Polish Criminal State

Contemporary Polish state and a criminal organization is one and the same thing. The Communist state, formed as a result of the Soviet aggression against Poland in WWII, was a criminal organization and it remained such to this day. Directions in which the public narrative in Poland is falsified change from time to time. However the public narrative and the state’s criminal activities remain subjugated to the same interests as in 1944-1989. Polish authorities fulfill subservient roles with regard to their Russian counterparts.

Hastily formed public lies and fabricated political parties are quite transparent in fact. One only has to think somewhat in order to see the full extent of the misery of falsifications produced by the criminal apparatus. Comrades from the government, political parties and their political “opponents” form one harmonious criminal family. This conclusion follows inevitably from the facts and from simple critical analysis of basic methods of fabricating the entire public sphere of life in the country.

March 21, 2016