Criminal state in Poland unchanged since 1944

This text is a response to another reader’s comment following The Times article Airman held hostage by the Soviets missed VE Day celebrations by Mark Bridge, 8 May 2020.

11 May 2020

The latest of the comments made by the user […] agrees with the Communist/Russian narrative. It presents a narrative which I know to be false.

Quote 1: “The Soviets and Russians have always operated by means of manipulation and intrigue, and for Poland and the Baltic States this has meant that they are almost permanently in a situation of having to monitor and restrain such external influence”

In Poland, the state apparatus and its functionaries are the same people as before 1990. There was no change apart from some redecoration. Their modus operandi is the same as that of the Soviet/Russian state, although this may not be immediately clear to an average observer due to, yes, manipulation, intrigue, and use fake symbolism.

Quote 2: “most of all I would ask readers to consider that this is exactly the kind of ongoing infiltration that the current Polish government is having to deal with and is doing its utmost to eradicate. This alone explains the great popularity of the PIS party currently in power. Previous Polish governments have had their fair share of corrupt pro-Soviet officials and their successors in their midst. If they were not pro-Soviet and espoused that mentality, they would not have risen to their positions in the first place, and so when the Soviet Union fell, these were the only kinds of public officials and civil servants in power available to take over.”

This is false as well. It is another typical element of the fake narrative. The current Polish government is no different from previous Polish governments, except for some superficial symbolism and some rhetoric, which are just a camouflage. As I wrote in a comment to another Times article recently, I was a PiS party member from 2008 to 2010. I saw it from inside.

The leader of PiS, Jarosław Kaczyński, comes from a family privileged under Communism and serving the Communist state most loyally. His father was a Communist party member and mother worked at the Institute for Literary Studies.

Russians do not need “a foothold” in Poland, because Poland is run by the functionaries loyal to the same cause.

My pianist wife Małgorzata Głuchowska and I were fired in 2015 from our jobs at the State School of Music in Zielona Góra and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań in Poland, respectively. We were fired for who we are and we stand for.

The head of the piano section in the school where my wife worked is a woman from Leningrad, a Russian. This is not an isolated case and not an accident.

The authorities, including prime ministers and presidents, past and present, are well informed about what has been done to us. The campaign against our family bears all the marks of the characteristically Communist modus operandi. There is plenty of evidence. We presented it to the prosecutor office. It is also available online in Polish and English.

History has not ended. It continues. My parents Irena Borkowska (Ostrowska) and Bolesław Borkowski were targets of Communist persecution. They were imprisoned for many years in Soviet concentration camps after WWII. My wife’s grandfather Aleksander Głuchowski fought with the Polish forces in Italy during WWII. When he returned to Poland in 1947, he was immediately imprisoned by the Communists. He died in 1952 at the age of 45.

There is a perfect continuity of the criminal state in Poland from 1944 to this day.


Advanced organized social violence

My two comments following James Marriott’s essay Are we vicious or virtuous when civilisation is stripped away?, in The Times, 23 May 2020, devoted to Humankind, a new book by the Dutch writer Rutger Bregman. The second one is a response to another reader’s comment.

Note the absence of Communism from the article. It was probably ignored in the book as well. It is the most advanced form of organized social violence, based on active co-operation of millions. Private life is essentially eliminated. The state is run on the principle of coercive control.

It is also the most innovative organization to-day in developing methods of systematic elimination of individuals from life.

The very concept of the law is empty. The language is falsified and used as a weapon against individuals.

It rewards big and small evil deeds. Family and friends serve and informants. The public sphere is all lies. A great deal of effort is spent on masking violence and protecting the perpetrators.

Acts of violence can be carried out in many ways, not only physical.

The population is divided into prison guards and prisoners.


Philippe Sands failed to even mention that the head of the Soviet delegation in Nuremberg was Roman Rudenko, a state criminal himself.

If I remember the book correctly, he wrote warmly about the Soviet delegation.

He ignored completely the issue of the selective approach to international justice: punish the Nazis, keep the mouth shut about Communist crimes.


Organised criminal actions of the Polish state

The first of my comments on The Times’ article Polish election will not be free and fair, claims European Commission by Bruno Waterfield in Brussels, April 30, 2020.

I would like to remind Mr. Tusk about my letter to him of 20 April 2012 and subsequent letters from my wife Małgorzata Głuchowska. Our family has been targeted by organised criminal actions of functionaries at different levels of state hierarchy. Also ministers of his government received a number of letters from us, detailing violations of law and human rights. Our letters are available online in both Polish and English.

There is absolutely no difference between the Polish state with Tusk as PM or today’s Morawiecki. It is the same organization, the same social violence and protection of the perpetrators.

The modus operandi was and remained the Communist one.


Informers and enforcers

Comment following the article China’s struggle to contain the Coronavirus has exploded the myth of prosperity without liberty in The Telegraph, February 7 2020.

Lech Borkowski 7 Feb 2020 10:24PM

Communist states developed advanced methods of control, some of these methods are more easily noticeable, some other ones less so. They are the original big data systems with detailed information about everyone and a vast army of informers and enforcers. There is no free ride, no free climbing the social ladder. You’ve got to serve the Collective actively to advance.

Occasional mishaps don’t change anything in the power structure.

Having a vast surplus of power, cadres, and other social resources, they can comfortably do what they want. This system also generates plenty of fake stories.

In Europe the Communist regimes pretended to collapse while remaining fully operational. They now pose as capitalist countries with simulated democracy, members of EU and NATO.


Poland’s litmus test shows red

Comment on the article The Volunteer: Jack Fairweather’s Auschwitz spy thriller wins Costa prize, by David Sanderson, The Times, January 29 2020.

Lech Borkowski

Five years ago, Pilecki’s son and daughter have not been invited by the Polish authorities to the 70 anniversary of the liquidation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. This is a litmus test of who runs Poland. They showed that they indeed are Communists, because only a Communist could do such a thing.

Polish authorities did everything possible to humiliate Pilecki’s children. They contacted them only in the morning of January 27 2015, several hours before the event. They used different excuses. They said that the PM’s chancellery couldn’t find the phone number to Pilecki’s daughter Zofia.

I am pretty sure they knew the number perfectly well.

They called to someone from a non-governmental organisation, trying to obtain Zofia’s number. The official from the PM’s office allegedly did not know the exact spelling of Pilecki’s surname. A lie of course. Then he allegedly asked if Pilecki’s children are still alive and if they are capable of attending the ceremony. Again, a typical Communist lie.

Zofia Pilecka refused to accept this last minute pseudo-invitation, as this would be accepting the humiliation.

Son of the Auschwitz camp commandant Rudolf Hoess was invited to the event and participated. Apparently, the Polish government had no problem finding his phone number.

This is not an isolated incident. My wife Małgorzata Głuchowska and I were both expelled from out jobs in Polish state institutions in 2015 for political reasons. My parents were imprisoned in Communist concentration camps in the Soviet Union after WWII. My wife’s grandfather was imprisoned by the Communist secret police in 1947, upon his return from England. He was held as a POW in the Soviet Union in 1940-41. He later fought in the Allied forces on the western front.

I am proud of my family’s heritage and my parents’ unwavering stand against the Communist butchers. Firing my wife from her job at the State School of Music in Zielona Góra and me from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań is their act of revenge. I know you read silly stories about transition to democracy in Poland. Those stories are not true.

I will close this comment with reference to Rafael Lemkin, Polish-Jewish lawyer, who coined the term ‘genocide’ and was the force behind United Nations resolution on genocide. His person was completely erased from public life in Poland and other countries as well. I learned about him from the Internet. He was very critical of Communist crimes, hence the erasure.



The camp thrives

My comment following the review of tv documentary Belsen: Our Story, review: a devastating and dignified oral history of Holocaust horrors, by Michael Hogan, The Telegraph, January 28, 2020
Lech Borkowski

Great documentary.

I made the following note in 2014:

“The last century, beginning with World War I, has seen an incredible devastation of everything. Here in the east-central regions of Europe, especially in Poland, we live on the civilization cemetery. And I am afraid we have not seen it all yet.

Traditionally, the crimes and criminal codes focus on the harm done to human bodies and material objects. What about the incredible devastation of human souls or psyche, if you prefer the latter term?

Are we out of the concentration camp yet? No, we are not. The answer depends somewhat on the definition of the camp. The old, stereotypical image of the concentration camp is the place surrounded by barbed wire, with watchtowers, guards with dogs and emaciated prisoners in striped uniforms.

The idea of the camp, however, is alive and well also today, The camp has not withered away. It thrives.

October 23, 2014”

My both parents were long-time prisoners of Communist concentration camps in the Soviet Union: my father 8 + 2 in exile, my mother 7 years. They were Polish citizens and opposed to Communism. They both survived, luckily, but the trauma was enormous, especially for my mother. For her the war, which started in 1939, when she was twelve years old, has never ended.

More recently, my wife, my daughter, and I learned, that rumours about the liquidation of the camps were vastly exaggerated. Why and how it is possible, you can read at

Irma Grese, the sadistic Nazi camp guard is not such a rarity. A certain Communist woman active in the Soviet Union and Poland was a sadistic torturer, with particular focus on genitalia. She had a PhD in philosophy from Paris obtained between WWI and WWII.

My wife, a pianist and piano teacher, experienced extreme forms of sadism in her place of work, in the State School of Music in Zielona Góra, Poland, between 2011 and 2015. Standing outside the school building, on the street, you would have never guessed, what is happening inside. In this case the camp guards were several of her fellow female employees. These were not accidental forms of social violence. These were methods meticulously scripted and based on the Communist know-how. We have also learned in the process, that these guards are fully protected by functionaries at the higher levels of the state apparatus, all the way to the top, the PM, the president, as well as the prosecutor office.

It is a mistake to think that the camp exists only as an isolated place, surrounded by barbed wire. The Communist state perfected the idea of the camp and developed it much further. This is where we are today.


I am being liquidated therefore I am

Comment on The Times article Poles protest as MPs debate law would allow it to sack judges who query judicial overhaul by Maria Wilczek, 20 December 2019.

Lech Borkowski, at about 00:10, 21 Dec 2019

The reform, described by the head of the Polish Supreme Court as tantamount to the “liquidation of independent judicial power”

You can liquidate only something that exists. Since there are no independent judges or prosecutors in Poland since 1945, there is nothing to liquidate.

This affair is a fake conflict. In other words, both the supporters and those opposing the law in question are playing together in one team. To the outsiders expecting the confirmation of their own prejudices this story offers a seemingly perfect confirmation of their own knowledge, their views and opinions. Pick your side and cheer for them, the story is suggesting between the lines.

The problem, however, is that the story is fabricated. There is no such thing as an independent judge or a prosecutor in Poland. Poland as a state bound by the rules of law, has been liquidated by the Communists, with the support, participation and oversight of their Soviet masters, at the end of WWII and its aftermath.

My father deserted the Polish Communist army under Soviet control on 13 January 1945 because of the criminal foundation of the force. He was forced to enlist following the Soviet advance from the East into the Polish territory in 1944. The Soviets killed in executions hundreds if not thousands of Polish resistance members, while officially allied with the United Kingdom and the United States. Hence his desertion. He made his choice.

The rule of law and the most basic truth and honesty as leading principles have been eliminated and have not returned to Poland since. The entire state apparatus and the entire public life in Poland is controlled by the same Communists, except they pretend now that Communism, let us call it evolved Communism, does not exist anymore.

Poland is a criminal state with a Communist modus operandi. Therefore getting excited about a law being passed by the parliament is an exercise in silliness. Law is a meaningless concept in Poland. Much ado about nothing.

My wife Małgorzata Głuchowska, a pianist and piano teacher, was removed from her job in 2015 in an action from a Communist playbook. The Polish Labour Code is fundamentally Communist, based on its 1974 antecedent. Communist countries introduced an obligation for employees to be subjected to periodic health checks. In Poland, the Minister of Health ordinance stipulated in 1996 that these routine health checks can be arbitrarily amended by additional unspecified medical and psychological consultations. In plain-speak this means that a targeted person can be easily eliminated from the workforce by subjecting it to additional consultations and by fabricating negative opinions associated with these consultations. Much like in the Auschwitz concentration camp, physician can decide whether an individual should continue as a member of the workforce or should be terminated.

My wife was forced to visit a psychologist under the threat of losing her job in the State School of Music in Zielona Góra, Państwowa Szkoła Muzyczna w Zielonej Górze, Poland . After two 40-minutes conversations the psychologist issued an opinion that my wife cannot continue in her job due to unspecified delusions. Sounds like the Soviet Union, right?

My wife and I wrote texts critical of the violations of law and human rights in Poland. She was the best piano teacher in her school. She also has the misfortune of being married to me, who is proud of my father’s decision to desert from the Communist army.

So, if you do away with the choreography and with capitalist-democratic deceptive decorations Poland remains a Communist country. My wife and I carry on a project on Critical Narrative Analysis, Organised Social Violence and Criminal State. You can navigate to it via my Twitter account.

By the way, the person commenting on this article under a pseudonym is a Communist provocateur on duty.


Smarter dictatorship

Comment on The Telegraph article 30 years after the Romanian Revolution, has Bucharest shaken off the ghost of its communist dictator? by Chris Leadbeater, 16 December 2019.


Lech Borkowski 17 Dec 2019 12:00AM

You write ‘Poland’s emergence from political suffocation was a triumph of collective will and “Solidarity”’.

“Solidarity” was a Communist provocation and a fake opposition. Rather than repeating absurd fairy tales, it would be better to engage in a little bit of critical thinking.

Communism has not collapsed in Poland. Yes, there was restructuring, a perestroika, but the organisation, the cadres, the methods are all in place and fully operational. This was the goal: to create an impression of the collapse of Communism and to continue under the facade of capitalism. A smarter way to run a dictatorship.



Fake Hungarian dissident

My comment to the obituary of Laszlo Rajk junior in The Telegraph, Laszlo Rajk, Hungarian architect, set designer and dissident whose father had been a prominent victim of the Stalin-era show trials – obituary, 26 November 2019.


Lech Borkowski 5 Dec 2019 9:27AM
Ridiculous. Rajk senior was a criminal. Period.

Rajk junior led a privileged life. Fake dissident. Published books by T. G. Ash, a great friend of Communists and of an evolving Communism? Timothy Garton Ash is basically an agent of disinformation.

Children of top Communists playing the role of dissidents? Ha ha.

This obituary is indicative of a complete cognitive catastrophe. This is part of a wider approach to the subject of the Communist regimes of Eastern Europe, in which the real victims of Communism are eliminated, with children of top Communists presented as dissidents.

Communism has not collapsed. The most advanced form of dictatorship in history was reformed but not overturned.

Communist organisation of the state is alive and well. My wife Małgorzata Głuchowska, a pianist and piano teacher, was expelled from her job at the State School of Music in Zielona Góra (Państwowa Szkoła Muzyczna w Zielonej Górze, Poland, for political reasons in 2015. The authorities used the Occupational Medical Service to issue a fake medical statement prohibiting her from working in the school, the job she performed so successfully for twenty years. Same as in the Soviet Union.

I was similarly expelled from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań in 2015 for political reasons as well, where I was an Associate Professor of Physics. I was the only faculty member with a western PhD (University of Florida 1995).

My parents were prisoners of Communist concentration camps in the area of Arkhangelsk in northern Russia after WWII. My father deserted from the Communist army under Soviet control on 13 January 1945.

Our family has been targeted and harassed for many years. Changes of government had no effect. Our daughter was targeted in her elementary school as well, in an action parallel to those carried out in our workplaces.


Look who is not speaking

Comment on The Times article ‘East was best — and then the Soviets sold us out,’ says East Germany’s last leader by Peter Conradi.

The subject of the ‘fall of Communism’ is misunderstood and mis-narrated, to put it mildly. You should look at it critically and ask lots of questions.

Notice the absence of stories about Communism’s victims. Instead you get stories about those replaced in 1989-90 who ran the criminal state. Then, with the partial exception of East Germany, it becomes a narrative about an internal power struggle among the Communists themselves.

Communism, as implemented in Eastern Europe, is the most advanced form of dictatorship ever implemented. Note the present tense in the preceding sentence. Has it really collapsed like a house of cards, undone by internal dissenters originating from the core of the Communist regime?

I come from a Polish family persecuted by the Communists and I can firmly say that the Communism has not fallen. The people, the organisation, the methods are all in place and functioning. The symbolic layer has been repainted, though not entirely. The simplistic announcements that Communism has fallen, if anything, indicate a failure of an intellectual enterprise.


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