The Times presents GDR Communist Party member as victim

My comment on Heart of darkness: classified tapes offer a glimpse into inner workings of the Stasi by Oliver Moody and Sabine Schu in The Times, 15 July 2020.

So the woman on tape was an East German Communist Party member and she was teaching the Freie Deutsche Jugend, the youth wing of the SED, Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands, i.e. the party she was member of?

Being in that position she did not have to be recruited to inform. She had a highly ideological and important position. Informing was part and parcel of her social position and party membership. The description in the article does not strike as particularly realistic.

There is also a reference to Poland. In Poland, the Communists organised fake opposition groups. Some members of these fake opposition groups were members of elite Communist families and otherwise well privileged people.

You need to take a broader view and examine other evidence. Polish transformation of 1989-90 was fake.


The second short remark is a response to another reader’s comment, who wrote:

“However I did visit the museum of ‘The Russo-German War 1941-45″ on Unter den Linden and was surprised by the absence of Soviet propaganda. The portrayal of events, at least to my Western eyes, were accurate.”

“The portrayal of events […] was accurate”.

I am sorry, but your eyes are not the right benchmark, especially if you accept the museum’s exhibition title as adequate description of WWII.

There was nothing in the museum about imprisoning, deporting and killing Polish citizens under the Soviet occupation? About the killing of Polish resistance members?