Plurality of lies

Comments on article Poland stokes fears of EU exit as court defies bloc over reforms by James Rothwell in The Telegraph 14 July 2021.

Lech S Borkowski comment The Telegraph 15 July 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Telegraph 15 July 2021

Lech Borkowski
15 Jul 2021 1:42AM

These articles are written by people who don’t bother to ask critical questions and suffer from short attention span. Eastern Europe’s politics is a pyramid of lies painstakingly built over decades. It is not politics, it is virtual politics. The entire ‘transition to democracy’ was faked.

The concept of law remained pretty much meaningless just as it was before 1990. There is nothing to get excited about when a court ruling is reported. It is only an element of a performance. The important things occur away from this scene.


Lech S Borkowski comment no. 2 The Telegraph 15 July 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment no. 2 in The Telegraph 15 July 2021

Lech Borkowski
15 Jul 2021 2:14PM

‘Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party, a right-wing populist and eurosceptic movement, has clashed with Brussels for years over the hugely contentious reforms.’

These reforms don’t change anything. Ever since 1945 Poland was a hotbed of ‘reforms’ whose aim was to fool outsiders. The rhetoric and decorations change from time to time but these are fictional moves for the purpose of narrative control. The ruling class is exactly the same as before 1990 and labels such as ‘right-wing populist’ are meaningless. People running the show recruit from the Communist ruling class. Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of Law of Justice, comes from a family privlleged and highly trusted by the Communists. I haven’t heard anything sensible and ground-breaking from this guy ever. They just mumble slogans to control the narrative and feed reporters who will duly repeat those words to unsuspecting western audience. There is absolutely no conflict between Law and Justice and any judges. The entire judiciary functions in exactly the same way as before 1990. They are the same people and fractions withing the judicial body are purely fictional. The same goes for the executive branch and the fake parliament. The entire country functions as before 1990.

I am coming from a family heavily persecuted by the Communists. My parents were imprisoned for many years in Communist concentration camps in northern Russia after WWII. Their families’ farms have been confiscated. When I returned to Poland in 1995 after obtaining my PhD in United States, I was employed at a university but closely watched, harassed and prevented from participating in normal teaching duties compatible with my degree. I even had to come to work with my own laptop because the university wouldn’t buy me one. The aim was to make me quit so that they could claim that it was my own decision. However, I dug my heels in and my continued presence has become more and more inconvenient, as I could watch how the thugs with titles run their university, lying and falsifying all the way.

‘Warsaw has argued that the reforms will tackle corruption and root out Communist-era judges, but critics say the true purpose is to undermine the role of EU law and open the door to Poland quitting the EU.’

The alleged corruption is a smokescreen.

‘Human rights groups are also concerned that the reforms would undermine the independence of the Polish judiciary as they could allow the government to expel judges on political grounds.’

Those ‘human rights groups’ are fake. They won’t defend human rights against the ruling class. My wife and I were fired from state institutions in 2015. Our family has been targeted for many years and the Communists, yes, Communists 2.0 (they rebranded themselves into several different labels) couldn’t tolerate us exposing their lies, the mechanisms of their power structure and the fiction of the political system. We wrote many letters to top authorities, including PM, President, MPs, media. There was not a single sensible reply, only progressive turns of the screw and increased harassment. As we wrote in one of our letters, Poland is not a country of pluralism but of plurality of lies. There was absolutely no difference when government changed. The harassment and atrocities continued.

Polish authorities fabricated false document proclaiming my pianist wife’s alleged inability to teach piano in Zielona Góra State School of Music. She was accused of unspecified delusions in a statement signed by a state-licensed psychologist. Privet, comrades, welcome to the Soviet Union of Poland!

We have published our documents and those fabricated by the Polish authorities on our website: You can see there the entire documentation fabricated by the authorities. Western media prefer to remain blind.

So, the real story is ours, theirs is only a diversion.


Lech S Borkowski comment no. 3 The Telegraph 21 July 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Telegraph 21 July 2021

Lech Borkowski
21 Jul 2021 11:17AM

The proper way to think about it is to understand that political competition in Poland is fake. Having captured power after WWII Communists took full control of state institutions and Catholic church from inside. They sponsored and fully controlled religious associations. They also sponsored well-known pre-WWII radical nationalist and practically fascist Bolesław Piasecki. They made him lead the Christian PAX association, which published books, a newspaper, and led business activity as well. He was made member of Communist ‘Parliament’ and member of the Council of State, a collective presidency of sorts.

Instead of liquidating institutions and associations they fully controlled them, They understood that this gives them greater influence and greatly increases possibilities to manipulate the public narrative. They hysteric anti-Semitic campaign of 1968 was planned and organised by Communists themselves.

The ‘democratic opposition’ to Communism of the 1970s and 1980s was also the work of Communists, with children of some elite Communists playing the leading roles. Ditto Solidarity trade union. In a country where no authentic dissent is possible, only the appointed fake dissentedrs could be really active.

I participated in a student occupation of university buildings in 1981. This was couple of weeks long nationwide student strike. I saw the fakery of the enterprise from inside.

Post-1990, this was continued into developing fake democratic structures of the state.

In Poland, any kind of political action can be quickly organised, complete with street demonstrations, slogans, and the entire choreography. This is bread and butter for the Communist political technologists in Poland. Of course, these days they don’t use the C label.

If they think they need to create a new political movement or party, they can do it in a couple of weeks time, complete with regional structures, and a national convention with of thousand delegates in Warsaw.

I was a member of PiS (Law and Justice) between 2008 and 2010. The party was bogus, without any activity, with dull fully scripted meetings, typical of a Communist party. There was only a facade of slogans.

As I mentioned in an earlier comment, I come from a family whose several members were imprisoned in Communist concentration camps in Russia after WWII, whose property was confiscated, and who were later targeted and harassed in various ways. Continutiation of this persecution against me, my wife and our daughter in present-day Poland shows that the so-called ‘democratic transition’ of 1989-90 was completely fake. We have documented violations of law and human rights against our family in numerous letters to the government, the president, hundreds of MPs, church leaders, media. There was absolutely no response. Government ministers and PMs (four in total) received detailed information and protected perpetrators and their lawless acts.

The police and the prosecuting authority did the same.

Perhaps the best illustration of this lawlessness is the action to remove my wife Małgorzata Głuchowska, the best piano teacher of Zielona Góra State School of Music, from her job in 2015. The state authorities used the Regional Centre of Occupational Medicine. Following the rule imposed by the Communists, each employee in Poland is subject to compulsory periodic health checks. In her case, they fabricated a false statement proclaiming she couldn’t do her job anymore for unspecified health reasons. My wife’s students won numerous awards at national and international piano competitions. Some of them continued studies in academies of music to become professional pianists. This is typical of genocidal regimes.

I was simultaneously fired from Adam Mickiewicz University after nearly two decades of harassment, bullying, and various forms of humiliation.

And this shows you the truth about Poland, not the silly manoeuvres broadcast on tv. Those are only deceptive moves.