1945 Yalta

And another comment following The Times article We can never be sure we’d be the good guys by David Aaronovitch, January 1, 2020.

Lech Borkowski 2 January 2020

It is useful to remember the disastrous 1945 Yalta deal made between the democratic and freedom-loving leaders of Great Britain and United States with the genocidal Communist regime of the Soviet Union. It did not cause a great distress to Churchill and Roosevelt or to their compatriots to sign this pact with the devil himself. The deal facilitated Communist genocidal activities in Central and Eastern Europe.

My parents and grandparents were denied their Polish citizenship, evicted from their property, imprisoned in concentration camps, while the Polish forces serving the legal Polish government in exile in London, those who fought with the Allies on the western front were denied participation in the 1946 Victory Parade in London.

Herein lies part of the answer to questions posed in the article. It is not so hard to sacrifice Others. One day the Other is the person in another country, then the Other may be someone ethnically different from you in the same country, finally the Other is your neighbour. As the evil encroaches, so does grow the otherness of people you know. One day you learn, as I had a chance recently, that to your best mates from high school you are the Other.


The Yalta deal

Another of my comments following The Times article We can never be sure we’d be the good guys by David Aaronovitch.

Lech Borkowski 3 January 2020

Poland is not free or democratic – see my earlier comment. My wife and I lost our jobs in state institutions in Poland in 2015 after a long campaign of harassment and social violence, in which the authorities employed typical Communist methods.

The Soviets were killing members of the Polish resistance in 1944. This was on top of mass murders and deportations of 1939-1941. Yet the Allies decided to deal with the Soviets behind the back of the Polish government. In other words, they chose the short-term expediency, ignoring the facts, over the long-term commitment to human rights, democracy and rule of law.

My father knew about the Soviet mass murders and that is why he deserted from the Polish forces under Soviet control on 13 January 1945. His entire company deserted one day before the military oath was taken. Among them was Józef Franczak, who was later killed by Communist security forces in 1963.

I fully applaud my father’s decision to desert. It made no sense to fight one totalitarianism on behalf of another one.

Neither the Polish government, nor Polish citizens gave Allies the right to sign the Yalta deal with the Soviets on their behalf.

How can we expect individuals to stick to the rules of decency if the governments of the so-called free world fail to do the same?

I recommend reading the book “Dolgun” by Alexander Dolgun, an American employee of the American embassy kidnapped by the Soviets from the street in the centre of Moscow in 1948. The book should be an obligatory reading in the studies of Communism and totalitarianism in general. This is the story of being faithful to yourself, to truth and decency in the most extreme circumstances of Soviet prisons and camps. Dolgun’s adversity was compounded by the American government’s lack of commitment to care about him.

General Rudenko, who was part of the Soviet team at the Nuremberg trials post-WWII, signed false accusations in the Dolgun case. Philippe Sands, the well-known British human rights lawyer, failed in his recent book “East West Street” to even mention Rudenko’s record on the home front. I have not seen anyone pointing this out to Mr. Sands.


Transformation, not the end of Communism

Another comment in a discussion around the article We can never be sure we’d be the good guys by David Aaronovitch in The Times, January 2, 2020.

2 January 2020

One of the readers wrote in conclusion of his comment related to the condition of Poland during the war and afterwards:

“Only after Stalin’s death did Poland become a more peaceful place, but the fall of communism had to wait until 1989. For Poland, the occupation that began in 1939 only truly ended then.”

My response:

Lech Borkowski

You have been misinformed. Communism has not ended. It was transformed. The stories of the Communism’s collapse are propagated by the Communists themselves.

The rude health of evil

My comment on the article in the The Times We can never be sure we’d be the good guys by David Aaronovitch, January 1 2020.

Lech Borkowski  2 January 2020

Many of the comments following the article indicate an under-appreciation of the evolution of evil. Evil is alive and in rude health.

Here is my proposition to The Times and to the readers of this article. Here is an opportunity to do something good and to resist the forces of evil. Please read and propagate this example.

My wife Małgorzata Głuchowska, a pianist and a very successful piano teacher in the State School of Music in Zielona Góra in Poland, was fired in by the authorities in 2015, using a false statement issued by the Occupational Medical Service in Poland. This statement declares that she is unable to perform her job anymore due to some unspecified psychological issues. The Communists imposed a labour code in Poland in 1974 requiring each employee to undergo periodic health checks. This requirement has not been abolished after 1990. It was even quietly extended by the Minister of Health ordinance in 1996, stating, in translation,

“Physician carrying out the prophylactic examination may extend its scope to include additional specialist consultative examinations and additional examinations, and can also establish an earlier date of the next examination than specified in methodical instructions, if he finds it necessary for a precise evaluation of the state of health of a prospective employee or an existing employee.”

It seems ok, no? Who would object to free medical consultations?

The problem is that these medical examinations are as free as in prison or concentration camp. Even in Auschwitz there was free medical care. Periodic medical consultations were used to determine who is unfit for work and whose employment in the camp should be terminated, followed by a disinfecting ‘bath’ in the gas chambers. To have a job and to live was not a right, it was a privilege. Similarly, in Poland today, to have a job and to continue as a visible member of society, even if a repressed and harassed one, is a privilege. This privilege can be revoked at any time. The Occupational Medical Service was used to administer social death.

This is today’s firing squad. The physicians employed in the Regional Center of Occupational Medicine in Zielona Góra, Wojewódzki Ośrodek Medycyny Pracy, committed a crime for political reasons. Each of them is bound by the officially declared law and by the professional oath. Yet, they know that there is the other undeclared officially set of rules and this is where their allegiance lies. The state is a criminal state. Its functionaries are both representatives of the state and members of organised crime.

We were both fired for who we are, for standing up for human dignity, for the officially declared law, for common sense, for basic truth, for human rights. I worked as an associate professor of physics at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. I was fired in 2015 for political reasons as well.

We wrote many letters to the top authorities in Poland and to the European Parliament, with no result. It seems that the Continent is overflowing with defenders of human rights. Yet, when the real test comes, you are on your own. No one, including those being paid to defend law and rights, asked for more information.

We have a website devoted to a larger project. You can navigate to it via my Twitter account. We also have presence on the Researchgate portal.


Communist intelligence and the Communist regime

One more comment on the article Sprint to freedom: how the East German athlete Ines Geipel outran even the Stasi by Oliver Moody, November 5, 2019.

I am deeply skeptical of a daughter of a Communist intelligence officer playing the part of being in opposition to the dictatorship. I have read many similar stories in Poland and they are all false.

Expressing certain criticism towards the system is all right among Communists. To control the narrative you cannot avoid expressing criticism. They know that if they don’t do it, someone else will. Therefore the trick is to channel the criticism into safe areas, and leave it in safe hands, while at the same time preventing the full truth from being revealed.

In Poland the entire so-called “democratic opposition” to Communism was the creation of the Communist intelligence. The top leaders of the “opposition” were Communist party members, their children, and generally people from the inner circles of the Communist power. The first “non-Communist” prime minister in Poland was earlier a three-time member of the Communist “parliament”.

The story in the article seems to be made up in many ways.

Putting up posters protesting the violence in Tiananmen Square is exactly what a person protected by the authorities would do. Someone authentically opposed would not bother, because it was pointless, revenge would be inevitable.

“There was a big row,” – this also points to the falsehood of the story. Communists eliminate their opponents most often quietly. An open row served to build up a person’s social visibility. Communists were not that stupid. This element of the story does not make sense.


Stasi daughter

On 25 December 2019, The Times re-published the article Sprint to freedom: how the East German athlete Ines Geipel outran even the Stasi by Oliver Moody, originally issued on November 5, 2019.

The sprinter is a daughter of an East German intelligence officer. The circumstances and events presented in the article contradict the modus operandi of the Communist state.

I made a couple of short comments about the text.

This story is not credible. Ines Schmidt (Geipel) belonged to the most privileged cast in the DDR. She was sent to the Russian school preparing future intelligence officers. As far as I can see from the article she has not revealed anything substantial about the Communist regime.

Interestingly, during recent reminiscences of the 30 anniversary of the opening of the East German border, both The Telegraph and The Times chose to focus on two Communist children from the regime’s inner circle and presented them as opposed to the dictatorship, although they were born into the Communist privilege and led privileged life.

This is a fundamentally false narrative.


I know Communism from the receiving end. I have seen many stories about privileged Communist children being allegedly opposed to Communism. The problem is they weren’t and their stories are false.

To eliminate an athlete from the competition they did not need a surgery. It is also highly unlikely that she did not know about being doped.

The father agent and the Stasi Russian school? This was the elite of the Communist intelligence.

In Poland, the biggest figure among the so-called dissidents was Adam Michnik, son of an important Communist agent acting on behalf of the Soviet Union. He also has a false story of opposing Communism. This is just one example.

The collapse of Communism was staged.


There is an unspoken assumption here, that Communists did not want to dismantle the wall and that they wanted to remain indefinitely long in some kind of a Brezhnev nirvana. However, this assumption is incorrect.

For a long time they were busy engineering fake dissident movements. Preparations took long time.

I am being liquidated therefore I am

Comment on The Times article Poles protest as MPs debate law would allow it to sack judges who query judicial overhaul by Maria Wilczek, 20 December 2019.

Lech Borkowski, at about 00:10, 21 Dec 2019

The reform, described by the head of the Polish Supreme Court as tantamount to the “liquidation of independent judicial power”

You can liquidate only something that exists. Since there are no independent judges or prosecutors in Poland since 1945, there is nothing to liquidate.

This affair is a fake conflict. In other words, both the supporters and those opposing the law in question are playing together in one team. To the outsiders expecting the confirmation of their own prejudices this story offers a seemingly perfect confirmation of their own knowledge, their views and opinions. Pick your side and cheer for them, the story is suggesting between the lines.

The problem, however, is that the story is fabricated. There is no such thing as an independent judge or a prosecutor in Poland. Poland as a state bound by the rules of law, has been liquidated by the Communists, with the support, participation and oversight of their Soviet masters, at the end of WWII and its aftermath.

My father deserted the Polish Communist army under Soviet control on 13 January 1945 because of the criminal foundation of the force. He was forced to enlist following the Soviet advance from the East into the Polish territory in 1944. The Soviets killed in executions hundreds if not thousands of Polish resistance members, while officially allied with the United Kingdom and the United States. Hence his desertion. He made his choice.

The rule of law and the most basic truth and honesty as leading principles have been eliminated and have not returned to Poland since. The entire state apparatus and the entire public life in Poland is controlled by the same Communists, except they pretend now that Communism, let us call it evolved Communism, does not exist anymore.

Poland is a criminal state with a Communist modus operandi. Therefore getting excited about a law being passed by the parliament is an exercise in silliness. Law is a meaningless concept in Poland. Much ado about nothing.

My wife Małgorzata Głuchowska, a pianist and piano teacher, was removed from her job in 2015 in an action from a Communist playbook. The Polish Labour Code is fundamentally Communist, based on its 1974 antecedent. Communist countries introduced an obligation for employees to be subjected to periodic health checks. In Poland, the Minister of Health ordinance stipulated in 1996 that these routine health checks can be arbitrarily amended by additional unspecified medical and psychological consultations. In plain-speak this means that a targeted person can be easily eliminated from the workforce by subjecting it to additional consultations and by fabricating negative opinions associated with these consultations. Much like in the Auschwitz concentration camp, physician can decide whether an individual should continue as a member of the workforce or should be terminated.

My wife was forced to visit a psychologist under the threat of losing her job in the State School of Music in Zielona Góra, Państwowa Szkoła Muzyczna w Zielonej Górze, Poland . After two 40-minutes conversations the psychologist issued an opinion that my wife cannot continue in her job due to unspecified delusions. Sounds like the Soviet Union, right?

My wife and I wrote texts critical of the violations of law and human rights in Poland. She was the best piano teacher in her school. She also has the misfortune of being married to me, who is proud of my father’s decision to desert from the Communist army.

So, if you do away with the choreography and with capitalist-democratic deceptive decorations Poland remains a Communist country. My wife and I carry on a project on Critical Narrative Analysis, Organised Social Violence and Criminal State. You can navigate to it via my Twitter account.

By the way, the person commenting on this article under a pseudonym is a Communist provocateur on duty.


Smarter dictatorship

Comment on The Telegraph article 30 years after the Romanian Revolution, has Bucharest shaken off the ghost of its communist dictator? by Chris Leadbeater, 16 December 2019.


Lech Borkowski 17 Dec 2019 12:00AM

You write ‘Poland’s emergence from political suffocation was a triumph of collective will and “Solidarity”’.

“Solidarity” was a Communist provocation and a fake opposition. Rather than repeating absurd fairy tales, it would be better to engage in a little bit of critical thinking.

Communism has not collapsed in Poland. Yes, there was restructuring, a perestroika, but the organisation, the cadres, the methods are all in place and fully operational. This was the goal: to create an impression of the collapse of Communism and to continue under the facade of capitalism. A smarter way to run a dictatorship.




Wikipedia, perfect tool for evolved Communist dictatorship

Wikipedia operates differently in different languages. There is a cultural, political, and historical context involved. Poland is a country of an evolved Communist dictatorship. Wikipedia’s Polish content is a reflection of that. Wikipedia article about me was created not because I am a public and notable figure. It was created because I was being fired for political reasons after decades of harassment. Simultaneously, my wife was being fired from another state institution, the State School of Music in Zielona Góra, also for political reasons.

The people who fired me knew that I could write about the department, university, and its people. This could show up in Google searches. The creation of Wikipedia articles for all the faculty members of the department was an exercise in prevention. This is not normal Wikipedia practice. Being a faculty member and having a habilitation does not imply you are a notable person. Thousands of distinguished scientists all over the world do not have a Wikipedia article.

The article about me falsified the fact of my dismissal and for a couple of years falsely showed that I continued to be employed at the university. You can manipulate and control information about a person in different ways. Wikipedia is an excellent tool for that purpose.

The practice of the Polish Wikipedia is different from its English counterpart. I mentioned the page of the Department of Physics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, article which looks like a duplicate of the institutional web page. English articles are not written that way. There is no need to duplicate institutional web pages. There is no added value in it. Also, scientists often have profiles in platforms such as Researchgate, ORCID, in addition to their own web pages.

Due to the way Internet search engines operate, Wikipedia shows up at the top of a typical internet search, implying some kind of high authority. This is, however, a false authority, because of the manipulation, falsification and distortion.

Wikipedia is a political and social tool. It is essentially a social medium and yet another tool for the exercise of power.

In Poland, the same people who fired me and my wife from our jobs and created the Wikipedia profile with my name, also falsified the juridical process, blocking and falsifying the investigation. We submitted evidence to the Prosecutor General of Poland and let the Prime Minister and the President of Poland know about the matter. They have remained silent, approving and protecting the action of their subordinates. This is an organized crime.

Wikipedia cannot pretend it can be only a force for good.

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