Advanced organized social violence

My two comments following James Marriott’s essay Are we vicious or virtuous when civilisation is stripped away? in The Times, 23 May 2020, devoted to Humankind, a new book by the Dutch writer Rutger Bregman. The second one is a response to another reader’s comment.

Note the absence of Communism from the article. It was probably ignored in the book as well. It is the most advanced form of organized social violence, based on active co-operation of millions. Private life is essentially eliminated. The state is run on the principle of coercive control.

It is also the most innovative organization to-day in developing methods of systematic elimination of individuals from life.

The very concept of the law is empty. The language is falsified and used as a weapon against individuals.

It rewards big and small evil deeds. Family and friends serve as informants. The public sphere is all lies. A great deal of effort is spent on masking violence and protecting the perpetrators.

Acts of violence can be carried out in many ways, not only physical.

The population is divided into prison guards and prisoners.


Philippe Sands failed to even mention that the head of the Soviet delegation in Nuremberg was Roman Rudenko, a state criminal himself.

If I remember the book correctly, he wrote warmly about the Soviet delegation.

He ignored completely the issue of the selective approach to international justice: punish the Nazis, keep the mouth shut about Communist crimes.