New Ways to Kill a Human Being 6 December 2013

LS Borkowski

Release 7, Poland, 6 December 2013

New Ways to Kill a Human Being

The human rights community overlooked a very important and fundamental problem. The perpetrators refined their killing ways since human rights policies were first formulated. They evolved. They also worked hard on improving their deception skills.

This is a dose of a very ugly reality. Poland is often viewed as an example of successful democratization. Unfortunately, things are not looking good. Instead of democrats, we are dealing with graduates of the Communist school of deception and manipulation. The key ingredient of this school is an assault on the target’s psyche. Małgorzata Głuchowska accumulated a large body of documentation related to an attempt of killing her as a social being. These phenomena have not been addressed by academic research, film, literature or media.

Procedures of murdering a human being have been refined. They are more sophisticated now. Assassination efforts are focused on the mind and the soul of the target. The body may live on, unless the target commits suicide, but it is only an empty living shell, a biological object.

Interestingly, there is continuity of oppression that began with our grandparents. The parents of Lech Borkowski were prisoners of the concentration camps in the Soviet Russia. One of his uncles has been tortured there. He was released from the camps in the state in which he was not able to say anything about what has been done to him. He barely knew his name. His mind and his soul were murdered. At that point he was not able to stand upright. His back was at roughly 90 degree angle to his legs. It took a long time and a substantial effort to bring back a more vertical posture appropriate for a human body. He had to be taken care of for the rest of his life.

This continuity of killing, albeit with the transition of the killing method from the physical into the nonphysical, mental domain is the key message.

Being the target of a psychological terror, or any kind of terror, is like stepping into a parallel world. Everything looks the same and everything looks different. Everyone looks the same and everyone looks different. MG was literally fighting for survival among people she happily chatted with before. When masks fell she saw ruthless criminals happily torturing and killing a fellow human being. She saw some of them in church. One is the leader of church choir. One of them spoke of “God who will judge everyone”.

Apparently, the human kind has an infinite capacity for evil and cruelty. We are walking on the killing fields.

Małgorzata Głuchowska, M.A.
Lech S. Borkowski, Ph.D.

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