Harassment and stalking wikipedialised

Comment on the article You think the BBC is biased? Check out Wokepedia by Andrew Orlowski in The Telegraph, 27 May 2021.

Lech S Borkowski comment in The Telegraph 28 May 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Telegraph 28 May 2021

28 May 2021 1:29AM

On January 10 2021, The Telegraph published an enthusiastic review of a book about Wikipedia

I wrote a critical comment under that article. The text was removed. I posted it later again, splitting it in two.

My comment is available here:

I was fired from a university in Poland in 2015. A Wikipedia page with my name was created one day before delivery of the letter terminating my employment. I received an email from someone informing about the Wikipedia page. I objected to it but the page was created. To mask the fact that this action was directed against me, a whole set of Wikipedia pages, nearly one hundred of them, were created for all faculty members of the Department of Physics of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. The information was basically a copy of the most mundane information from departmental web pages. It was an obvious violation of Wikipedia rules. Part of campaign of harassment and stalking, which was here not only institutionalised but also wikipedialised. Yet, when I let member of the Wikipedia board know about it, he ignored the problem.

Wikipedia is a social medium. Any sufficiently strong group can control large parts of it. Control of entries written in less popular languages is illusory. Branches of Wikipedia in different languages reflect power structures within those languages. Wikipedia is just another tool to shape historical and political narratives.



Where is Andrzej Werblan’s PhD thesis?

Comment on the article Austrian minister quits over PhD plagiarism allegations by Oliver Moody in The Times, 12 January 2021.

Lech S Borkowski comment The Times 12 January 2021
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Times 12 January 2021

Few years ago I tried to find the doctoral thesis of a well-known Polish Communist ideologue(1) and a prominent high-ranking Party official, presented in media as having a PhD.

[In 2015] I asked in the main library of the university(2) which was listed as the institution of his doctoral studies to locate the thesis. They said they had no information about it.

Newspapers provided no date when the PhD was obtained.

It was also a bit odd that the guy worked in places far from the university his degree was from. How did he do the PhD, while simultaneously holding high-level important jobs in the Party and state administration? We are talking 1950s or early 1960s here. He was later promoted to the full professor.

So, I repeat my question, where is his thesis?

I am also puzzled by the fact that I have never seen anyone ever question his academic credentials. This must be a taboo.


(1) Andrzej Werblan
(2) Adam Mickiewicz University


On mechanics and engineering of Communist academic management

Polish version of the text: O mechanice i inżynierii komunistycznego zarządzania uczelnią.

On 25 September 1963, the Polish Communist daily Trybuna Ludu printed the list of about fifty newly nominated university professors. The decision was signed by members of the State Council, with this collective body playing the role similar to that of the president of the state.

Trybuna Ludu 25 września 1963, mianowani przez Radę Państwa na profesorów
Trybuna Ludu 25 September 1963, the list of persons nominated to professorship

The nominees have been promoted from an appropriately lower rank of the academic hierarchy, with one exception.

mgr inż. Teobald Olejnik nominacja na profesora, Trybuna Ludu, 25 września 1963
mgr inż. Teobald Olejnik awarded the title of associated professor; Trybuna Ludu, 25 września 1963

Teobald Olejnik of the Technical University of Poznań carrying the title of magister inżynier, mgr inż., or something like an MSc Eng, has been promoted to profesor nadzwyczajny, which can be translated roughly as an associate professor. The surprising bit is the promotion from a non-PhD degree directly into a state professorship, skipping the intermediate stages.

This extremely privileged treatment by the Communist authorities must have been a reward for a particularly loyal and valuable service performed by Mr. Olejnik. I tried to find some information on the individual. He was born in 1906 and died in 1990. He was 57 at the time of his nomination. And still no PhD?

A one-page document from the Department of Engineering and Management dated 2015, sheds some light.

One of the departments created at that time was the Department of Economics and Industrial Enterprises Planning, initiated by Prof. Teobald Olejnik, who also headed the Institute of Organisation and Management, established in 1970.

In Communist-speak, “initiated by” does not have the usual meaning. It means rather that the person was the designated initiator.

We learn from a short biographical note that Teobald Olejnik received an honorary doctorate from the Poznań University of Technology. He was also described as a “social activist”, which can be read as a somewhat veiled reference to his serving the Communist dictatorship. We can also see that immediately following his professorial nomination, he held the post of a deputy rector from 1963 until 1972. Again, this type of professorial just-in-time nomination, is a clear mark of Communist privilege.

The 2015 biographical note does not address doubts about Olejnik’s Communist turbo-nomination and an apparent lack of a PhD. A casual reader would not realize the extent of the dictatorial mechanics and engineering behind the man’s career and academic honors.

A search of the Scopus database does not reveal any of his publications.


The real vs the virtual story from Poland

My comment on the article Duda vs Trzaskowski: Poland heads to polls in close-run presidential election by Maria Wilczek in The Sunday Times, July 12 2020.

Typical false story.

Both candidates come from the same background, the same group.

The readers are fed fake stories about Poland. There is no real difference between the candidates. It is a difference of appearance only between two actors playing in the same show. The political story in Poland is not the story of competing political and social forces.

The real story in Poland is the story of organised social violence, which was established in the decades post-WWII and continues today. The ‘transition to democracy’ was completely fake. The Communists pretended to give up power. This was only an engineered change in appearances.

It is a folly to think that the most advanced form of dictatorship known in history simply collapsed like a house of cards. The dictatorship continues in a new form.

I am currently working as a shop assistant at a West London greengrocer’s as a result of this continued social violence in Poland. I have a PhD in Physics from a well-known American university and a habilitation.

My parents were long-time prisoners of Communist concentration camps in the Soviet Union following WWII and the Yalta agreement. I share my parents views. Hence there is no place for me at a Polish university. I was fired from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan in 2015. The letter of dismissal did not state the reason behind the decision expelling me from academia in Poland. However, the reason is abundantly obvious.

Małgorzata Głuchowska, pianist and piano teacher at the State School of Music in Zielona Góra, here on stage at the Steinway grand piano in the Zielona Góra Philharmonic 2015; Małgorzata Głuchowska, pianistka i nauczycielka fortepianu w Państwowej Szkole Muzycznej w Zielonej Górze, przy fortepianie Steinway w Filharmonii Zielonogórskiej 2015
Małgorzata Głuchowska on stage at the Zielona Góra Philharmonic in 2015

Małgorzata Głuchowska, my pianist wife was likewise fired from her job at the State School of Music in Zielona Góra in 2015. The authorities conducted a very long and very vicious campaign against our family. Our daughter has been targeted as well, especially when she was in her elementary school. Those criminal activities were carefully planned and coordinated.

Following our submitting of evidence and documents to the prosecutor office, the juridical process has been falsified.

My wife has been fired on the basis of a falsified medical statement, which claimed that she suffered from unspecified delusions and could not continue working as the teacher of piano. She was the most successful piano teacher in her school. We have published our evidence on our website and provided it to the authorities. We also have sound recording of two conversations with an appointed psychologist, to which my wife was subjected under the threat of losing her job in case she did not comply. We have provided the top authorities with the transcripts of the conversations.

The campaign against us has been carried out regardless of the parties in power.

This is the real story of Poland. Elections are completely fake.



Another obituary of Sergei Khrushchev

Another Sergei Khrushchev obituary. The Times, July 1, 2020. I posted nearly identical comment as under his obituary in The Telegraph. I added the first sentence

Sergei Khrushchev clearly continued to serve Soviet Russia during his years in the US.

I also posted another comment in response to a reader’s remark.

Someone in a comment below suggested that Solzhenitsyn should be in every western high school syllabus. No, he shouldn’t be. He was iconized undeservedly. There are reasons to doubt his whole legend.

You should read “Alexander Dolgun’s Story. An American in the Gulag” by Alexander Dolgun (1975), written by an American Embassy employee kidnapped from the street in Moscow by the Soviet secret service. Interestingly, Solzhenitsyn appears at the end of the book. Khrushchev’s name appears in the book as well.

The prosecutor who signed the fake accusations against Dolgun was Roman Rudenko, head of the Soviet delegation at the Nuremberg trials.



Polish-Soviet friendship 2.0

My comment on the article Polish president looks for US troops to give him edge in election by Oliver Moody in The Times, 25 June 2020.

There is a misunderstanding about the changes of 1989-90. It was not, as it is usually presented, a ‘transition to democracy’. The ruling Communists maintained the same firm grip on power. What changed, was decorations and the plurality of lies.

As the Soviet troops were withdrawing from Poland in the first half of the 1990s, a contingent of civil operatives were brought in from the Soviet republics, who were installed at the state cultural and scientific institutions. Jobs, that were difficult to get for qualified Polish citizens, were given to the Russians. Given the circumstances and the logistics of this exercise, it was clearly the result of a cooperation of Poland, Russia, and the Soviet republics.

There was no obvious need that these people would fulfill.

Poland pretended to be officially an opponent of Russia, while on the ground continued the Communist business-as-usual. The mutual recognition of university degrees and other certificates continued until Poland entered the European Union in 2004. So, if you e.g. had a degree from a top western university, you had to go through the verification process with your diploma. However, if your degree was from Belarus, Kazakhstan, or any place in Russia, it was automatically accepted as valid.

In my wife’s workplace, at the State School of Music in Zielona Góra in what is now western Poland, the head of the piano section was and probably still is an operative from Leningrad. That woman came to Poland around 1991 to a school of music in a small town in south-west Poland. Later on she moved to a better known school on the Polish-German border, and finally, after another couple of years to Zielona Góra. These moves would not have been possible without any special backing. These are jobs which are difficult to obtain for the Poles.

There are quite many examples of this policy in Poland. Quite obviously this is the next phase of the Polish-Soviet friendship.

These Russian operatives do not have any particularly precious expertise. Their presence contradicts common sense and sometimes even the law.

My wife was fired from the said School of Music in Zielona Góra, despite being the most successful piano teacher. Interestingly, the Russians (there is more than one of them in the school), often used the Soviet and Russian editions of classic composers, which were clearly falsified. The musical text was clearly wrong. It was not only the cyrillic of the letters, that was the problem. but also the musical text. But nobody dared to raise the issue.

This tells you more about reality than the noise about American troops, which might come to Poland.

If they come, they will be puppets in someone else’s hands. Americans do not have a clue.



Sergei Khrushchev’s obituary in The Telegraph

My comment on Sergei Khrushchev, son of Soviet leader Nikita who ended up swearing allegiance to America – obituary in The Telegraph, 22 June 2020.

Both Sergei Khrushchev and his father Nikita Khrushchev lived at the center of the Soviet dictatorship, built it and served it to the best of their ability. Millions of people were tortured, killed, imprisoned in concentrations camps, expropriated, resettled forcefully, exiled, and had their life destroyed in other ways. And yet: look, no victims!

Obituary suggests that it was the Khrushchev family who have become some kind of victims of Communists. What a ridiculous nonsense.

My grandparents Klemens Ostrowski and his wife Elżbieta had a farm near the village of Buczany in the Brasław county in the north-east corner of pre-WWII Poland. Post-WWII, the Soviet Union occupied eastern Polands with a little help from Churchill and Roosevelt, as a result of the illegal Yalta deal. They were stripped of their Polish citizenship, their farm confiscated by the Soviet criminal state. Even their barn was taken apart, transported several kilometres to the newly installed Soviet collective, and reassembled there. My grandparents and four of their children were imprisoned in Communist concentration camps in various parts of the Soviet Union. My mother was imprisoned from 1949 to 1956 in the area of Arkhangelsk. She met my father there. My father was imprisoned in 1945.

This obituary falsifies history. It repeats the Communist narrative, presenting the genocidal Communist regime not as gigantic criminal organisation, but as an alternative way to seek progress and happiness. Why then The Telegraph does not describe Nazism as an alternative pursuit of happiness and prosperity?


But Khrushchev insisted that his father would have understood. “He was in the Communist Party because he believed it would be best for all of us.”

Who are “us”? A Nazi leader and Party member would also say “He was in the Nazi Party because he believed it would be best for all of us.”

Here “we” does not refer to all people of course. It refers only to the subset of the population supporting the totalitarian dictatorship. The rest was eliminated in various ways. Nikita Khrushchev has not changed this policy by one bit. Only methods were altered.

In Poland, there is a similar story. Adam Gierek is the son of the former First Secretary (1970-1980) of the Communist Party Edward Gierek. He studied in Moscow and had a successful academic career. More recently he has been a senator in Poland and a Member of European Parliament. His membership in the totalitarian Communist Party was not an obstacle. Quite the opposite.

Back to my family. My grandparents stayed in their family house after returning from the camps. The Soviet occupiers imposed strict administrative ban on renovating the house and refused to connect the house to the electric grid throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, forcing my youngest uncle, the only person remaining at the house after the death of my grandparents, to move out. This is the genocidal policy at work.

My parents managed to move from zone occupied by the Soviet Union to the Communist Polish People’s Republic in 1956. Here they continued to be harassed by the Communists. Being a son of survivors of Communist concentration camps I had practically no chance to obtain a PhD in Poland, I went to the US in 1987 and received my PhD in Physics from the University of Florida in 1995. I returned to Poland and began working at the A. Mickiewicz University in Poznań. No effort was spared to make my life at work maximally miserable, frustrating, and to force me to quit. The aim was to make my coming to work at the University most traumatic and humiliating. I had to bring my own personal computer to work, because the university would not provide me with one.

Later on an extremely vicious campaign was unleashed simultaneously against my pianist wife, me, and our daughter, who was in elementary school at the time. Communist methods in full swing.

We were both eventually fired in 2015. The authorities fabricated a fake medical statement, that my wife suffered from unspecified delusions and had to be fired from the State School of Music in Zielona Góra, where she was the most successful piano teacher. We demanded truth, honesty, adherence to officially declared law, respect for human dignity, and common sense. We let the top authorities know about this. We also provided hundreds of MPs with information and documents. The perpetrators were protected and promoted. The prosecutor office refused to act and falsified the case.

I was forced to look for work abroad. I am currently working at a greengrocer’s in West London. My wife is unemployed now.

This obituary is one of many texts falsifying both history and contemporary situation. People from the core of the murderous totalitarian power are presented as the good guys who wanted to do good things. This is truly ridiculous.




Reporting the noise, ignoring the signal

The first of my comments on the article Polish law under siege by ministers, warns judge by Oliver Moody in The Times, 28 April 2020.

First the quote,

Since winning the 2015 election the right-wing Law and Justice (PiS) party has targeted the courts with measures it claims are to purge corrupt judges and relics of the communist era. Although it failed to introduce a mandatory retirement age that would have forced out Ms Gersdorf and a third of the 72 other Supreme Court justices, it has taken over the panel that appoints judges and created disciplinary hearings with the power to sack or fine them.

The West is completely clueless as to what exactly happened in Eastern Europe around 1989-90 and what is happening there now. The PiS leaders are just as Communist as the people they are pretending to oppose. They come from families privileged in various ways under Communism. They are children of Communist party members, secret police functionaries, and all sorts of beneficiaries of Communist dictatorship. The same is true of other, allegedly competing, parties. They are all friends and family, they only pretend to differ.

The Supreme Court issue is completely artificial.

Communism has not collapsed. It was restructured. The control remains firmly in the same hands as earlier. Elections are fake affairs.

I am writing this as a person removed from my university job in Poznań for political reasons. I was fired in 2015. At the same time my wife Małgorzata Głuchowska was fired from her job in the State School of Music in Zielona Góra. She is a pianist. I am a physicist with an American PhD. Having studied in Poland as an undergraduate in the 1980s and then working at a Polish university up to a rank of an associate professor, I can say there is really no difference.

Change of government means nothing in Poland because it does not change anything. It is only a change of decorations.

My wife was fired on the basis of a fabricated ‘psychological opinion’. The same Communist methods, as before.

The Times, like other newspapers, is simply a clueless observer. It duly reports the noise, while completely ignoring the signal.



The Clueless and the Mythmakers

Book review. Comments on The Human Factor: Gorbachev, Reagan and Thatcher and the End of the Cold War by Archie Brown review by Dominic Sandbrook, March 22 2020.

Ah, the Clueless and the Mythmakers, in other words Russian and East European Centre, St Antony’s College, University of Oxford.

John Paul II was Communist collaborator.

John Lewis Gaddis is wrong. John Paul II celebrated the 26th anniversary of his pontificate on October 15, 2004 with a performance of the Red Army Choir specially invited to the Vatican for this occasion. The concert was broadcast to Italy and Russia. The last song that evening, performed as encore, was Oka, the anthem of the Polish Communist troops formed in the Soviet Union in 1943.

The views of some of the leading historians are hopelessly naive.

Communists took full control of the Catholic church in Eastern Europe and the Vatican happily played along. There was no chance for an anticommunist priest to rise through the ranks of the church hierarchy. Just see what happened to the Hungarian Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty. He was stripped of his cardinal title by the pope Paul VI for staunchly resisting Communist takeover of the church in Hungary. This decision has not been reversed by John Paul II.

There is also plenty of other evidence, also from everyday life, that conclusions reached in the hallways of University of Oxford or Yale University are simply wrong.

Communist ideology and its practical implementation in many countries are radically different from the western experience. Describing and interpreting it is a cognitive challenge. Looking for truth in the minutes of the Politburo meetings will not get you very far. You may just as well read Pravda.

Communism did not collapse and the Cold War has not been won by the West. If you think you have won but do not understand how it exactly happened, you are in serious trouble.



Organised crime at university in Poland

Hugh Tomlinson writes in The Times, February 21 2020, about cheating in Indian schools in the article Testing times for India’s school exam cheats. My comment is about falsifications at a university in Poland.

In Poland, where I was employed at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, everything, not just exam results is subject to falsification.

This has not changed since the so-called ‘fall of Communism’. The very term ‘fall of Communism’ is actually a false statement.

When two Erasmus students from Spain turned in their essays, which copied large quantities of text from the literature of the subject, I handed the matter over to a University official. About a month later I was attacked during a faculty meeting for not issuing the students’ grades. This attack was carried out in the presence of top University officials, including the rector, who was visiting the Department of Physics that day. Following the attack, the meeting was immediately closed, so that I did not have a chance to respond.

Couple of days after the meeting I received a note signed by several ‘committee’ members, who accused me of applying wrong teaching and examination methods. This was in March 2012.

On other occasions I was pressured to sign a pass grade during an exam, when a pass grade was absolutely out of the question.

Whenever I tried to follow strict and transparent rules of assigning grades, my efforts were sabotaged by both the University and students themselves. Sometimes my lecture was cancelled by the University without notification. This was a very highly organised harassment.

I was fired from the University in 2015. The letter of dismissal was signed by a person who was present during the faculty meeting in 2012. This person is now the University rector, i.e. its president.


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