Communist political technology

Comment on the editorial Krystsina Tsimanouskaya’s desperate escape highlights a shameful state of affairs in Belarus in The Telegraph 3 August 2021.

Lech S Borkowski comment in The Telegraph 3 August 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Telegraph 3 August 2021

Lech Borkowski
3 Aug 2021 8:13PM

‘President Lukashenko is often called Europe’s last Communist dictator. We now know how accurate a description that is’

Not really. Belarus, like any other Communist country is a dictatorship of a criminal collective. It is sometimes mistakenly presented as a one-man rule.

Belarus ‘opposition’ to Lukashenka is fake. There is no social capital and no trust to engage in any action against the regime. This opposition is manufactured by the regime itself. No one in the media seems to know or remember about the operation Trust(*) and other similar provocations.

Communists are not stupid despite sometimes being presented as such. They spew fake stories as easily as they breathe. This is a much more advanced form of lying than a typical westerner could imagine. Communist political technology is not a subject of studies at universities. Every report is accepted without even a trace of critical analysis.

Their idea is to engineer a ‘velvet revolution’ to make a transition to the next stage of dictatorship, which would be masked as a democracy. Useful idiots from the West will throw at them billions in help money.

This has been done before in Poland and other East European countries. It went very well. So much has changed in Poland, that the ruling class remained exactly the same, only labels and superficial rhetoric were swapped, but this is no problem for professional liars. Communist party members are in the European Parliament and everywhere else in international and national power structures. They lecture others on democracy and human rights.

On the other hand, my wife and I, descendants of prisoners of Communist prisons and concentration camps have been fired from state institutions in 2015 in a long and extremely vicious campaign against our family. We have let everyone know about the atrocities against us. Everyone knows: MPs, members of governments, church hierarchy, media. Everyone keeps silent. What kind of solidarity is binding them? It is the solidarity of the perpetrators. They weren’t freedom fighters. They are perpetrators.

It is no different in Belarus, which is thoroughly controlled and cleansed of any independent social activity. Just like in Poland, they can fabricate any fake movement and organisation.

They are using Telegram, a dodgy encryption service run by a Russian group from Dubai. This Russian group has been presented as being, again, in opposition to the Kremlin, which is not true. If I were an underground activist, the last thing I would trust would be a dodgy Russian encryption app, where messages are read by the Russian state.

I have not heard or read a single original thing about the Belarus ‘opposition’. There is some non-essential criticism and some choreography. Enough to fool westerners.



(*) Fake Communist opposition in the Soviet Union during 1920s.


Uwierzyliście w nieistotną opowiastkę

Comment on the editorial article A reckoning is coming for Vladimir Putin in The Telegraph, 1 February 2021. English version: You have been told the wrong story.

Lech S Borkowski komentarz w The Telegraph 1 lutego 2021
Lech S Borkowski, komentarz w The Telegraph 1 lutego 2021

Nie chodzi tu wcale o Putina. Rosjanie i inni wschodnio-Europejczycy skutecznie wyćwiczyli zachodnio-Europejczyków w podążaniu za fałszywą narracją. Jak gdyby komunizm nigdy nie istniał i z ekstremów kolektywizmu Rosja, Białoruś, Polska przeniosły się do ekstremów rządów jednego człowieka (Kaczyński w Polsce rzekomo kieruje z ‘tylnego siedzenia’). To oczywiście nonsens.

Wspomniane protesty są inscenizowane. Po prostu nie rozumienie, że przedstawiono wam fałszywą opowieść.


Komentarz został usunięty przez załogę gazety. Później tego samego dnia umieściłem następny komentarz, który obejmował również usunięty tekst.

Lech S Borkowski komentarz w The Telegraph 1 lutego 2021
Lech S Borkowski komentarz w The Telegraph 1 lutego 2021

Około 3:30 po południu umieściłem komentarz, który usunięto. Nie wiem, na jakiej podstawie? Umieszczam go jeszcze raz pomijając tym razem odsyłacz internetowy.

Uważam to za dość symboliczne, że opinia wyrażona przez syna ocalałych z radzieckich komunistycznych obozów koncentracyjnych jest eliminowana. Mój krótki tekst powyżej nie jest przypadkową uwagą. Opiera się na doświadczeniu i długoterminowej analizie narracji publicznej w Europie Wschodniej. Wątpię, że ktokolwiek wśród pracowników The Telegraph ma podobne powiązania rodzinne i doświadczenie podobne do mojego.

Jednolitość opinii i interpretacji niekoniecznie jest dowodem słuszności.

Promowanie korupcji jako głównej kwestii w Rosji przynosi oczywiste korzyści klasie rządzącej i Rosji w ogóle. Jest to bezpieczny temat i uniwersalny problem napotykany w różnych proporcjach na całym świecie. Komunistyczni technologowie polityczni zrozumieli dawno temu, że o wiele lepiej jest z góry zaprojektować i narzucić problem, a nie czekać, aż pojawi się spontanicznie i wymknie się spod kontroli. Kampania antykorupcyjna jest krytyką nieistotną. Rosyjskie struktury władzy i lojalności są zbudowane na komunistycznych fundamentach i terrorze. Kwestia korupcji, czy to realna, czy wyobrażona, jest wygodnym tematem ubocznym. Gdyby Nawalny był niezależną osobą, zostałby wyeliminowany bardzo wcześnie i nigdy byście o nim nie usłyszeli. Odpowiedni personel i techniki likwidacji mogą być zastosowane w dowolnym momencie, bez uciekania się do trucizny. Zamiast tego, powtarzający się cykl aresztowanie-uwolnienie-ponowne aresztowanie jest stosowany przez państwo rosyjskie głównie w celu pobudzenia zainteresowania spektaklem.



Politics in provocation mode

Comment on the article A cultural Iron Curtain separating east and west threatens to tear the EU apart by Jonathan Saxty in The Telegraph, 21 July 2021.

Lech S Borkowski comment in The Telegraph 22 July 20221
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Telegraph 22 July 20221

22 Jul 2021 1:18PM

The confusion about East European members of the EU stems from incorrect examination and interpretation of post-WWII history and politics in EE countries. The alleged collapse of Communism was not what it was advertised to be. It was a merely a reorganisation of the totalitarian state, not the collapse of it. It was organised by the Communists themselves who controlled every bit of the process and continue to run, this time disguised as competing parties. These lies are pretty obvious. Growing up and going to school and university in 1970s and 1980s I have not seen any real resistance to Communism around for miles, apart from occasional minor complaints.

My parents were long-time prisoners of Communist concentration camps in Russia after WWII. We were always hostile to Communism and never changed. To properly answer the question whether there was a democratic transition in Poland, you need to look at someone like me. I managed to leave to the US at the end of 1980s for a doctoral study in physics. I returned to Poland in 1995 and got a job at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. It turned out quickly that things remained the same. I was excluded from normal teaching activitivies consistent with my degree. I was shunned, harassed and humiliated. I had to come to work with my own private laptop. They wanted to enslave me or make me quit on my own, ideally first to exploit my knowledge and skills and then get rid of. An extremely vicious campaign was organised by the state authorities against our family and eventually my pianist wife Małgorzata Głuchowska and I were expelled from our workplaces in state institutions in 2015. It was an extremely brutal, sadistic campaign.

Interpretations in the media are formulated within the framework typical of western European states. This is simply wrong. Politics in Poland is conducted in a provocation mode. This means that issues publicised in the media are engineered and fully controlled by the ruling class.



Plurality of lies

Comments on article Poland stokes fears of EU exit as court defies bloc over reforms by James Rothwell in The Telegraph 14 July 2021.

Lech S Borkowski comment The Telegraph 15 July 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Telegraph 15 July 2021

Lech Borkowski
15 Jul 2021 1:42AM

These articles are written by people who don’t bother to ask critical questions and suffer from short attention span. Eastern Europe’s politics is a pyramid of lies painstakingly built over decades. It is not politics, it is virtual politics. The entire ‘transition to democracy’ was faked.

The concept of law remained pretty much meaningless just as it was before 1990. There is nothing to get excited about when a court ruling is reported. It is only an element of a performance. The important things occur away from this scene.


Lech S Borkowski comment no. 2 The Telegraph 15 July 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment no. 2 in The Telegraph 15 July 2021

Lech Borkowski
15 Jul 2021 2:14PM

‘Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party, a right-wing populist and eurosceptic movement, has clashed with Brussels for years over the hugely contentious reforms.’

These reforms don’t change anything. Ever since 1945 Poland was a hotbed of ‘reforms’ whose aim was to fool outsiders. The rhetoric and decorations change from time to time but these are fictional moves for the purpose of narrative control. The ruling class is exactly the same as before 1990 and labels such as ‘right-wing populist’ are meaningless. People running the show recruit from the Communist ruling class. Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of Law of Justice, comes from a family privlleged and highly trusted by the Communists. I haven’t heard anything sensible and ground-breaking from this guy ever. They just mumble slogans to control the narrative and feed reporters who will duly repeat those words to unsuspecting western audience. There is absolutely no conflict between Law and Justice and any judges. The entire judiciary functions in exactly the same way as before 1990. They are the same people and fractions withing the judicial body are purely fictional. The same goes for the executive branch and the fake parliament. The entire country functions as before 1990.

I am coming from a family heavily persecuted by the Communists. My parents were imprisoned for many years in Communist concentration camps in northern Russia after WWII. Their families’ farms have been confiscated. When I returned to Poland in 1995 after obtaining my PhD in United States, I was employed at a university but closely watched, harassed and prevented from participating in normal teaching duties compatible with my degree. I even had to come to work with my own laptop because the university wouldn’t buy me one. The aim was to make me quit so that they could claim that it was my own decision. However, I dug my heels in and my continued presence has become more and more inconvenient, as I could watch how the thugs with titles run their university, lying and falsifying all the way.

‘Warsaw has argued that the reforms will tackle corruption and root out Communist-era judges, but critics say the true purpose is to undermine the role of EU law and open the door to Poland quitting the EU.’

The alleged corruption is a smokescreen.

‘Human rights groups are also concerned that the reforms would undermine the independence of the Polish judiciary as they could allow the government to expel judges on political grounds.’

Those ‘human rights groups’ are fake. They won’t defend human rights against the ruling class. My wife and I were fired from state institutions in 2015. Our family has been targeted for many years and the Communists, yes, Communists 2.0 (they rebranded themselves into several different labels) couldn’t tolerate us exposing their lies, the mechanisms of their power structure and the fiction of the political system. We wrote many letters to top authorities, including PM, President, MPs, media. There was not a single sensible reply, only progressive turns of the screw and increased harassment. As we wrote in one of our letters, Poland is not a country of pluralism but of plurality of lies. There was absolutely no difference when government changed. The harassment and atrocities continued.

Polish authorities fabricated false document proclaiming my pianist wife’s alleged inability to teach piano in Zielona Góra State School of Music. She was accused of unspecified delusions in a statement signed by a state-licensed psychologist. Privet, comrades, welcome to the Soviet Union of Poland!

We have published our documents and those fabricated by the Polish authorities on our website: You can see there the entire documentation fabricated by the authorities. Western media prefer to remain blind.

So, the real story is ours, theirs is only a diversion.


Lech S Borkowski comment no. 3 The Telegraph 21 July 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Telegraph 21 July 2021

Lech Borkowski
21 Jul 2021 11:17AM

The proper way to think about it is to understand that political competition in Poland is fake. Having captured power after WWII Communists took full control of state institutions and Catholic church from inside. They sponsored and fully controlled religious associations. They also sponsored well-known pre-WWII radical nationalist and practically fascist Bolesław Piasecki. They made him lead the Christian PAX association, which published books, a newspaper, and led business activity as well. He was made member of Communist ‘Parliament’ and member of the Council of State, a collective presidency of sorts.

Instead of liquidating institutions and associations they fully controlled them, They understood that this gives them greater influence and greatly increases possibilities to manipulate the public narrative. They hysteric anti-Semitic campaign of 1968 was planned and organised by Communists themselves.

The ‘democratic opposition’ to Communism of the 1970s and 1980s was also the work of Communists, with children of some elite Communists playing the leading roles. Ditto Solidarity trade union. In a country where no authentic dissent is possible, only the appointed fake dissentedrs could be really active.

I participated in a student occupation of university buildings in 1981. This was couple of weeks long nationwide student strike. I saw the fakery of the enterprise from inside.

Post-1990, this was continued into developing fake democratic structures of the state.

In Poland, any kind of political action can be quickly organised, complete with street demonstrations, slogans, and the entire choreography. This is bread and butter for the Communist political technologists in Poland. Of course, these days they don’t use the C label.

If they think they need to create a new political movement or party, they can do it in a couple of weeks time, complete with regional structures, and a national convention with of thousand delegates in Warsaw.

I was a member of PiS (Law and Justice) between 2008 and 2010. The party was bogus, without any activity, with dull fully scripted meetings, typical of a Communist party. There was only a facade of slogans.

As I mentioned in an earlier comment, I come from a family whose several members were imprisoned in Communist concentration camps in Russia after WWII, whose property was confiscated, and who were later targeted and harassed in various ways. Continutiation of this persecution against me, my wife and our daughter in present-day Poland shows that the so-called ‘democratic transition’ of 1989-90 was completely fake. We have documented violations of law and human rights against our family in numerous letters to the government, the president, hundreds of MPs, church leaders, media. There was absolutely no response. Government ministers and PMs (four in total) received detailed information and protected perpetrators and their lawless acts.

The police and the prosecuting authority did the same.

Perhaps the best illustration of this lawlessness is the action to remove my wife Małgorzata Głuchowska, the best piano teacher of Zielona Góra State School of Music, from her job in 2015. The state authorities used the Regional Centre of Occupational Medicine. Following the rule imposed by the Communists, each employee in Poland is subject to compulsory periodic health checks. In her case, they fabricated a false statement proclaiming she couldn’t do her job anymore for unspecified health reasons. My wife’s students won numerous awards at national and international piano competitions. Some of them continued studies in academies of music to become professional pianists. This is typical of genocidal regimes.

I was simultaneously fired from Adam Mickiewicz University after nearly two decades of harassment, bullying, and various forms of humiliation.

And this shows you the truth about Poland, not the silly manoeuvres broadcast on tv. Those are only deceptive moves.



Harassment and stalking wikipedialised

Comment on the article You think the BBC is biased? Check out Wokepedia by Andrew Orlowski in The Telegraph, 27 May 2021.

Lech S Borkowski comment in The Telegraph 28 May 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Telegraph 28 May 2021

28 May 2021 1:29AM

On January 10 2021, The Telegraph published an enthusiastic review of a book about Wikipedia

I wrote a critical comment under that article. The text was removed. I posted it later again, splitting it in two.

My comment is available here:

I was fired from a university in Poland in 2015. A Wikipedia page with my name was created one day before delivery of the letter terminating my employment. I received an email from someone informing about the Wikipedia page. I objected to it but the page was created. To mask the fact that this action was directed against me, a whole set of Wikipedia pages, nearly one hundred of them, were created for all faculty members of the Department of Physics of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. The information was basically a copy of the most mundane information from departmental web pages. It was an obvious violation of Wikipedia rules. Part of campaign of harassment and stalking, which was here not only institutionalised but also wikipedialised. Yet, when I let member of the Wikipedia board know about it, he ignored the problem.

Wikipedia is a social medium. Any sufficiently strong group can control large parts of it. Control of entries written in less popular languages is illusory. Branches of Wikipedia in different languages reflect power structures within those languages. Wikipedia is just another tool to shape historical and political narratives.



Century of cognitive neglect

Comment on the editorial article Belarusians look to the West in vain for support in The Telegraph, 24 May 2021.

Lech S Borkowski comment in The Telegraph 25 May 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Telegraph 25 May 2021

The Belarussian ‘opposition’ tv channel Nexta uses the Telegram app provided by a group of Russians from Sankt Petersburg/Leningrad. Telegram is advertised as a safer, encrypted method of communication. They operate their company from Dubai now. Russia is gradually expanding their control of the Internet. Those signing up to use Telegram voluntarily submit their personal details and their communications to the Russian state.

@Nexta_tv’s last post on Twitter was in January 2021. Nexta’s Twitter accounts direct users to their Telegram accounts instead. You need to sign up to Telegram to view Nexta. This kind of members-only strictly controlled environment is typical of the Communist modus operandi, in which control of content and access to it is key. In other words, it is a strict surveillance.

Nexta’s founder, Stsiapan Putsila is a member of the Belarussian privileged class and is a son of a tv sports presenter. I couldn’t find Putsila’s Twitter account. He probably doesn’t have one.

The material posted by Belarus ‘opposition’ on freely available media is mostly of theatrical nature. I don’t see any substance in it. I am coming from a family of prisoners of Communist concentration camps and I know a few things about state terror and how to distinguish authentic repression from a fake one.

Western media and analysts go hysterical about a bit of shouting and pushing. This is a result of a century of cognitive neglect. Bits of reality which do not fit their preferred mode of thinking are thrown out the window.

Yesterday, I posted a similar comment under The Times article but it was later removed by the paper. You can read it here:

The Internet and the Russian state



Produkcja fałszywych narracji

Komentarz do artykułu We must support the citizens of Belarus during this brutal state crackdown, Renatas Norkus, Lithuanian Ambassador to the UK, Arkady Rzegocki, Polish Ambassador to the UK, and Dr Jonathan Eyal, Associate Director at Royal United Services Institute, The Sunday Telegraph, 8 lutego 2021. Wersja angielska: Production of fake narratives.

Lech S Borkowski comment in The Sunday Telegraph 8 February 2021
Lech S Borkowski, komentarz w The Sunday Telegraph 8 lutego 2021

8 Feb 2021 12:21AM

“Podobnie, jak Polska, której ruch solidarności cztery dekady wcześniej wywołał serię rewolucji kończących rządy sowieckie w Europie Centralnej i Wschodniej i utorował drogę pokojowemu przejściu do demokracji w regionie w końcu lat 1980”

Jest to stwierdzenie fałszywe i jednocześnie kluczowy element najnowszej mitologii. Ruch Solidarności był zorganizowany przez reżim komunistyczny w celu przejścia do następnej fazy dyktatury, jaką jest dyktatura ‘below-the-line’, czyli ‘pod powierzchnią’ lub inaczej ‘skrywana’. W tej fazie akty represyjne są bardziej starannie skrywane i maskowane. Dowody kontynuowanej przemocy są jednak wyraźnie widoczne, jeśli się wie, gdzie ich szukać.

Wiodący członkowie polskiej ‘opozycji’ wywodzą z kręgów samego reżimu.

Zachód jednak nie potrafił poprawnie zinterpretować nawet najbardziej podstawowych elementów tej komedii.

Polskie państwo nadal kontynuuje stosowanie metod komunistycznych i łamie prawa człowieka. W 2015 roku władze państwowe wydały fałszywe oświadczenie, że moja żona pianistka Małgorzata Głuchowska nie może dalej pracować jako nauczyciel fortepianu w państwowej szkole muzycznej i musi być wyrzucona z pracy. W dokumentach sfabrykowanych przez Wojewódzki Ośrodek Medycyny Pracy w Zielonej Górze znajduje się orzeczenie w stylu sowieckim wydane przez psychologa oskarżające moją żonę o bliżej nieokreślone urojenia. Są to metody komunistyczne, których Zachód nie chce zauważyć i o których nie chce informować. Nagrania dźwiękowe dwóch rozmów z psychologiem, którym moja żona została poddana pod groźbą utraty pracy, są dostępne w serwisie Youtube. Polskie władze otrzymały szczegółowe informacje o działaniach przeciw naszej rodzinie, ale wybrały ochronę wykonawców brudnej roboty.

Nasza rodzina jest obiektem działań przestępczych z powodu więzienia moich rodziców w komunistycznych obozach koncentracyjnych w północnej Rosji, a ja zawsze popierałem ich decyzje. Zostałem wyrzucony z Wydziału Fizyki Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu w 2015 po prawie dwóch dziesięcioleciach nękania, znęcania się i złego traktowania. Mam doktorat uniwesytetu amerykańskiego. Tu można przeczytać więcej na ten temat:

Kłamstwa, fałszerstwa i produkcja fałszywych narracji, cała mitologia bohaterskiej ‘opozycji’ są dobrze przećwiczone w Europie wschodniej. Tutaj nie było żadnego przejścia do uczciwości i autetyczności. Ludzie tak przywykli do kłamstw i fałszerstw w życiu codziennym, że łamanie prawa nie robi na nikim wrażenia.

Podobna komedia jest odgrywana dziś na Białorusi. Tam wychodzący na ulicę spełniają życzenie reżimu.

Bieżący artykuł jest także podporządkowany narracji komunistycznej/rosyjskiej, z której wyeliminowano okupację Polski wschodniej przez Związek Radziecki od roku 1939 i działania ludobójcze przeciwko polskiej ludności oraz każdemu opierającemu się komunizmowi.

Dzisiejsza Białoruś jest tworem komunistycznym. Nie ma nic wspólnego z Unią polsko-litewską. Ambasadorowie Litwy i Polski popełniają w artykule historyczne fałszerstwo.

Moi rodzice mieszkali w Polsce wschodniej, która została później podzielona na tzw. sowieckie ‘republiki’ ukraińską, białoruską i litewską. Zostali pozbawieni polskiego obywatelstwa w wyniku nielegalnej umowy w Jałcie, zawartej za plecami polskiego rządu. Niestety, rządy Wielkiej Brytanii i Stanów Zjednoczonych uczestniczyły w tym akcie, wbrew woli ludności, nie mając do tego ani moralnych ani prawnych podstaw.


Doświadczenie zawodowe

Komentarz do artykułu Morgan Sondelmeier w The Telegraph The Uber ruling is meddlesome over-regulation – which will ultimately backfire, Wyrok w sprawie firmy Uber jest nadmierną ingerencją i przyniesie niekorzystne skutki, 19 lutego 2021. Wersja angielska: Work experience.

Lech S Borkowski comment The Telegraph 19 February 2021Lech S Borkowski, komentarz w The Telegraph 19 lutego 2021

19 Lutego 2021 20:43

Wątpię, by autorka pracowała na najniższych szczeblach samozatrudnienia. Wygláda na to, że nie kontaktowała się z samymi pracownikami Ubera. Wydaje się jej, że może pisać w imieniu wszystkich innych, nie mając doświadczenia podobnego rodzaju ani nie zbierając opinii pracowników Ubera.

Kiedy przyjechałem do Londynu w 2016 roku, musiałem szybko znaleźć pracę. Przyjechałem, bo zostałem zwolniony z uniwersytetu w Polsce, gdzie pracowałem jako profesor fizyki. Moja żona pianistka została zwolniona z pracy w państwowej szkole muzycznej. Nasza rodzina od bardzo dawna jest obiektem ostrych represji z powodów politycznych. Byliśmy zadłużeni i bardzo narażeni na utratę mieszkania w Polsce, za które wciąż spłacamy kredyt hipoteczny.

Chociaż mam wysokie kwalifikacje i doktorat uniwersytetu amerykańskiego, nikt nie czekał na mnie na terminalu autobusowym Victoria, gdzie przyjechałem pewnego czerwcowego poranka. Nie było komitetu powitalnego ani czerwonego dywanu. Nawet pokój, który zarezerwowałem przed wyjazdem z Polski, stał się nagle niedostępny.

W mojej pierwszej pracy sprzątałem sieć restauracji w nocy. Byłem zatrudniony przez belgijską sieć restauracji mającą wiele lokali w centrum Londynu. Moje podstawowe prawa były naruszane. Nie płacono mi za transport między restauracjami i za czas spędzony na przemieszczaniu się z jednego lokalu do drugiego. Czytałem ustawę regulującą płace pracowników w tych okolicznościach i było jasne, że firma naruszyła prawo. Nikt jednak nie chciał mnie słuchać. Mój litewski partner i ja zostaliśmy ostatecznie zwolnieni po 99 nocach ciągłej pracy bez czasu wolnego. Proponowano nam jedną noc wolną w tygodniu, ale nie tydzień wolnego po kilku tygodniach ciągłej pracy. Nasza propozycja miała większy sens, ponieważ dałaby nam czas na podróżowanie i odwiedzanie rodziny. Jedna noc w tygodniu mogła tylko zaburzyć nasz zegar biologiczny, nie dając żadnych korzyści. Otrzymaliśmy część należnych pieniędzy kilka miesięcy później po tym, jak wysłałem e-mail z wyszczególnieniem kwot, które firma nam jest winna i podstawą naszych obliczeń.

Było to poniżające doświadczenie.

W następnej pracy byłem samozatrudnionym roznosicielem ulotek. Teoretycznie byłem podwykonawcą firmy zajmującej się dystrybucją ulotek. Jednak w rzeczywistości byliśmy pracownikami. Każdego dnia musieliśmy pojawiać się w określonym miejscu gdzieś w Londynie o określonej porze i nie mieliśmy nic do powiedzenia na ten temat. Można było to tylko zaakceptować lub nie podejmować pracy. Czas rozpoczęcia nie podlegał negocjacji, nawet jeśli należało stawić się na obrzeżach Londynu na przykład o godzinie 6 rano z powodu wyjazdu do pracy daleko poza Londyn, gdy koordynator akcji ulotkowej nie chciał opóźnić czasu rozpoczęcia. Przejazd przez Londyn zajmuje parę godzin. Pracowaliśmy pod ścisłym nadzorem. Każdy kierownik zmiany był również osobą samozatrudnioną. Mówił nam, czego firma od nas oczekuje. Dziwaczne, prawda? Reprezentował wprawdzie firmę, ale nie był jej pracownikiem.

Byłem zmuszony przychodzić do pracy w stroju sportowym, chociaż nie powodowało to ani lepszej ani szybszej pracy. Było to po prostu mniej wygodne. Pewnego dnia byliśmy filmowani, wykonując jogging podczas dostarczania ulotek. Nie wyraziłem zgody na filmowanie. Najwyraźniej zrobiono to, aby zaimponować niektórym klientom. Zarówno filmowanie, jak i zmuszanie do biegania było upokarzające. Nie było jednak zbyt dużego wyboru. Wyrażenie krytycznego poglądu w pewnej sprawie spowodowało wezwanie do biura w zachodnim Londynie, gdzie najpierw kazano mi czekać pół godziny, po czym nastąpiła nieprzyjemna rozmowa z szefem biura. Celem było oczywiście zademonstrowanie, jak nieistotnym jest ktoś w mojej roli. Całkowicie upokarzające, ogromna strata czasu.

Firma chciała prezentować wizerunek osób wykonujących pracę dla zabawy i zarabiających przy okazji trochę pieniędzy. Logo firmy zawiera sylwetkę biegacza. Została ona oceniona bardzo pozytywnie w konkursie telewizyjnym kilka lat wcześniej. Rzeczywistość jest jednak inna.

Miałem także do czynienia z zastraszaniem i innymi niedogodnościami. Byłem więc czasami nękany w imieniu firmy przez innego samozatrudnionego podwykonawcę. To nienormalne. Zdarzały się też sytuacje kojarzące się z niewolnictwem, kiedy siedzieliśmy w samochodzie gdzieś poza Londynem i nikt nie mógł powiedzieć, jak długo będzie trwała taka sytuacja. To był rezultat czyjegoś złego planowania i nie płacono nam za czas spędzony na czekaniu.

Firma nie robiła nic, aby zatroszczyć się o potrzeby fizjologiczne. W tej pracy chodzi się nieprzerwanie przez 6-8 godzin. Co zrobić, jeśli pojawia się potrzeba fizjologiczne? Było to traktowane jako problem roznosiciela a nie firmy. Praca rozpoczyna się i kończy o o wyznaczonych godzinach. Przerwy na wizyty w toalecie nie były częścią harmonogramu i firma ignorowała ten problem.

Czy autorka artykułu ma podobne doświadczenie zawodowe?

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Horrible wasteful bureaucracy

Comment on the article EU launches legal challenge against UK over ‘unlawful’ Gibraltar state aid by Catherine Neilan in The Telegraph, 19 March 2021.

Lech S Borkowski comment in The Telegraph 19 March 2021
Lech S Borkowski comment in The Telegraph 19 March 2021
Lech Borkowski 

EU is such a horrible wasteful bureaucracy. In 2017, several of us were driven from London to Truro in Cornwall to distribute some job training/job scheme leaflets paid for by the EU. I worked for a leaflet distribution company at the time. However, this money had to be sent to Brussels by the UK government first and later was sent back to sponsor this bizarre action. Letting some guys in a foreign country decide what is good for Britain, or any other country, and what job training schemes to support means loss of sovereignty.

And what was the carbon footprint of our round trip?

Several years earlier I witnessed a total waste of money provided by the EU to Poland. They sponsored theatrical workshop in a local theatre my daughter’s class was to participate in. The workshop was a fiction and was cut short. Waste of time and waste of money. I am sure the subsequent fictional report looked good on paper.

Another day I came to pick up my daughter from school in Poland and was surprised to find that she was compulsorily subjected to a medical superficial examination she did not need and we parents have not agreed to. When individuals and families are stripped of their fundamental rights and their dignity, that’s totalitarianism. We have not agreed to our daughter being undressed in front of some strange people. This was sponsored by the EU.



Communist terror as interaction of unhappy people?

Comment on the article ‘Shot for collecting stamps’: gulag letters lay bare the dystopia of Stalin’s Russia by Roger Lewis in The Telegraph, 20 March 2021.

Let us look at the opening paragraph.

In Russia, during the decades of the Communist experiment, was there a single person who was happy? “Millions of the citizens of this great country,” writes Ludmila Ulitskaya in this harrowing book, “were killed by the very Utopia that they strived to create.”

There are several falsifications here already. It is a falsification to use the term ‘Communist experiment’ to refer to bloody terror of the Communist dictatorship. We do not normally use the words ‘Nazi experiment’, unless referring to cruel medical experiments, conducted by the Nazis. To say ‘experiment’ about the Soviet dictatorship is, in essence, to defend it.

Next, we have the word ‘happy’. This is a very strange way to talk about, again, bloody terror. Implicitly, it suggests, that the functionaries of the dictatorship and millions of denunciators and informers were in it together with millions of people with anti-Communist views, and that everyone was a similar victim of the ‘Experiment’. The rhetorical question posed by Roger Lewis has an affirmative answer. There were plenty of happy people. They have eagerly taken part in the criminal, genocidal pursuit of their conception of happiness. Mass crimes were part of this genocidal project from the very beginning.

If, as Roger Lewis suggests, no one was happy in the Soviet Union, we would also have to conclude that there must have been many unhappy people in Nazi Germany, who were unhappy for different reasons. Some were unhappy because they were sent to concentration camps. Others were not content because the killing apparatus they identified with was not efficient enough, terror imposed on the occupied lands has not stopped resistance and Germany was losing the war. We do not use this word, however, in the Nazi context, because it is inappropriate under the circumstances. Similarly, there is a huge difference between an unhappy functionary of the terror apparatus and unhappy dying victim. They are both unhappy but on opposite sides of the killing axis, hardly a unifying feature.

Alexander Dolgun was personally tortured by General Ryumin, deputy chief of MGB, the Soviet Ministry of State Security, see ‘Alexander Dolgun’s Story. An American in the Gulag’, by Alexander Dolgun with Patrick Watson, Knopf, New York 1975:

“Do you just sit there?” Ryumin yelled. He knocked me off the chair with a blow to the head. It hurt like hell. I roared as I fell on the floor. Ryumin yelled again, “Aha!”

By article’s author prescription this is apparently an interaction between two unhappy people.

‘Millions killed by the very Utopia they strived to create’, by an anonymised and depersonalised killing machine? This again is a defense of the Communist perpetrators. Those millions were killed by other human beings who served the dictatorship. And who was tried at Nuremberg? Was it Nazi Utopia or specific persons? There is no legal concept of being killed by a Utopia.

‘…killed by the very Utopia that they strived to create’. This is a Bolshevik-style falsification when minority of Communists among victims is presented as the majority of all.

This is clearly a Communist narrative seeking to purge non-Communist victims from history, while expressing sorrow for killing fellow comrades.

My family members, citizens of Poland, were long-time prisoners of Communist concentration camps after WWII: my parents in the Arkhangelsk region, others at Vorkuta, Norilsk, and other places. My uncle Klemens Ostrowski Jr was tortured and was disabled both physically and mentally when released from the camp. While he gradually recovered physically, he never regained his mental faculty. The document my father received upon release from the camp in 1954 can be viewed here.

My parents lived in eastern Poland, which was occupied by the Soviet Union from 1939 to 1941 and then again from 1944. Communist occupiers stripped them of their Polish citizenship and confiscated their families farms.

My family were targeted in a planned genocidal activity. There was nothing accidental about it. All those resisting Communism were to be either physically killed, crippled, or delivered social death. A Communist Final Solution.

This criminal Communist activity evolved and is continued today, albeit in a more camouflaged way. After a long and vicious campaign, my wife and I were expelled from our jobs in Poland in 2015 from state school of music and university, respectively. Her grandfather fought the Nazi forces as a Polish officer in 1939, was later imprisoned by the Soviet authorities, managed to leave the Soviet Union after German attack on Russia in 1941, fought with the Polish forces on the western front of WWII, and was imprisoned again upon his return to Poland under Communist control in 1947.

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