article Conservative conference: Human rights offenders may be barred from UK in The Times, 30 September 2019.

You should also add Gluchowska Act, declaring as persona non grata all top Polish officials, including Donald Tusk, current President of the European Council, who approved of severe human rights violations against our family: my wife (Malgorzata Gluchowska), our daughter and I, in recent years. Three other PMs, including the current one should be banned as well. Two Prosecutor Generals.

The list of banned persons should include prosecutors falsifying the juridical process, top officials from the Ministry of Culture in Warsaw, Ministry’s regional inspectors, physicians-functionaries of the Occupational Health Service fabricating false medical statements in the spirit of the Communist dictatorship and many other persons.

Special mention merits one of the lawyers in the Ministry of Culture (!), who threatened to hurt my “paws” during my visit on 23 Oct. 2012.

And what about the teacher and the head teacher who organized a provocation against my daughter in her elementary school?

And what about the heads of the Department at the university where I worked in Poland, who organised provocations in the Communist manner? University officials, who participated? Ministers, who covered this at the top?

Some of those people are former or current Members of the European Parliament.



Michnik, Konrad, and the fake opposition to Communism

Comment to Gyorgy Konrad’s obituary in The Telegraph. The comment was submitted in the morning of 18 September 2019 to the digital edition of the paper but was blocked.

Adam Michnik is a son of a Soviet agent convicted for his activities against the Polish state in the 1930s. His mother was a Communist as well. He led a highly privileged life. He was one of the key figures in the fake opposition movement created by the Communist authorities. The key roles in this “movement” were played by the children from the Communist hard core.

Communists understood very well that a full control of the past, the present, and the future requires a presence of a phony opposition as well. This trick allows to fool the observers as to the real workings of the system and enables easy maneuvering of the situation in a desirable direction. Also, it allows to execute long-term plans which are more difficult to detect and predict.

The first Communist large scale operation of this type was the Soviet Trust in the 1920s. The Soviets pretended that there is an active internal anti-Soviet opposition. Few years later, they called it off after fooling a large number of people as well as international observers.

Creating a fake opposition is a bread-and-butter Communist technique.

The entire Solidarity movement of the 1970s and 1980s was completely fake and fully controlled by the Communists.

This so-called opposition did not reveal any essential organisational details of the regime or its techniques. The Communist devil is in the details.

The official story line says that the Communist dictatorship collapsed like a house of cards. I am sorry to tell you that this is not true.

My wife and I were expelled from our jobs in state institution, school of music and university, respectively, for political reasons in 2015. We have been under harassment since we have been married more than 20 years ago.

My wife was forced to visit a psychologist under the threat of losing her job. The psychologist was supposedly testing her ability to continue her job of a pianist and piano teacher. There is of course no such thing in psychology as a way to determine during two 40-45 minutes conversations your ability to teach piano. My wife’s cv testifies to her excellent performance in her job. The psychologist issued a report which condemned her mental facilities. A typical Communist method.

The transcripts of the two conversations with the psychologist are available online on our website

We wrote many critical texts about the situation in Poland and distributed it widely via fax, email, and letters. They are available at the aforementioned website. Some of them are also available at .

Here you can view our short video statement recorded in May 2016:

The Communist techniques are in continuous use in Poland. What we know and what we analyse and describe has not been published by any of the so-called “dissidents” from the Communist countries.

As for Mr. Konrad, I suppose he was a fake “opposition” figure.



Social terror in Poland

Another comment I wrote under the same article in the Telegraph as mentioned in my previous blog post.

“Lech Borkowski

After many years of bullying and all kinds of harassment of our family, my wife and I were expelled from our state jobs for political reasons in 2015. I worked as an associate professor of Physics at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan My wife Malgorzata Gluchowska is a pianist and she worked as a piano teacher in the State School of Music in Zielona Góra.

Whenever we objected to the violations of law or violations of our rights, we were threatened with the job loss either explicitly or implicitly.

Our family has been subjected to an extremely vicious campaign of bullying and harassment. Our daughter was attacked in her elementary school as well. You can read about it online at

My wife was eventually dismissed as psychologically unfit for her job despite being the best, the most successful piano teacher in the school.

These are mechanisms of social terror employed by the Communist regime. Nothing changed, except for superficial, meaningless symbolism. Crosses displayed in public places should be viewed more through the prism of the Red Army Choir’s triumphant visit to the Vatican in 2004, where they celebrated the 26th anniversary of pope John Paul’s pontificate. You can find this concert on youtube. The last song that evening was “Oka”, the anthem of the Polish Communist division organised in the Soviet Union in 1943.”

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