Wikipedia, perfect tool for evolved Communist dictatorship

Wikipedia operates differently in different languages. There is a cultural, political, and historical context involved. Poland is a country of an evolved Communist dictatorship. Wikipedia’s Polish content is a reflection of that. Wikipedia article about me was created not because I am a public and notable figure. It was created because I was being fired for political reasons after decades of harassment. Simultaneously, my wife was being fired from another state institution, the State School of Music in Zielona Góra, also for political reasons.

The people who fired me knew that I could write about the department, university, and its people. This could show up in Google searches. The creation of Wikipedia articles for all the faculty members of the department was an exercise in prevention. This is not normal Wikipedia practice. Being a faculty member and having a habilitation does not imply you are a notable person. Thousands of distinguished scientists all over the world do not have a Wikipedia article.

The article about me falsified the fact of my dismissal and for a couple of years falsely showed that I continued to be employed at the university. You can manipulate and control information about a person in different ways. Wikipedia is an excellent tool for that purpose.

The practice of the Polish Wikipedia is different from its English counterpart. I mentioned the page of the Department of Physics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, article which looks like a duplicate of the institutional web page. English articles are not written that way. There is no need to duplicate institutional web pages. There is no added value in it. Also, scientists often have profiles in platforms such as Researchgate, ORCID, in addition to their own web pages.

Due to the way Internet search engines operate, Wikipedia shows up at the top of a typical internet search, implying some kind of high authority. This is, however, a false authority, because of the manipulation, falsification and distortion.

Wikipedia is a political and social tool. It is essentially a social medium and yet another tool for the exercise of power.

In Poland, the same people who fired me and my wife from our jobs and created the Wikipedia profile with my name, also falsified the juridical process, blocking and falsifying the investigation. We submitted evidence to the Prosecutor General of Poland and let the Prime Minister and the President of Poland know about the matter. They have remained silent, approving and protecting the action of their subordinates. This is an organized crime.

Wikipedia cannot pretend it can be only a force for good.