Vaculik’s 2000 Communist words

My comment on A Czech Dreambook by Ludvík Vaculík review: sex and surveillance in the underground resistanceby Julian Evans in The Telegraph, 30 May 2020.

Vaculik, himself a Communist party membert, is merely a functionary of the Communist mythology.

Vaculik’s “Two Thousand Words” bears all the marks of a fake opposition pamphlet. Communists fabricated fake opposition by the dozens and hundreds, with the Communists playing key roles of course.

This trick has been played in all the Communist countries of Eastern Europe. This was simply pushing the Communist control further by simulating an “opposition”. Now they would be both “for Communism, and even against it”.

It was also a logical expansion of the totalitarian regime. A truly totalitarian regime does not stop at allowing public displays of approval only. A truly totalitarian regime continues to expand and conquers the territory of ideas which would normally be a refuge of those quietly opposing the dictatorship, who would not dare to speak up openly.

Hence Vaculik’s “Two Thousand Words”, a thoroughly Communist work. This is a completely false narrative, giving the oppressed the choice of (A) supporting the so-called hardline Communists, and (B) supporting the “progressive” Communists.

The same game has been played by the Communists in Poland, with people from the core of the regime playing the role of the “opposition” and “reformers”.

Communist regimes of Eastern Europe survived intact the so-called “democratization” of 1989-90 and continue to function after rebranding themselves and redecorating state offices.


Criminal state in Poland unchanged since 1944

This text is a response to another reader’s comment following The Times article Airman held hostage by the Soviets missed VE Day celebrations by Mark Bridge, 8 May 2020.

11 May 2020

The latest of the comments made by the user […] agrees with the Communist/Russian narrative. It presents a narrative which I know to be false.

Quote 1: “The Soviets and Russians have always operated by means of manipulation and intrigue, and for Poland and the Baltic States this has meant that they are almost permanently in a situation of having to monitor and restrain such external influence”

In Poland, the state apparatus and its functionaries are the same people as before 1990. There was no change apart from some redecoration. Their modus operandi is the same as that of the Soviet/Russian state, although this may not be immediately clear to an average observer due to, yes, manipulation, intrigue, and use fake symbolism.

Quote 2: “most of all I would ask readers to consider that this is exactly the kind of ongoing infiltration that the current Polish government is having to deal with and is doing its utmost to eradicate. This alone explains the great popularity of the PIS party currently in power. Previous Polish governments have had their fair share of corrupt pro-Soviet officials and their successors in their midst. If they were not pro-Soviet and espoused that mentality, they would not have risen to their positions in the first place, and so when the Soviet Union fell, these were the only kinds of public officials and civil servants in power available to take over.”

This is false as well. It is another typical element of the fake narrative. The current Polish government is no different from previous Polish governments, except for some superficial symbolism and some rhetoric, which are just a camouflage. As I wrote in a comment to another Times article recently, I was a PiS party member from 2008 to 2010. I saw it from inside.

The leader of PiS, Jarosław Kaczyński, comes from a family privileged under Communism and serving the Communist state most loyally. His father was a Communist party member and mother worked at the Institute for Literary Studies.

Russians do not need “a foothold” in Poland, because Poland is run by the functionaries loyal to the same cause.

My pianist wife Małgorzata Głuchowska and I were fired in 2015 from our jobs at the State School of Music in Zielona Góra and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań in Poland, respectively. We were fired for who we are and we stand for.

The head of the piano section in the school where my wife worked is a woman from Leningrad, a Russian. This is not an isolated case and not an accident.

The authorities, including prime ministers and presidents, past and present, are well informed about what has been done to us. The campaign against our family bears all the marks of the characteristically Communist modus operandi. There is plenty of evidence. We presented it to the prosecutor office. It is also available online in Polish and English.

History has not ended. It continues. My parents Irena Borkowska (Ostrowska) and Bolesław Borkowski were targets of Communist persecution. They were imprisoned for many years in Soviet concentration camps after WWII. My wife’s grandfather Aleksander Głuchowski fought with the Polish forces in Italy during WWII. When he returned to Poland in 1947, he was immediately imprisoned by the Communists. He died in 1952 at the age of 45.

There is a perfect continuity of the criminal state in Poland from 1944 to this day.


Cast of characters

My second comment on Niall Ferguson’s farewell article in his Sunday Times column, My crystal ball missed Brexit but got Donald Trump, 24 May 2020. The first comment, Dizzy with success, was blocked by the paper.

My yesterday’s comment was blocked. Were my few critical words unbearable for this unabashedly self-promoting article in the old, well-established paper?

Was my satirical take on Niall Ferguson’s prophetical prowess with Joseph V. Stalin’s ‘dizzy with success’ Pravda article of 2 March 1930 considered inappropriate? Was the editor concerned about possible violation of copyrights to Stalin’s words?

As a historian, Niall Ferguson is trying to write history of the future before it happens. In the old days person trying to predict the future course of events was futurist. Now they call themselves forecasters or superforecasters in apparent analogy to those predicting tomorrow’s 15pc chance of rain.

The difference between predicting tomorrow’s rain and next year’s events is that weather is not so directly influenced by newspaper articles as is the narrative about the present and the future. Political and economic forecasting in popular media and government agencies is not neutral.

Take a look at the second part of the word ‘forecast’: cast. As in ‘cast of characters’. Think: narrative. Participants of the narrative. Forecasting is shaping and guiding the public narrative. It promotes certain characters, elevating their status, and eliminates others. It is definitely not a neutral activity.

One good example is Niall Ferguson’s article in The Wall Street Journal, 19 November 2011, about Europe in 2021, which was published in a modified form in The Sunday Times on 27 November 2011. Both fictitious and real-life characters are featured in this text. Among them is Radek (Radosław) Sikorski, Ferguson’s friend from Oxford, who was trained by Communist intelligence. Ferguson writes ‘Poland, under the dynamic leadership of Radek Sikorski, the former foreign minister’. This is not forecasting. This is casting.

Finally, I leave the last two paragraphs of my yesterday’s comment unchanged.

On November 3, 2019, Niall Ferguson wrote lots of nonsense about the so-called ‘collapse of Communism’. The concept of the ‘collapse of Communism’ belongs to Communist mythology. Communism has not collapsed. It was a mere change of clothes and an exercise in redecoration.

Although he is not alone in being terribly wrong, being one of the many who are terribly wrong should not be an excuse.


Dizzy with success

Lech S Borkowski's comment following Niall Ferguson's article in The Sunday Times, 24 May 2020, was blocked
Lech S Borkowski’s comment following Niall Ferguson’s article in The Sunday Times, 24 May 2020, was blocked

My comment following Niall Ferguson’s article in The Sunday Times, 24 May 2020, was blocked.

Paraphrasing slightly Joseph V. Stalin’s article in Pravda, 2 March 1930, I would like to say that Niall Ferguson’s successes in the sphere of predicting the future are now being spoken of by everyone. Even his enemies are forced to admit that the successes are substantial. And they really are very great.

But the successes have their seamy side, especially when they are attained with comparative “ease”. Such successes sometimes induce a spirit of vanity and conceit: “I can achieve anything!”, “There is nothing I can’t do!” People not infrequently become intoxicated by such successes; they become dizzy with success, loose all sense of proportion and the capacity to understand realities; they show a tendency to overrate their own strength and to underrate the strength of the enemy.

By focusing on couple of his ealier predictions Niall Ferguson conveniently moves away from history and the failures of the historical folk in understanding and interpreting even the very recent events.

One might even say, that he is trying to write history of the future before it happens. Is he a historian or a futurist? Trying to be both perhaps? Can you be a good historio-futurist, if you get the most recent history completely wrong? I doubt it. But he not only seems to have no doubts, he even gets handsomely paid for it. Where is the ethics in all of this?

Interestingly, the ‘history of the future’ or ‘future history’ is equally appealing to Communists, people he claims to oppose. Hm…

On November 3, 2019, he wrote lots of nonsense about the so-called ‘collapse of Communism’. The concept of the ‘collapse of Communism’ belongs to Communist mythology. Communism has not collapsed. It was a mere change of clothes and an exercise in redecoration.

Although he is not alone in being terribly wrong, being one of the many who are terribly wrong should not be an excuse.


Advanced organized social violence

My two comments following James Marriott’s essay Are we vicious or virtuous when civilisation is stripped away?, in The Times, 23 May 2020, devoted to Humankind, a new book by the Dutch writer Rutger Bregman. The second one is a response to another reader’s comment.

Note the absence of Communism from the article. It was probably ignored in the book as well. It is the most advanced form of organized social violence, based on active co-operation of millions. Private life is essentially eliminated. The state is run on the principle of coercive control.

It is also the most innovative organization to-day in developing methods of systematic elimination of individuals from life.

The very concept of the law is empty. The language is falsified and used as a weapon against individuals.

It rewards big and small evil deeds. Family and friends serve and informants. The public sphere is all lies. A great deal of effort is spent on masking violence and protecting the perpetrators.

Acts of violence can be carried out in many ways, not only physical.

The population is divided into prison guards and prisoners.


Philippe Sands failed to even mention that the head of the Soviet delegation in Nuremberg was Roman Rudenko, a state criminal himself.

If I remember the book correctly, he wrote warmly about the Soviet delegation.

He ignored completely the issue of the selective approach to international justice: punish the Nazis, keep the mouth shut about Communist crimes.


Barroso copied keywords

My comment on the article Nigeria copies and pastes new laws from Singapore by Jane Flanagan in The Times, 18 May 2020.

When I read State of the Union address to the EU Parliament, 11 September 2013, by Manuel Barroso, I thought quite a few phrases in the document looked familiar. I compared it with the letter my wife and I faxed to the EU Commission on 6 June 2013. I found surprising similarities.

Let me give you couple of examples.

LSB 6 June 2013:
The advanced knowledge of the social sciences was employed for the sole purpose of murdering the soul and murdering the social dimension of a person. Psychology became operational psychology. The key elements to the successful murder of the social being are the isolation of the victim and the participation of as many perpetrators as possible. This is the true meaning of Solidarity in Poland. It is the solidarity of the oppressors against an individual. All these methods inherited by the current Polish junta are widely used in Poland today. Psychological terror against any bright and brave individual standing up for dignity and honor is the main tool of the regime.

Barroso 11 Sept 2013:
For that reason, strengthening the social dimension is a priority for the months to come, together with our social partners. The Commission will come with its communication on the social dimension of the economic and monetary union on the 2nd of October. Solidarity is a key element of what being part of Europe is all about, and something to take pride in.

Note “social dimension”, “key element”, “solidarity” and also
“participation” vs “being part of”, “dignity and honor” vs “something to take pride in”.

There was also surprising use of “the trenches”, which appeared in our letter as well.


The song remains the same

My comment to the article Polish radio silences anti-government No 1 hit in The Times by Maria Wilczek, 19 May 2020.

The main problem with this article is that it pushes the wrong narrative. I dare say it is a fake narrative and I have evidence and analysis that the narrative is fake.

There is not need to go into the details of the article’s story, because it is a pre-arranged spectacle. Kazik, if I remember correctly, is a son of a Communist party member. Jarosław Kaczyński is also a son of a Communist party member, I think. This is a simulation of a quarrel among friends. Only a simulation, not the real thing.

The whole spectacle of ‘Poland’s transition to democracy’ is a Communist farce. Communists were not stupid, as they pretended to be. The so-called ‘collapse of Communism’ was a carefully choreographed spectacle. They have not relinquished control of the country, only they now pretend to be someone else. It is only a change of clothes. The song remained the same. The modus operandi is the same.

In order to get a grasp of what is wrong with the entire narrative of ‘Communism’s collapse’ you should think outside the box. I call it a cognitive horizon.


Physicist’s 99 cleaning nights

My two comment on the article Cleaners are heroes. I should know: I was one by Amanda Craig in The Times, 17 May 2020. The first comment was made on May 17, the second one was added on May 29 2020.

When I was fired from my university job in Poland (associate professor of Physics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań) for political reasons, I had to leave the country and quickly find another job that would pay mortgage on and our flat in Poland. My pianist wife lost her job at the same time and for the same reasons.

I came to London, where I started as a night cleaner in a restaurant chain with headquarters in Brussels. I worked 99 consecutive nights without taking a single day (night) off. The guy who employed me and my Lithuanian partner, ignored our questions about taking a week off after several weeks of continuous work. The company wanted to have their restaurants clean but was not interested in our well-being. We did a good job, receiving high marks on weekly mystery customers’ reviews, but were not paid for the bus and tube fare when moving from one restaurant to another. This was a violation of the law. We were compensated for it only after I wrote about it to their London office. We were paid a minimum wage.

My next job was leaflet distribution as a self-employed. Again, I was working 7 days/week for 8 months, rain, snow or shine. I travelled everywhere around London and beyond M25, visiting places I would have never had gone to otherwise. I opened and closed thousands and thousands of garden gates. I mostly tried to close them back. When I didn’t on one rainy winter Sunday afternoon, I heard “Shut the bloody gate!” from some unidentified voice. I was bitten by a dog once. Nothing really serious, although there were some more serious bites among the other distributors.

I distributed all kinds of leaflets, from pizza companies through estate agents and opticians to elections leaflets for the Conservative Party candidates and for UKIP. We were driven all the way to Truro to distribute job training leaflets financed from an EU grant. I also found that some London areas south of the river with large council estates are deserts as far as publicly available toilets go. It took me once close to half-hour to find one in a bar and it was not funny.

I had some suprising encounters with people. One morning I was stopped by a guy in Croydon, who asked me to read to him and explain the contents of a letter he received from the bus company he worked for. It was actually a letter of dismissal. Was he not able to read? Probably.

In my current job I had the opportunity to serve a former UK Prime Minister and a former Chancellor on separate occasions.


The second comment added on 29 May 2020

Two of the comments following my post are clearly hostile. The choice of words, as well as a nickname show desire to misrepresent and falsify who I am. It also an attempt at denying agency. Instead asking me directly about something, that person is suggesting to google my name on the Internet.

As I wrote in my comment, I was fired for political reasons and it is not just a temporary misunderstanding. The reason is deep and fundamental. I have an excellent education, PhD from the University of Florida, one of the top public universities in the US. Nevertheless, I could not do cary out job in Poland in a normal way. I even had to bring my own laptop to work. They refused to provide even a single piece of equipment to do my work.

My wife was also fired for political reasons from her job at the State School of Music in Zielona Góra, also for political reasons. We refused to falsify and to lie.

One day before the letter of dismissal was delivered to me, someone wrote to me about creating a Wikipedia page for me. I objected to it, but the page was made anyway.

This is obviously a “dark profile”. A tool to control and to falsify the public narrative about the targeted person.

The University I was fired from continues to send emails to me “addressed to all University employees”. This is a violation of EU law. So what? In Poland they can do anything. Who are they? They are Communists, who pretend to have miracuously converted to something else.


Narrative control with Wikipedia

My comment on The Times’ article Kremlin drops plans for state-approved Wikipedia by Marc Bennetts, May 15, 2020. The text was blocked and did not appear among readers’ comments.

Lech Borkowski

Russia’s decision to abandon the official state-run equivalent of wikipedia does not make much difference. Wikipedia in Eastern Europe is controlled by the same people who control the state anyway. It is a perfect tool for controlling the public narrative about essentially everything. So while its editors are allegedly a bunch of enthusiasts, in fact they are not.

I was fired from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland, in October 2015. I was contacted by someone unknown to me on October 28 with the suggestion that a Wikipedia page be made about me. I objected to it, but the page was created anyway. The next day, on October 29, I received a letter dismissing me from my job at the University, signed by a deputy Rector (university vice-president, there are several of them).

If you go to my Twitter feed, @LechSBorkowski, you can watch a brief video I and my wife made in 2016 after we were both fired from our jobs for political reasons.

I looked up the name of the Wikipedia guy on the Internet. He was apparently employed in the law section of one of the Polish dailies. It turned out that Wikipedia pages of the entire Department of Physics of the Adam Mickiewicz University were created at the time. This is, of course, atypical and very unusual. I remember that a recent Nobel Prize winner did not have a Wikipedia page. I do not know of any other university where all faculty members of the department, at the last count 124 of them, would have a Wikipedia entry.

If you go to Wikipedia’s Polish section and search for “Lech Borkowski” you will find the entry about me. This entry is arranged in a peculiar way with the aim to control certain keywords that would be associated with me and falsify the narrative about me.

To see the Dept. of Physics page, search for “Wydzial Fizyki UAM”. You will see all the faculty names. The departmental Wikipedia page shows the administrative structure and contains information typically found on institutions’ own websites. In other words, it duplicates information from the institution’s website without providing any new value.

Wikipedia is just another social medium and is easily abused. It is naive to ignore it. It is also naive to believe in a “self-correcting” myth of social media, including Wikipedia.


Ally de jure, enemy de facto

Comment on The Times article We led the war effort, say British — others disagree by Lucy Fisher, May 8, 2020

The poll is asking the wrong questions.

The UK and the US allied with one of the two genocidal regimes in Europe against the other one. Collectively, they succeeded in defeating one enemy, while the other enemy expanded its occupation zone, gained international recognition and the ability to control the newly formed United Nations. That must be called for what it is: a failure. The war against Germany was won, but the war against the Soviet Union was lost.

The need for a myth of fighting a good war, being heroic and making all the right choices is tempting to all nations. The truth is more prosaic. The desire to create a myth and hold on to it may be understandable in the years immediately after the conflict, when the wounds, sacrifices and the loss of the loved ones is so palpable. However, as the years go by, one would hope for a more intelligent analysis.

The western Allies won the war against the Germany and Japan only, while losing it to the Soviet Union. Soviet Union won the war against everyone else. British and American governments deceived themselves and their citizens about USSR suddenly becoming their ally, when it was not.

Soviet Union was an ally de jure, i.e. on paper only, but not the facto. The inability to properly process these basic facts, was a self-inflicted wound.

The West tries desperately to cling to the binary logic, good guys vs the bad guys, although ever since 1917 this approach continued to fail. The situation has changed. The rise of the Communist state in Russia using different logic and different methods, a widespread terror and increasingly more sophisticated genocidal techniques, was an intellectual challenge, which the West, taken collectively, miserably failed to meet.

Antony Beevor wrote a very sensible comment in The Telegraph yesterday: “75 years on, have we got the Second World War all wrong after all?”

Indeed, you have.


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