Barroso copied keywords

My comment on the article Nigeria copies and pastes new laws from Singapore by Jane Flanagan in The Times, 18 May 2020.

When I read State of the Union address to the EU Parliament, 11 September 2013, by Manuel Barroso, I thought quite a few phrases in the document looked familiar. I compared it with the letter my wife and I faxed to the EU Commission on 6 June 2013. I found surprising similarities.

Let me give you couple of examples.

LSB 6 June 2013:
The advanced knowledge of the social sciences was employed for the sole purpose of murdering the soul and murdering the social dimension of a person. Psychology became operational psychology. The key elements to the successful murder of the social being are the isolation of the victim and the participation of as many perpetrators as possible. This is the true meaning of Solidarity in Poland. It is the solidarity of the oppressors against an individual. All these methods inherited by the current Polish junta are widely used in Poland today. Psychological terror against any bright and brave individual standing up for dignity and honor is the main tool of the regime.

Barroso 11 Sept 2013:
For that reason, strengthening the social dimension is a priority for the months to come, together with our social partners. The Commission will come with its communication on the social dimension of the economic and monetary union on the 2nd of October. Solidarity is a key element of what being part of Europe is all about, and something to take pride in.

Note “social dimension”, “key element”, “solidarity” and also
“participation” vs “being part of”, “dignity and honor” vs “something to take pride in”.

There was also surprising use of “the trenches”, which appeared in our letter as well.