Reports of demise through incompetence are exaggerated

My comment on Bumbling Stasi agents made up reports and put lovers on payroll by Oliver Chu, Sabine Schu in The Times, 11 July 2020.

Reports of demise through incompetence are exaggerated. Stasi papers as reputable source?. You need more than that to make a case.

There is plenty of evidence that the ‘collapse of Communism’ was staged.


Where do we start? Maybe like this:

“Communist MP with 98.92 percent of the vote becomes the first non-Communist PM of Poland”.


“One young agent, codenamed Erich, told trainees in 1985 how he had been tasked with infiltrating groups of students in Berlin and Leipzig and monitoring them for signs of “state-destructive activities”. He felt intellectually out of his depth but his handlers went to great lengths to make him seem “interesting” to his classmates, even discussing whether to insert a subversive chapter into his thesis in order to attract attention.”

This does not ring true. I have also been a student during 1980, although in Poland, and have not seen any state-destructive activities. I studied at three different universities in three cities. There were plenty of eyes everywhere and to suggest that there was difficulty in obtaining information about people and their activities is laughable. Communists eliminated private life.

First you need to know that Communists did all they could to eliminate from universities people hostile to the dictatorship. This applies to both staff and potential students. Preferential treatment was given to children of the Communist class, policemen, the army people, etc.

The point of the story seems to stimulate the idea that there were secret groups plotting the overthrow of Communism.

Those pockets of ‘resistance’ were likely to have been organized by the Stasi, just like the entire Solidarity movement was manufactured in Poland by the Communists. The leading roles in the ‘opposition to Communism’ were played by the Communists themselves. Adam Michnik, celebrated in western universities, is a son of a Soviet agent, who was imprisoned in the 1930s for his activities against the Polish state. Tadeusz Mazowiecki, Catholic obediently serving the Communist state, was a three-time member of the Communist ‘Parliament’, each time ‘elected’ with more than 95 percent of the votes. He was hailed as Poland’s first non-Communist Prime Minister after WWII, which is complete nonsense. Hanna Suchocka, another PM in the 1990s, was also a member of the Communist Parliament.

“the Stasi was fretting about pockets of pro-democratic resistance that would ultimately bring down the Berlin Wall in 1989.”

This is disinformation.


These tapes are not a reflection of reality. They may have been fabricated with the intention to deceive. The intention to depict the Communist apparatus as powerless is a long-standing decption. Stalin, when asked by the Polish general Sikorski about the whereabouts of thousands of Polish officers missing in 1941, replied he didn’t know. They have been murdered by their Communist forces in 1940.

The same tricks are being used today in Poland, the country of evolved Communism. The same Communist apparatus in disguise is running the state and pretends to be powerless when it suits them.