The Collapse of Reason

The Hoover Institution published the book „The Collapse of Communism” in 2000. It contains the article “The Grand Failure” by Zbigniew Brzeziński, adapted from his book under the same title published in 1989. The article begins with the following paragraph.

“A single crucial fact is the key to understanding the fall of communism in Eastern Europe: Marxism-Leninism was an alien doctrine imposed on the region by an imperial power whose rule was culturally repugnant to the dominated peoples. As a result, a process of organic rejection of communism by East European societies – a phenomenon similar to the human’s body rejection of a tranplanted organ – ensued. This process played out in a contest between national forces seeking ways to free their societies from Moscow’s dogma and Soviet attempts to develop new ways to retain ultimate control over region’s destiny.”

This interpretation is incorrect.

Communism did not collapse. Instead, it was the collapse of reason among the observers of communism. Communism underwent a fully controlled restructuring, partly subsidized by western democracies. Power remained in the same hands. The communists states were criminal organizations and remained criminal. The range of illegal activities encompassed by the word “criminal” is not the same as in western democracies. There are types of criminal activities, which exist e.g. in Poland and do not exist in the West. This is due to the fact that the communist power structure remained unchanged.

The pre-1990 communist symbolism was replaced by religious symbolism. However this is only a camouflage. Religious symbolism used by the Polish state apparatus today plays the role of battle fatigues. It is a weapon in the service of deception and not an expression of religious zeal among the polit-apparatchiks.

Lenin is credited with saying “capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them”. It turned out he was a pessimist. Communists did not have to buy the rope from the West. The West is providing the rope for free.

May 10, 2016; June 7, 2016