Małgorzata Głuchowska’s Letter to President of Poland 13 February 2013

Małgorzata Głuchowska
Zielona Góra

Bronisław Komorowski
Prezydent RP
ul. Wiejska 10
00-902 Warszawa

13 February 2013

Dear President,

This letter is a continuation of my earlier letters of 14 October 2012 and 13 December 2012.

[…] I would like to present methods of operation of an organized group whose aim is to liquidate a human being as a social being and to completely annihilate his or her psyche with the possibility of leading to suicide. In other words, I would like to present the process of killing the soul (duszobójstwo).

The entire process is described in detail in several volumes of documentation […] Large part of this documentation is located in the building on the other side of the street from the presidential palace, in the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

It is incredible, that the person, who, due to her position in the school, was obliged to verify whether the functioning of the school conforms to legal norms, is subjected to various forms of harassment and public psychological torture and slander, and subsequently is removed without any justification from her positions, and as a result exposed to the loss of respect and trust of students, parents, co-workers, and the entire artistic environment.

As it turned out, the entire apparatus of state power, including the Ministry of Culture and prosecutor office, has been engaged in this process. The tormentors were protected by the top state officials. This fact proves unequivocally, that I live in a totalitarian state, in the next instalment of criminal collectivism. […] The banner of communism has been taken down and hidden, but the criminal collective continues to function as before. Earlier, people were murdered openly by killing their bodies. Now they are torturing and killing their souls. Thus, instead of an open genocide we have the killing of the soul (duszobójstwo). The word duszobójstwo does not exist yet in the Polish dictionary. However, it captures the essence of the matter.

The evidence I gathered, exposes the Ministry of Culture, including the institution of pedagogical supervision, prosecutor office, and trade unions. Primarily, however, it proves that the extermination of Polish elites, which began on 17 September 1939, continues. The physical torture and physical murder was replaced by psychological torture and the murder of the soul. At the same time we are dealing with a relentless media campaign which is both jamming and falsifying the reality.

Incredible sadism, meticulous surveillance, bullying, slander and defamation, while at the same avoiding to leave written evidence are typical communist methods of tormenting a person. Someone justly said, that perfidy is the highest form of communism.

After six months of this hell I began thinking about the definitive solution to these problems and I do not mean quitting my job. Do you know, Mr. President, how an a hunted animal feels during the chase, surrounded by hunters and a pack of hounds?

I do know. I know also, how a person hunted by other people feels. I know how that person wants to end the suffering, but persists only because she is needed by the loving family.

I breathed with difficulty. Bouts of coughing hindered normal communication with people around me. I had a headache and a heartache. The suffering took away my appetite for food. I did not want to live. Symptoms intensified when I was nearing the school. Due to my taking tranquilizers, and later psychotropic medicine, I could not drive a car. I was quickly falling asleep after coming home from work in the evening, and waking up several hours later, wanting to go to sleep again. I was getting up in the morning crying and I could not believe that this is all really happening. This is how killing the soul looks like.


Krystyna Karcz, senior inspector of the Center for Artistic Education, knows me very well. She is holding the same post since the time when I was a teenager. She knows me very well my persona as well as my psychological profile. She is also familiar with my work as a teacher, coordinator of pedagogic supervision and head of piano section. Documentation submitted in June 2011 in my application for the promotion to the rank of certified teacher provides a good summary of my work as head of the piano section. This documentation was illegally shown to an outside person. While I have been removed from the position of leadership, my ideas and projects are being used, and my contribution is omitted. Thus, results of my work have been taken away from me, which is simply a theft.

My diploma of certified teacher has been signed by prof. Wiktor Jędrzejec. On 22 August 2011, the school director extended my appointment as head of piano section for another two years, until 31 August 2013. In September 2011, I was asked for the third time to accept the function of head of school’s parents council. I rejected two previous requests. I agreed this time.

I received school director’s award on 14 October 2011, similarly to yearly awards in each of the previous twenty years of my service.

The school director delivered

heartfelt thanks for cooperation in the noble mission of artistic education and nurturing of the young generation.

She wished

plenty of health, perseverance, and patience, inexhaustible sources of inspiration in my work, professional success in, exemplary students and happiness in private life.

Earlier, I received similar congratulations from two previous school directors and from Michał Ujazdowski, Minister of Education.

But already on 29 November 2011, the director refused my access to the financial documentation of the parents council and simultaneously handed me first her admonition for my alleged bad behavior, and later the same day, a reprimand for my doctor’s appointmet, about which I informed the school’s office. The same day in the evening, I was dismissed from the post of the chairwoman of the school’s parents council by the vote of 4 to 3 without any justification, but with an enthusiastic backing of the director present at the meeting. Te votes for my dismissal came from fathers of two girls, who began their education in the first class of the elementary music school in September 2011, a piano teacher, a protege of the regional inspector of the Ministry’s Center for Artistic Education,  who was my subordinate as member of the piano section, and a pensioner. Not long after, on 10 February 2012, in the next stage of liquidating me as a social person, the director addressed to me an extremely aggressive letter. The letter should be preserved for future generations and researchers of Polish history. I received the letter on the last day before the two week long school break. This was fifty one working days after the director’s award.

A lawyer from southern Poland, whom I consulted about the director’s letter, asked me where I was from and where I worked. He then said that it seemed to be not an artistic school but rather a high-security prison.

Director’s letter exemplifies the Communist persecution of a human object selected for liquidation and therefore I am passing it on to Poland’s highest authorities. It should be placed among the most precious documents of the current times. In the future, it will testify to the extraordinary flourishing of brutality in a supposedly free and democratic country. In the country allegedly experiencing the best time in its thousand years long history!  Obviously, the knowledge and skills of the Communist system in liquidating a human being are being applied with great proficiency. It is impossible to acquire these skills accidently. They are not part of schools’ curriculum. They are not discussed in the media. Nevertheless, the liquidating collective clearly follows a carefully established plan of action. Will we hear from them some time in the future that they merely followed orders? If so, whose orders were they following? It is time for the Polish society to know who is behind this executive power.

Already in autumn 2011, two kinds of documents were being created in the school on orders from the senior regional inspector of the Center for Artistic Education. Documents faking that school functions in agreement with the law were being hurriedly fabricated. Relevant documents should have existed and should have been in use for at least several years. Teachers do not know their contents to this day. They do not even know of the existence of newly fabricated documents, which they allegedly approved during the meetings fo the schools pedagogical council.(*) Their supposed authors do not even know about having “authored” them. Some documents are stamped with dates of fictitious pedagogical council meetings, i.e. meetings which have not occurred. Professor Wiktor Jędrzejec, Director of Artistic Schools and Cultural Education of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, describes such fictitious meetings in his letter of 6 June 2012, DEK/2904/12.

At the same time, current documentation, such as minutes of various meetings, including pedagogical council meetigs, lesson journals, was being falsified. Documents slandering me as a person were being fabricated as well.

It is likely that protocols of the school’s final exams have been falsified after members of examination committees signed them. This step would be necessary to support professor Jędrzejec’s letter of 6 June 2012, which claimed that school’s teaching programs followed one of ministerial ordinances.

Falsification of documents relating to the elementary school of music was simple and presented no technical challenges. However, it was significantly more difficult in the case of students of high school of music.(**)


Yours sincerely,

Małgorzata Głuchowska,
Teacher of Piano
State School of Music in Zielona Góra

(*) The assembly of all school teachers

(**) Second stage of musical education

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