Informers and enforcers

Comment following the article China’s struggle to contain the Coronavirus has exploded the myth of prosperity without liberty in The Telegraph, February 7 2020.

Lech Borkowski 7 Feb 2020 10:24PM

Communist states developed advanced methods of control, some of these methods are more easily noticeable, some other ones less so. They are the original big data systems with detailed information about everyone and a vast army of informers and enforcers. There is no free ride, no free climbing the social ladder. You’ve got to serve the Collective actively to advance.

Occasional mishaps don’t change anything in the power structure.

Having a vast surplus of power, cadres, and other social resources, they can comfortably do what they want. This system also generates plenty of fake stories.

In Europe the Communist regimes pretended to collapse while remaining fully operational. They now pose as capitalist countries with simulated democracy, members of EU and NATO.