Schroedinger’s cat

Polish version: Kot Schroedingera

Letter from Małgorzata Głuchowska to Prime Minister of Poland Beata Szydło 7 December 2015

Beata Szydło
Premier RP
Al. Ujazdowskie 1/3
00-583 Warszawa

Zielona Góra, 7 December 2015

Dear Prime Minister,

I would like to inform you about violations of human rights and constitutional rights in Poland. Among tools of the social violence is also occupational medical service. Its eager functionaries are ready to to violate law and falsify documentation, whenever this is expected of them by the criminal organization.

I have submitted detailed information about the extent of pathology to PM D. Tusk, President B. Komorowski, PM E. Kopacz. Contrary to loud public declaration the authorities have no intention to treat seriously the text of the Polish Constitution and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. The Constitution and Charter of Fundamental Rights are good onlywhen the citizen is not using them.

On 26 October 2015, I was ordered by the director of the school where I work, to attend a prophylactic medical check-up, due to the fact that I was on medical leave longer than 30 days. The sick leave was issued by a general practitioner.

The physician of the Regional Center of Occupational Medicine in Zielona Góra, M. Ryngier, informed me verbally that I have to submit to a psychiatric examination on the basis of letter the Center received from the school director. However, the said letter has not been shown to me. The physician threatened me, that if I refuse to see a psychiatrist, he will not sign the medical certificate allowing me to work. He ordered me to go to room 14, where I was to see the psychiatrist. There was no information on the door of that office, who occupies the office and what are that person’s office hours. When I entered and introduced myself, the man sitting behind the desk has not responded to my greeting and has not introduced himself. He was silent. He then pulled out a piece of paper and held it, as if reading it, but in such a way, that I could not see any content of the page. He was reading and remained silent for quite a while.

Psychiatrist has not conducted any examination. He has not done anything that could be regarded as resembling a medical consultation. He could not do it during the two short “seeings”, each lasting several minutes. He ordered me to see a named psychologist. The psychologist has not conducted any examination or written tests. During the two meetings lasting slightly longer than 30 minutes, there were no slightest symptoms of any examination, rational thinking and acting.

I read the laws regulating the consultations carried out by the occupational medicine in Poland and in other countries. The Regional Center of Occupational Medicine in Zielona Góra has not satisfied the most basic requirements. Instead of helping and considering the working environment, in which the teacher is subjected to cruel psychological harassment, the Center’s physicians violated medical ethics. The occupational medicine is used in Poland as a coercive tool of the authorities. We could call it the medical power, because it has nothing to do with healthcare. This type of medical “care” has its predecessors in concentration camps, and has nothing to do with a service fully devoted to serving human needs.

The school director’s letter to the Regional Center of Occupational Medicine has been shown to me only on 17 November 2015. It quotes out of context some of my words from my letter to Prime Minister Donald Tusk in 2012. My letter has not lost its validity and should be read in full. The school director came to our school on 1 September 2013, i.e. nearly a year after my letter to D. Tusk. This truly Bolshevik eagerness of the director is characteristic of the narrative, to which she belongs. This is the narrative of the camp guards. My husband and I represent a contrary narrative. I include our Statement no. 8 “Disinform and Punish” dated 1 February 2014 and Statement no. 26 “Social Murder in Poland” from 14 July 2015. Both texts were widely distributed to different authorities and public institutions. We will not be silent on important matters, regardless whether the authorities like it or not.

The Center has not issued a definite statement about my fitness for work. According to the Center’s functionaries it is not clear, whether Małgorzata Głuchowska is fit for work or not. It is as if I were partially able to work and partially not. In quantum physics this kind of state is called a quantum superposition of two different states. Erwin Schrödinger introduced in 1935 a Gedankenexperiment, whose aim was to elucidate some paradoxes of quantum mechanics. If there is a cat in a closed box, one has to open it to detect whether cat is alive or not. Until then the cat’s state can be described as a linear superposition of two functions: that of a live cat and that of a dead cat.

We have dealt with similar paradoxes many times during our contacts with the oppressive apparatus pretending to carry state’s duties. Most often this applied to information and facts, whose existence and unequivocal interpretation should not be the subject of a dispute. However, as it turned out, documents in state institutions are frequently manipulated. Readers familiar with the writings of Stanisław Mackiewicz could say, that information and facts are fabricated according to the current needs of revolutionary dynamics, examples of which he presented in his book “Russian minds in fetters”.

It is worth remembering, that on 25 March 2014 the same Center issued a medical statement of my fitness for work until 25 March 2018.

A careful observer of public and social life knows, that decisions of authorities which blatantly violate person’s basic rights, become very inconvenient after a while, which leads to further manipulations and further lies. Therefore the main effort is focused at breaking mental resistance and inner strength of the targeted person, which would facilitate conducting the intended social murder. Let us remember about using psychiatry in the Soviet Union to liquidate persons criticizing authorities about the role played in this persecution by Andrei Vyshinsky oraz Andrei V. Snezhnevsky.

In my letter to PM Tusk I mentioned the person of K. Woźniaka. His signature appears in Attachment 11. Whereas in my letter to President Komorowski the sentence „Documentation was illegally shared with a third person, who was not involved in the procedure of my professional advance” applies to R. Lato, the present director of the State School of Music in Zielona Góra. At the moment when the documentation of my professional advance was shared with R. Lato, she was not involved in any way with our school or the Center for Artistic Education of the Ministry of Culture, the institution supervising teachers’ promotions.

Other attachments contain all documents issued by the Regional Center of Occupational Medicine. I emphasized in my request that I ask for release of “all documents applying to my person”. In lower part of my request there is date and my signature. This is the only document given to me to sign, during my all contacts with the Center from 29 October 2015 to 17 November 2015.

I am one of the best pedagogues of my school, as demonstrated by my pupils’ achievements, their awards in national and international competitions, as well as considerable material evidence about me as  a human being, teacher, and pianist. The level of my teaching has not lowered even during periods of the worst harassment.

The work of a pedagogue and a pianist in a school of music is very demanding. It requires continuous focus, engagement, and continuous effort when working both with the student as well as on one’s own. I appear on stage quite often both in Zielona Góra and in other cities of our country. Music is my passion. It gives me strength, inspires to face all sorts of adversities. I can say similar things about the support of my family. These psychological and social facts are generally known quite well.

We live in a place of an annihilation of a certain civilization. In the new public narrative imposed by force since 1945 the obviousness of the simplest truths has been liquidated. Everything has been subordinated to the new criminal organization pretending to be the state apparatus.

Both the course of the psychological victimization, as well as falsifications of the persons involved in this extraordinary matter since 2011, are well documented, including my testimony at the local prosecuting authority in Zielona Góra.

The case of the persecution of our family is certainly a very inconvenient one. Its exposure invalidates considerable political mythology developed in Poland in recent years.

Yours sincerely,
Małgorzata Głuchowska


1. Letter to PM D. Tusk 14 November 2012
2. Letter to President B. Komorowski 13 February 2013
3. Statement no. 1 February 2014
4. Statement no. 26 14 July 2015

and the entire documentation provided by the Regional Center of Occupational Medicine:

5. Order to attent medical check-up 26 October 2015
6. Examination record 29 October 2015
7. Letter signed by school director R. Lato dated 29 October 2015
8. Prophylactic examination record. It contains entries dated 29 October, 2 November, 17 November 2015, and one stamp and one signature of the physician M. Ryngier
9. Medical statement of 2 listopada and result of an ECG test of 3 November 2015
10. Order to visit a psychologist signed by M. Ryngier and dated 3 November 2015
11. Two-page babble of the psychiatrist K. Woźniak. It contains the dates of 2015.11.03 and 2015.11 (the day of the month was not included in this entry), as well as Woźniak’s stamp and signature
12. The opinion signed by a psychologist S. Sobkowska dated 16 November 2015
13. Medical statement of the Zielona Góra Regional Center of Occupational Medicine issued to M. Głuchowska on 25 March 2014, stating no objections, valid until 25 March 2018.
14. M. Głuchowska’s request  to Regional Center of Occupational Medicine to release full documentation 17 November 2015
15. Bill for the photocopying service, issued by the Center 17 November 2015