Letter from Dr Hab. Lech S. Borkowski to Donald Tusk, Prime Minister of Poland 20 April 2012

Letter to Donald Tusk, the Prime Minister of Poland, translated from Polish.

Dr hab. Lech S Borkowski list premier Polski Donald Tusk 20 kwietnia 2012
Dr hab. Lech S Borkowski, letter to Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk 20 April 2012

20 April 2012

Dear Prime Minister,

I know that the ruling class in Poland wages a war on all those who stand in defense of democracy and fundamental values which were so important since the foundation of the Polish state thousand years ago. I could not believe this for quite a long time. Today I have no doubts.

You are following in the communist footsteps.

My family and I are treated as subhuman in the same country for which our grandparents, parents and other members of our family were imprisoned in German and Russian prisons and concentration camps during the Second World War and afterwards. You know very well, that you govern the country, in which there is „order” of a Bolshevik type. „Democracy” in contemporary Poland is merely a set of flimsy decorations. Your system will destroy anyone believing in human dignity and in the fundamentals of democracy.

You engage in violence against a woman. Please look at the documentation delivered by my wife to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage on March 6, 2012. Your most loyal functionaries unscrupulously destroy the fundamental human values and people who defend them. My wife’s grandfather was an officer in the Polish armed forces at the outbreak of WWII. He was imprisoned by the Soviet Russia in Kozelsk and Griazovets during the war. Today your criminal organization destroys an excellent and devoted teacher, who happens to be my wife. You created and perfected an organization that quickly and efficiently will liquidate anyone who has dignity and honor, who dares to stand up for the rule of law and common sense. You will approve every lie, every falsehood. You are no different from the communist system.

Human dignity and honor – these must be terrible words for you, because you and your functionaries are so afraid of them.

This is not a long letter. I would rather not spend time on writing an elaborate story. However, if you would like to authentically reverse evil actions, I am available. I will tell you in detail how your apparatus of violence destroys the most ambitious individuals. The schemes of sadism are identical to those of the communist state. It is a straightforward conclusion that decorations changed but the war on Poland continues.

Whom are you serving?

Whom are you deceiving about democracy?

Contemporary Poland is a sad country without future for honest people.

Yours sincerely,

Lech S. Borkowski, PhD Habil
Department of Physics
University in Poznań

There was no response from the Prime Minister. Provocations and repression of our family did not stop.