The Critical Mind and the Copernican Lesson

LS Borkowski

Release 4, Poland, November 2, 2013

The Critical Mind and the Copernican Lesson

There are two types of realities coexisting side-by-side in Poland. There is the world of the privileged members of the post-communist junta. And there is psychological torture for those who the junta secretly classify as their enemy. Psychological torture often involves some form of slave intellectual labor and theft of intellectual property.

Contemporary Poland is a large militarised camp where the main force is the extremely disciplined social army of the junta. The junta encompasses all the beneficiaries of the former communist regime with their families. This army totally controls the entire sphere of public life in Poland and all state institutions, including political parties, the judiciary, the universities, the media.

The basic mechanism for advancing on the social ladder is the Stalinist one. The priority belongs to the most vicious and the most brutal executioners of the junta’s policy, which includes the social and psychological assassination of people like us. The most important goal of the junta, which has never been proclaimed publicly, is to remain in control of all areas of life and to prevent independent and well-meaning persons from being role models and exerting social influence.

The junta provides full support and impunity to all its soldiers. Occasionally, if a visibility of a particular junta member needs to be reduced, the junta may move the soldier to a different position. However, all indications show that rewards are paid where they are due. They might be deferred in time and shifted in space, or delivered to a relative of the deserving junta functionary, but the entire system of rewarding the evil deeds functions essentially without a hitch.

The lack of any serious academic analysis of this type of society and this type of social arrangements may imply serious consequences to anyone coming to contact with the junta. This includes all countries doing business and being politically engaged with the Polish ruling class.

The conventional analysis of democratic vs. undemocratic societies is irrelevant to the situation in Poland. This may be compared to conducting astronomic observations and analyzing them under the assumption of Earth being the center of the Universe. In that sense the situation resembles pre-Copernican times. Some observations of reality do not agree with the conventional dogma but they are excused away with a superficial argument.

However, any observer with a sense of basic intellectual honesty and a critical mind will have to realize the truly cosmic proportions of the political and social deception in Poland, starting with the fact that the entire Solidarity movement was artificially manufactured by the communist regime. It is not hard to do in a totalitarian country.

Małgorzata Głuchowska
Lech S. Borkowski

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