Conservation of lawlessness in Poland

The third of my comments following Twilight of Democracy by Anne Applebaum, review: a querulous and flawed analysis of Europe by Philip Johnston in The Telegraph, 26 July 2020. Lech Borkowski 31 Jul 2020 2:07AM In September 2011, at the time when Anne Applebaum’s husband was Foreign Minister in the Donald Tusk government, Polish authorities … Read more

The real vs the virtual story from Poland

My comment on the article Duda vs Trzaskowski: Poland heads to polls in close-run presidential election by Maria Wilczek in The Sunday Times, July 12 2020. Typical false story. Both candidates come from the same background, the same group. The readers are fed fake stories about Poland. There is no real difference between the candidates. … Read more

Informers and enforcers

Comment following the article China’s struggle to contain the Coronavirus has exploded the myth of prosperity without liberty in The Telegraph, February 7 2020. Lech Borkowski 7 Feb 2020 10:24PM Communist states developed advanced methods of control, some of these methods are more easily noticeable, some other ones less so. They are the original big … Read more

Poland’s litmus test shows red

Comment on the article The Volunteer: Jack Fairweather’s Auschwitz spy thriller wins Costa prize, by David Sanderson, The Times, January 29 2020. Polish version: Polski test lakmusowy ma wynik czerwony. 29 January 2020 Five years ago, Pilecki’s son and daughter have not been invited by the Polish authorities to the 70 anniversary of the liquidation … Read more

The camp thrives

My comment following the review of tv documentary Belsen: Our Story, review: a devastating and dignified oral history of Holocaust horrors, by Michael Hogan, The Telegraph, January 28, 2020 —— Lech Borkowski 28 Jan 2020 11:33PM Great documentary. I made the following note in 2014: “The last century, beginning with World War I, has seen … Read more

I am being liquidated therefore I am

Comment on The Times article Poles protest as MPs debate law would allow it to sack judges who query judicial overhaul by Maria Wilczek, 20 December 2019. Lech Borkowski, at about 00:10, 21 Dec 2019 The reform, described by the head of the Polish Supreme Court as tantamount to the “liquidation of independent judicial power” … Read more

Smarter dictatorship

Comment on The Telegraph article 30 years after the Romanian Revolution, has Bucharest shaken off the ghost of its communist dictator? by Chris Leadbeater, 16 December 2019. —— Lech Borkowski 17 Dec 2019 12:00AM You write ‘Poland’s emergence from political suffocation was a triumph of collective will and “Solidarity”’. “Solidarity” was a Communist provocation and a … Read more

Fake Hungarian dissident

My comment to the obituary of Laszlo Rajk junior in The Telegraph, Laszlo Rajk, Hungarian architect, set designer and dissident whose father had been a prominent victim of the Stalin-era show trials – obituary, 26 November 2019. —— Lech Borkowski 5 Dec 2019 9:27AM Ridiculous. Rajk senior was a criminal. Period. Rajk junior led a … Read more

Look who is not speaking

Comment on The Times article ‘East was best — and then the Soviets sold us out,’ says East Germany’s last leader by Peter Conradi. The subject of the ‘fall of Communism’ is misunderstood and mis-narrated, to put it mildly. You should look at it critically and ask lots of questions. Notice the absence of stories … Read more

Concentration camp Poland

My third comment following the article Benefits boom pushes Polish populists to victory by Oliver Moody in The Times, 14 October 2019. This is a response to those uncritically accepting the well-known widely publicized narrative. To present a narrative, especially one contrary to the widely publicized one, it does take a little longer to experience, analyze … Read more

Communist Santa Claus

My comment following the article Benefits boom pushes Polish populists to victory by Oliver Moody in The Times, 14 October 2019. “Lech Walesa, 76, a national hero in the struggle against communist rule” Lech Walesa was the leader of a fake opposition to Communism. The Communists created the Solidarity movement themselves and appointed him as … Read more

Labour of the many, not the few

My comment on Marc Bennett’s article Elite Russian spy unit ‘given job of sowing chaos in Europe’ in The Times, 10 October 2019. The western thinking goes along the lines of specialized units and members of intelligence, while ignoring other enduring aspects of the legacy of the Communist dictatorship. Vyacheslav Molotov proclaimed in the 1930s: … Read more

Communist capitalists

On 9 October 2019, The Times published the article Putin’s enemy Mikhail Khodorkovsky on Citizen K, the film that tells his story. Here are my comments posted on the newspaper’s website. Comment 2 is a response to another reader’s post, who argued that 1. careers in politics or economy were reserved for the Communist party … Read more

Human rights offenders in Poland

My comment on the article Conservative conference: Human rights offenders may be barred from UK in The Times, 30 September 2019. You should also add Gluchowska Act, declaring as persona non grata all top Polish officials, including Donald Tusk, current President of the European Council, who approved of severe human rights violations against our family: … Read more

Michnik, Konrad, and the fake opposition to Communism

Comment to Gyorgy Konrad’s obituary in The Telegraph. The comment was submitted in the morning of 18 September 2019 to the digital edition of the paper but was blocked. Adam Michnik is a son of a Soviet agent convicted for his activities against the Polish state in the 1930s. His mother was a Communist as … Read more

Polish Minds in Fetters

My comment following Niall Ferguson’s article Science fiction has become dystopian fact in The Sunday Times, 22 September 2019, about 8:30 pm local time. My earlier comment was blocked. I will try again. I would encourage everyone to read “Russian Minds in Fetters”, London: George Allen and Unwin, by the Polish writer and statesman Stanisław … Read more

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