The Nation’s Memory

LS Borkowski

Release 3, Poland, 24 October 2013

The Nation’s Memory

Józef Franczak, the last of unwavering defenders of Poland against the communist tyranny died on 21 October 1963 in Majdan Kozic Górnych near Lublin. Few people know his story. The memory of people and matters of fundamental importance to Poland is carefully hidden and falsified.

The memory of murderers torturing and murdering the Polish patriots in communist prisons after the Second World War is equally carefully hidden. Why is nobody boasting of his/her grandfather or father issuing death sentences to Poland’s defenders or shooting them in the back of the head?

We are the children and grandchildren of those who remained loyal to our country and did not sell out under most difficult circumstances. The Bolshevik Russia and the postwar communist regime in Poland persecuted them most viciously and with heretofore unknown perfidy. Today we are the target of savage attacks whose aim is to deprive dignity, to kill the soul, to destroy reputation, to eliminate from public life, and even to cause death.

This is what we have to say to the Polish junta.

If you have enough courage to murder souls and minds of the descendants of those who were faithful to Poland and to fundamental values of our civilization, then you should also have the courage to proclaim it publicly. Do announce it on television, on radio, in the newspapers. Do sign appropriate documents and issue open decrees instead of clandestine orders. You have total control over Poland. What are you afraid of? Your junta can do anything in Poland, right?

Go ahead, let your words agree with your deeds. Do act publicly, do not confer in secret. Do hold press conferences. Please tell everyone why you are applying psychological torture in schools and universities. Be proud of this invention. Please tell the world who taught you to use torture and why you are so extremely keen to conduct this criminal activity.

Małgorzata Głuchowska, M.A.
Lech S. Borkowski, Ph.D.

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