Vaculik’s 2000 Communist words

My comment on A Czech Dreambook by Ludvík Vaculík review: sex and surveillance in the underground resistanceby Julian Evans in The Telegraph, 30 May 2020.

Vaculik, himself a Communist party membert, is merely a functionary of the Communist mythology.

Vaculik’s “Two Thousand Words” bears all the marks of a fake opposition pamphlet. Communists fabricated fake opposition by the dozens and hundreds, with the Communists playing key roles of course.

This trick has been played in all the Communist countries of Eastern Europe. This was simply pushing the Communist control further by simulating an “opposition”. Now they would be both “for Communism, and even against it”.

It was also a logical expansion of the totalitarian regime. A truly totalitarian regime does not stop at allowing public displays of approval only. A truly totalitarian regime continues to expand and conquers the territory of ideas which would normally be a refuge of those quietly opposing the dictatorship, who would not dare to speak up openly.

Hence Vaculik’s “Two Thousand Words”, a thoroughly Communist work. This is a completely false narrative, giving the oppressed the choice of (A) supporting the so-called hardline Communists, and (B) supporting the “progressive” Communists.

The same game has been played by the Communists in Poland, with people from the core of the regime playing the role of the “opposition” and “reformers”.

Communist regimes of Eastern Europe survived intact the so-called “democratization” of 1989-90 and continue to function after rebranding themselves and redecorating state offices.