Where is Andrzej Werblan’s PhD thesis?

Comment on the article Austrian minister quits over PhD plagiarism allegations by Oliver Moody in The Times, 12 January 2021.

Lech S Borkowski comment The Times 12 January 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Times 12 January 2021

Few years ago I tried to find the doctoral thesis of a well-known Polish Communist ideologue(1) and a prominent high-ranking Party official, presented in media as having a PhD.

[In 2015] I asked in the main library of the university(2) which was listed as the institution of his doctoral studies to locate the thesis. They said they had no information about it.

Newspapers provided no date when the PhD was obtained.

It was also a bit odd that the guy worked in places far from the university his degree was from. How did he do the PhD, while simultaneously holding high-level important jobs in the Party and state administration? We are talking 1950s or early 1960s here. He was later promoted to the full professor.

So, I repeat my question, where is his thesis?

I am also puzzled by the fact that I have never seen anyone ever question his academic credentials. This must be a taboo.


(1) Andrzej Werblan
(2) Adam Mickiewicz University


Polish Wikipedia and Communist intelligence

Comment on the article Wikipedia has transformed knowledge – so why is it still looked down on? by Simon Ings in The Telegraph, 10 January 2021.

Lech S Borkowski comment The Telegraph 10 January 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Telegraph 10 January 2021

Lech Borkowski
10 Jan 2021 7:01PM

The article’s author represents an enthusiastic approach to Wikipedia.


Dariusz Jemielniak (author of the first ethnography of Wikipedia, Common Knowledge?, in 2014) stresses the playfulness of the whole enterprise. Why else, he asks, would academics avoid it? “When you are a soldier, you do not necessarily spend your free time playing paintball with friends.”

On his webpage, Jemielniak proudly quotes words of praise he received from Zygmunt Bauman, the late sociologist, former political officer (politruk) in the Communist army and member of the Polish Communist party and Communist military intelligence. Bauman himself used Wikipedia texts without providing attribution, see “Problematic elements…” by PW Walsh and D Lehmann (2015). In this context, the comparison of academics to soldiers does not seem out of place.

One day in 2015, someone I didn’t know sent me an email with information that a Wikipedia page in Polish with my name was just created. I replied with an objection. The page was created despite my disapproval. It was 28 October 2015. I was a faculty member at the Department of Physics of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. The next day, I received letter terminating my employment.

As it turned out, Wikipedia pages of all the faculty in the Department of Physics were created at the same time. This was most unusual for at least couple of reasons. The information on those pages was of the most trivial type and mostly reproduced information bits usually appearing on academic departmental pages. It was also clear that some of the sentences used in personal descriptions were selected not as a way of describing each person but rather as a way as emphasizing the person as ‘one of many’.

I verified that other University departments and physics departments of other universities in Poland have not received this kind of treatment. So, something significant happened that day in the Polish Wikipedia. When I let someone from the Wikipedia board know about it in 2019, he shrugged it off.

My person and the fact that I was being fired from the faculty of the Department of Physics of the Adam Mickiewicz University were the only reasons for creating the nearly hundred personal Wikipedia pages.

Shortly afterwards, my pianist wife was fired from her job of a piano teacher in the State School of Music in Zielona Góra in Poland, on the basis of a fake document fabricated by the state service of occupational medicine. The authorities have been carrying out an intense bullying and harassment campaign against our family for years. Now they decided to eliminate us from our jobs.

One needs to keep in mind that Wikipedia pages come near the top of Internet searches. If someone somewhere was looking for Lech Borkowski the physicist, it would certainly be picked up by the snippets of code serving the search engines. And indeed, some time later, I could observe how the viewing numbers of the Wikipedia containing my name page rose, whenever I was more active in contacting other people. Wikipedia simply serves as a giant listening device. The information it collects enables identification of people and places looking for certain keywords.

The Polish Wikipedia has nothing to do with its English language counterpart, despite sharing the name. It is used for purposes contrary to those officially proclaimed. It is a social medium and a perfect tool for the exercise of power. Control of information and story telling (in general sense) are among the most basic instruments of power. The individuals controlling Polish Wikipedia are well organised. There is a great degree of similarity with actions of Communist intelligence, both inside and outside the country.

It is no accident that the military Communist political and intelligence officer Bauman praised Jemielniak’s enthusiastic book on Wikipedia. It is also no accident that (1) I was fired from the University (2) Wikipedia page was created to control my narrative. After WWII, my parents were in Communist concentration camps, where they were sent by the likes of Bauman.

And let me emphasize once again that I stronly oppose having a Wikipedia page with my name on it.


PhD, shop assistant at a west London greengrocer’s



Myths and fantasies in The Times

Comment on the article Regimes have learnt not to fear street protests, by Roger Boyes in The Times, 27 October 2020. Polish version: Mity i fantazje w The Times.

Lech S Borkowski The Times 28 October 2020
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Times, 28 October 2020

“The democratic uprising that I accompanied most closely, the rise, fall and rise again of Solidarity in the Poland of the 1980s and 1990s, still has some useful pointers for today’s revolutionaries.”

Mr Boyes must have been reporting from Po La Land, not Poland. Solidarity was created and controlled by Communist political strategists. Millions of people joined once they had the impression this would be tolerated by the authorities. My father, a worker in a clothes making factory joined as well.

As a first-year student of chemistry, I took part in a two-week student strike and sit-in at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. However, both workers and student strikes have been engineered by the Communists themselves.

He surely must have known, that one of key ‘opposition’ figures was Adam Michnik, son of a Soviet agent working diligently in the 1930s on increasing support for the future Soviet control of eastern Poland. Michnik’s mother had a PhD in history and was a devout Communist as well. His half-brother Stefan was a Communist military judge and is responsible for murdering many Polish officers who fought against Nazi Germany and resisted the Communists post-WWII.

The Communist authorities manufactured a fake fall from power. Adam Michnik became the editor in chief of the main newspaper in Poland.

My pianist wife was fired from her teaching job in the State School of Music in Zielona Góra, Poland. She was the best piano teacher of the school. Her grandfather fought against Nazi Germany in 1939, was imprisoned by the Soviet Union in 1940-1941, then fought with the Polish forces on the western front. When he returned to Poland in 1947, he was immediately arrested and imprisoned.

I was fired from my job at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań also in 2015, where I was an associate professor of physics. I have a PhD from a well-known American university. My parents and many members of my mother’s family were prisoners of Communist concentration camps after WWII.

The Times is publishing myths and fantasies about Poland.


P.S. The Times held my comment for about 5 hours before releasing it eventually. The newspaper arrested information which should be common knowledge. Interesting parallel to imprisonments pointed out in my comment.


Evolved Communist dictatorship

My comment on the article We’ll tear up EU treaties, say Hungary and Poland by Jack Parrock in The Times, 27 November 2020.

Lech S Borkowski comment The Times 28 November 2020
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Times, 28 November 2020

Poland is an evolved Communist dictatorship. Its day-to-day operations are run in pretty much the same mode as before 1990. The so-called ‘transition to democracy’ of 1989-90 was a transition to a fake, simulated democracy.

The current ‘nationalist’ turn is fake as well. From 2008 to 2010, I was a member of the currently ruling PiS party. I could see from inside, how fake, dull, and controlled it was. Its meetings were scripted. There was no real activity.

This is virtual politics. Polit-soap opera.

I also observed how scripted, fake, and controlled was the life of the university, where I worked until 2015. Regardless of the type of government in power, it operated as under Communism 1.0. Now this was a newer, slightly more colourful version. Communism 2.0. Personnel decisions were seemingly illogical. As I gradually learned, decisions were logical, but following an unofficial, hidden logic. Explanations put forward were fake. Nobody was bothered with daily breaking of rules, law, or common sense.



Ersatz stories from Poland

My comment on the article Court delivers Christmas miracle for Poland’s carp by Maria Wilczek in The Times, 7 December 2020 (digital edition), 8 December 2020 (print).

Lech S Borkowski comment in The Times 7 December 2020
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Times, 7 December 2020

The article mentions 1947. In 1947, my wife’s grandfather was imprisoned by the Communist authorities after returning from Great Britain. He fought with the Polish forces on the western front of WWII.

In 1947, some members of my mother’s family were imprisoned in Communist concentration camps in the Soviet Union. My father was in the camp since 1945. My mother would be sent to the camp in 1949.

More recently, the authorities carried out an extremely vicious, brutal campaign against our family. No one stood up in our defense.

The article is a typical ersatz story.



Issues and non-issues

My comment on the article Chopin’s love letters to men ‘covered up’ by Polish by Oliver Moody in The Times, 26 November 2020.

Lech S Borkowski comment The TImes 26 November 2020
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The TImes 26 November 2020

It is a non-issue. I am coming from a conservative, traditional Polish family and I can tell you that you are being told a fake narrative about Poland. The really important matters occur in a different domain.

My wife Małgorzata Głuchowska is a pianist and was a piano teacher at the State School of Music in Zielona Góra in Poland until 2015, when she was fired by the state authorities for allegedly being mentally unfit for the job. They threatened her with a job loss and forced to have two meaningless conversations with a psychologist and accused her of having an unspecified mental problem. We have published the transcripts of the psychologists speech and made full recordings of those conversations available on Youtube. She was the best piano pedagogue of the school with 23 years of experience. Her students won many awards at the national and international piano competitions. Her English CV is available on our website.

At the same time, I was also fired from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Our family has been targeted for years.

In reaction to the harassment and violation of law by the state representatives, we wrote many letters to top officials in Poland, exposing their violations of human rights and of the officially declared law. Law is a fiction in Poland. The state’s modus operandi is the same as pre-1990.

The entire Polish ‘transition to democracy’ in 1989-90 was a farce organised by the Communists themselves. You can call it Communism 2.0, or evolved Communism. The new ruling class is the same as the old ruling class. Decorations are changed from time to time.

Artificial controversies about someone sexuality are a very useful diversion for the Polish regime. The officially declared profile of a government is unimportant. It is the same old ruling class.



Our family targeted by Polish criminal state

My two comments on the article EU is just like the communists, says Poland by Maria Wilczek and Bruno Waterfield in The Times, 20 November 2020.

Lech S Borkowski comment The Times 20 November 2020 part 1
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Times, 20 November 2020, part 1


Mr Morawiecki has been formed by the Communist political technologists and is every bit one of them. He was equipped with a false story of his father ‘opposing’ the communist regime in Poland in the 1980s. His life is a lie just like that of his PM predecessors.

In 1989-90, Polish Communists organised a transition to a BTL dictatorship, presented as a ‘transition do democracy’. The idea was to simulate democracy, pretending there are different movements and parties at play. BTL dictatorship stands for dictatorship below the line, i.e. a camouflaged one.

The Polish state’s modus operandi remained unchanged. It is a criminal state run by the same ruling class as before 1990, and this statement includes Mr Morawiecki.

My wife and I sent him a letter in December 2017, to which we received no reply. In May 2019 we sent another letter. There was no reply again.

Our family has been targeted by thugs in the Polish state apparatus for years. My wife and I were both fired in 2015, from the state school of music and from a university, respectively. The regime declared that my wife Małgorzata Głuchowska is mentally unable to continue to work as a pianist and piano teacher, despite her being the most successful piano teacher of the Zielona Góra State School of Music. This is Communist dictatorship at work.

My parents were imprisoned in Communist concentration camps after WWII. My wife and I were fired, because we stand for the same values as my parents. We wrote many letters to the Polish authorities exposing their lies and violation of law. Being the target of state organised crime gives you a unique perspective and unique knowledge. Mr Morawiecki’s political persona is completely fake, just like the entire political ecosystem he is part of.



Poland is an evolved Communist dictatorship.

“Zbigniew Ziobro, the Polish justice minister and a member of the hardline right-wing United Poland party.”

Mr Ziobro is a member of a hardline ruling class in Poland. His father had a privileged position under the Communist dictatorship. He is now himself in a position of power in this evolved Communist dictatorship.

“Hardline right-wing” is only an empty label. It is based on noisy and meaningless gestures. Most people don’t expect the lie to be so bold.

Communists began producing fake parties and fake movements from their early days in power.



Discontinuities and incongruities

My comment on the article Polish nationalists clash with police at Independence Day rally in Warsaw in The Times, 12 November 2020. Polish version: Nieciągłości i bezsensowności.

Lech S Borkowski comment The Times 12 November 2020
Lech S Borkowski, comment on The Times article 12 November 2020
The Times removed the comment

The story presented in the article sits firmly within the general Communist narrative, a Communist mythology.

The alleged ‘nationalists’ are people of the ruling class. The new ruling class is the same as the old ruling class. They are the same people and their children. These simulated demonstrations are in the best interest of this ruling class.

The mythology, this article is part of, can only be maintained through censoring and omission of an ocean of inconvenient information.

I know this country very well. I know the cheating and lying officials, who cheat, lie, and falsify in the same way as before 1990. My family and I were the target of numerous violations of law by the state apparatus over decades, regardless of the advertised political profile of the government seemingly in charge. The modus operandi of these unlawful actions remained invariant over several decades. The people involved in those criminal actions are protected by the top authorities and were rewarded by career advances.

The Times article is based , among other things, on an unexpressed assumption that the changes of 1989-90 were a gigantic collapse of the dictatorship of lies and a transition into unkimited authenticity in public life. This is nonsense.

If needed, new fake parties and new fake movements can be created on short notice. Discontinuities and internal incongruities of political stories won’t be noticed by most of the readers. The political and social technology in Communist countries is quite advanced. There is also the linguistic barrier and different historical experience.

The show can go on.



Revolutionary dynamics

My comment on As Polish abortion laws tighten women fear an impossible choice by Kasia Strek and Peter Conradi in The Sunday Times, 8 November 2020, online on 7 November 2020. Polish version: Dynamika rewolucyjna.

Lech S Borkowski comment on The Sunday Times article 8 November 2020, part 1
Lech S Borkowski, comment on The Sunday Times article 8 November 2020, part 1
Lech S Borkowski, comment on The Sunday Times article, 8 November 2020, part 2
Lech S Borkowski, comment on The Sunday Times article, 8 November 2020, part 2

This affair is being played as a typical Communist polit-soap opera. Hyper-activism of thousands of ‘protesters’ in a country without any social capital, some holding signs with foul language. Emotions seemingly run high. What you see is what you get? Well, not quite.

Some of these rallies took place in Warsaw in front of the monument to the Communist rule in Poland, the so-called Palace of Culture and Science, erected in the early 1950s, as shown in the article’s leading picture.

The address of this monstrous building is Palace of Culture and Science, Plac Defilad 1, 00-901 Warsaw, Poland. It houses the HQ of the Polish Academy of Sciences. During the thirty years that passed since the alleged fall of Communism the Academy of Sciences remained faithful to its totalitarian origin in 1951 and its totalitarian location. The Communist baton dominating Warsaw has not been demolished.

We are told that now it is the Catholic church which holds sway over the public life in Poland and its political affairs. This claim, however, does not hold water. Communists got the Catholic church firmly under their control in the first years of their rule post-WWII. The Vatican itself sought to appease Communists. The Hungarian primate Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty who staunchly resisted the Communist control of the Catholic church in Hungary was stripped of his Cardinal title by the pope Paul VI in 1973.

The Polish pope John Paul II, referred to in an accompanying Times article as ‘the late Polish pope who provided the spiritual authority behind the overthrow of communism’, did not provide any spiritual authority because there was no such thing as an overthrow of Communism. It was a Communist-designed transition from an open dictatorship to dictatorship below the line, disguised as a simulated and managed democracy.

John Paul II celebrated the 26th anniversary of his papacy in 2004 with the Red Army Choir concert in the Papal Audience Hall. The last song of the evening was ‘Oka’, the anthem of the first Polish Communist division formed in the Soviet Union in 1943. The concert was broadcast to Italy and Russia. The Russians are telling you in bold letters: ‘dear comrades, he is our man’.

There was no chance for an anti-Communist priest to rise through the ranks of clergy without the regime stopping it. No chance. This could happen only in fairy tales.

Unfortunately, The Times contributes to this contemporary mythology by uncritically publishing these articles, whose entire framework is incorrect.

You also need to understand that the concept of law in Poland is largely abstract. Its meaning is similar to that pre-1990. What matters is not the dry letter of the law but the ‘revolutionary dynamics’ in the sense described by Stanisław Mackiewicz in his book “Russian Minds in Fetters” (London: George Allen and Unwin, 1932). The state is essentially criminal and it does not depend on an advertised political profile of a government. It was equally criminal twenty years ago or ten years ago as it is now.

Poland is an evolved Communist dictatorship in disguise. Dictatorship adapts and evolves.


This text is also supported by my wife Małgorzata Głuchowska, pianist and piano teacher, removed from her job in a state institution in 2015 by unlawful actions of the state apparatus.


Collective control and management of life

My comment on the op-ed article The Times view on Poland’s new abortion ban: Law and Injustice in The Times, 3 November 2020. Polish version: Kolektywna kontrola i zarządzanie życiem.

3 Nov 2020, Lech S Borkowski comment on an op-ed article in The Times
Lech S Borkowski, comment on an op-ed article in The Times, 3 Nov 2020

The Times writers and editors ignore the most basic elements of the Polish reality. It may be even worse: they do not want to understand.

You are looking at a Communist country, but assume that all that totalitarianism, all that control and management of the tiniest details of life has magically disappeared, and you are trying to squeeze your interpretation into the western framework. A demonstration in Warsaw means something else than a demonstration in London.

It is incorrect to write that Poland went from extremes in collective control and management of all aspects of life to the extremes of a man’s imagined will imposed upon a country. This is silly.

Catholic religion the dominant force in Poland? No. It only provides a convenient cover. The ruling class is the same as before 1990. The rules of the game are the same as before 1990. Only decorations are different.

The western media have lost the plot long time ago. They believe in a magic collapse of Communism, rebirth of democracy, and a massive shift to authenticity in public life. This theory has not been confirmed by experiments conducted in the trenches of everyday life.

Mr J. Kaczyński and scores of people around him come from families privileged under Communism. They were trained in political technology. The entire ‘collapse of Communism’ was fake. People ‘protesting’ against them on the street are from the same ruling class. This is an artificial conflict. One of many.


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