Lech S. Borkowski’s Letter of 13 June 2016

Dear Prof. […],

The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention the participation of physicians in Poland in criminal activities. My wife and I were both dismissed from our jobs for political reasons.

My wife was the target of provocation involving several members of the medical profession. These are individuals associated with the Regional Center for Occupational Medicine in Zielona Góra. They issued false medical statement prohibiting my wife from performing her job of a pianist, piano teacher and accompanist at the local School of Music. This is the job she loves. She taught with passion for 23 years and her results were excellent, with her students at elementary and secondary stage winning prizes in national and international piano competitions. Parents were eager to have their children taught by my wife. She is fully professional in her attitude to children, parents, other teachers. What happened?

In September 2011 my wife became the target of an immense bullying and mobbing campaign. There was absolutely not the slightest reason for it. My wife was the head of the 18‐member piano section. Each year she received school director’s award for her performance on the job. Trying to understand the reason behind this absolute madness, my wife wrote many letters to authorities at various levels of state hierarchy, from the school director, through Ministry of Culture and National Heritage to Prime Minister and the President of Poland. Writing was necessary, since normal rational conversation and discussion was suddenly sabotaged by the school director, the same person, who nominated her for the position of head of the piano section. I helped my wife in writing these letters and in analysis of the situation.

Gradually it became clear that a political decision was made to liquidate her as a significant member of the artistic community and a visible member of the society.

For many years I was the target of various provocations and harassment at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland, where I worked in the Department of Physics since 1995. This was a political persecution.

Attached documents describe the role played by the physicians employed in occupational medicine service here in Zielona Góra and place it in a wider context. We also point out that a special legislation exists in Poland, which facilitates social murder carried out with active involvement of members of the medical profession. This is the communist Labor Code of 1974 with later amendments and ordinances of the minister of health. These laws are not legislative accidents. They were purposely introduced to open an avenue for social killing under the guise of preventive health care. State authorities have been informed by us in December 2015 about organized criminal activity and participation of physicians in issuing false medical statement. Detailed information was provided to the General Prosecutor of Poland, to the Chief Medical Council, which is the highest self‐governing medical authority in Poland, to the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, to the Minister of Health, to the Prime Minister, and to the President of Poland. There was no meaningful response from them. They continued to protect the perpetrators.

We are both unemployed now.

Yours sincerely,

Dr hab. Lech S. Borkowski

Former associate Professor of Physics at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań,
Zielona Góra