Perfect continuity

Brief comment on Con Coughlin’s opinion piece Dictators are outwitting the fatally divided West in The Telegraph,
23 December 2020.

Lech S Borkowski comment in The Telegraph 23 December 2020
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Telegraph, 23 December 2020

Lech Borkowski
23 Dec 2020 8:30AM

It is much worse than you think. Members of totalitarian organisations, such as Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz, a Communist Party member, former Polish PM, now member of the European Parliament, are firmly embedded in western institutions. Now they participate in setting the laws applying to the EU and other countries.

Mr Cimoszewicz’s father was a high-ranking member of the Communist military intelligence. There is a perfect continuity here. This is just an example.



Exclusion in 1920 United States

My comment on The Times article US plans to exclude immigrants, 8 December 1920, reprinted in the 8 December 2020 edition. Polish version: Wykluczenie w USA 1920.

Lech S Borkowski comment The Times 8 December 2020
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Times, 8 December 2020

I think it is interesting in this context to remind the readers of the situation of e.g. black Americans in the United States at the time. I recommend reading “Black on Red: My Forty Four Years Inside the Soviet Union” by Robert Robinson.

“The author, a toolmaker who accepted a one-year contract to work in the Soviet Union in 1930 and lived there, mostly against his will, for the next forty-four years”

Robert Robinson was a well qualified technician but, due to racism, could not count on having a job in the US. He was a man of great personal integrity. The book is very interesting.

With a background of slavery, United States had its huge racial problem. Great Britain and other European powers had their colonies. Large number of people in Europe supported totalitarian ideologies. Quite often, those discriminated against in one area supported another state’s terror.



Sovietization of Europe

The first of my two comments on the article Taiwan academics told to identify as Chinese in journal by Charlie Parker in The Times, 10 October 2020. Polish version: Sowietyzacja Europy.

Lech S Borkowski comment The Times 10 October 2020
Lech S Borkowski, first of the comments in The Times on 10 October 2020

“Its position has prompted outrage from leading academics in Britain, who have demanded that Springer Nature stop partnering with journals that operate under rules set by authoritarian regimes.”

When my wife and I sent alarming letters to the European Commission and European Parliament about methods of eliminating us from our jobs and killing us as social beings, there were no protests.

Polish authorities fired pianist teacher Małgorzata Głuchowska from the State School of Music in Zielona Góra in 2015, accusing her of improper thinking. She was the best piano teacher in the school. She is my wife.

On 16 Nov 2015, the authorities condemned my wife:

“Currently, we can talk about disorders concerning both the formal and the content side of thought processes.”

This is apparently the disorder of thought Nikita Khrushchev talked about in 1959: “Can there be diseases, mental disorders among certain people in a Communist society? It appears there can be.”

Europarliament did not bother to react. Sovietization of Europe is a fact.



1945 Yalta

And another comment following The Times article We can never be sure we’d be the good guys by David Aaronovitch, January 1, 2020.

Lech Borkowski 2 January 2020

It is useful to remember the disastrous 1945 Yalta deal made between the democratic and freedom-loving leaders of Great Britain and United States with the genocidal Communist regime of the Soviet Union. It did not cause a great distress to Churchill and Roosevelt or to their compatriots to sign this pact with the devil himself. The deal facilitated Communist genocidal activities in Central and Eastern Europe.

My parents and grandparents were denied their Polish citizenship, evicted from their property, imprisoned in concentration camps, while the Polish forces serving the legal Polish government in exile in London, those who fought with the Allies on the western front were denied participation in the 1946 Victory Parade in London.

Herein lies part of the answer to questions posed in the article. It is not so hard to sacrifice Others. One day the Other is the person in another country, then the Other may be someone ethnically different from you in the same country, finally the Other is your neighbour. As the evil encroaches, so does grow the otherness of people you know. One day you learn, as I had a chance recently, that to your best mates from high school you are the Other.



Communist Santa Claus

My comment following the article Benefits boom pushes Polish populists to victory by Oliver Moody in The Times, 14 October 2019.

“Lech Walesa, 76, a national hero in the struggle against communist rule”

Lech Walesa was the leader of a fake opposition to Communism. The Communists created the Solidarity movement themselves and appointed him as the leader. There was no such thing as an authentic opposition to Communism. They laughed and continue to laugh at the world believing that the Communist authorities allowed an underground movement to function in the Lenin shipyard in Gdansk, of all places. This is beyond ridiculous.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski is a son of a Communist party member. His mother had a highly privileged job at the Institute of Literary Studies in Warsaw. Their family was firmly supporting Communism in Poland. Just like Walesa, J. Kaczynski and his brother Lech, were recruited by the Communist regime to be part of ‘opposition’. He has got a PhD in law with focus on the labor law. The really funny thing is he seems to have not noticed that the current labor law in Poland is the one introduced in 1974 under the Communist dictatorship.

The judiciary and the media were and are serving the same master all these years, regardless which party is in power. My wife and I have really tested the system in the last eight years. There is absolutely no difference between the pre-2015 and post-2015 time, when PiS formed the government. The modus operandi of state institutions is exactly the same as under Communism.

It really boggles the mind that all those fantasies are repeated over and over again. Just like a fairy tale about Santa Claus. Children believe in the existence of Santa. It is such a beautiful tale. He brings them gifts each year. Wonderful.

The supposed overthrow of Communism is a story about political Santa Claus in the form of fake opposition to Communism. Curiously, the leaders of this opposition were firmly embedded in the regime socially, professionally and otherwise.

The legend of Solidarity and related ‘movements’ is a variation on the theme of the Russian October Revolution adapted for a Catholic country.

To have a glimpse of reality, you can navigate to my website via my Twitter account. It is a different narrative.



Labour of the many, not the few

My comment on Marc Bennett’s article Elite Russian spy unit ‘given job of sowing chaos in Europe’ in The Times, 10 October 2019.

The western thinking goes along the lines of specialized units and members of intelligence, while ignoring other enduring aspects of the legacy of the Communist dictatorship.

Vyacheslav Molotov proclaimed in the 1930s: “Every toiler a security agent”. He also said that millions were helping in the work of the Soviet intelligence.

The system relied on millions of prying eyes. The whole Communist criminal state was one big intelligence agency, not just in the Soviet Union, but in each of the Communist countries.

Has this really changed? I don’t think so.