NKVD in The Vatican

This video clip shows the Russian Ministry of Interior Choir (MVD Choir) perform the Polish Communist Army Song “Oka” for the the pope John Paul II in the Vatican on October 15, 2004. The MVD Ensemble, formerly NKVD – the dreaded Communist henchmen responsible for murdering millions of innocent people, came to the Vatican by special invitation of JPII to celebrate the 26th anniversary of his pontificate.

Introducing the song, the announcer said only that this was a Polish song. However, the song served purely communist ideological function. It was THE song of the Polish Communist Army. The crowd sitting there with the pontiff not only listened to the Russian Ministry of Interior Choir representing the communist genocide. They listened to the communist army song, which symbolically represents the liquidation of Christianity and Christian values.

Note, that in the video clip title the Ensemble’s name is misleading.

The event was broadcast live by Italian and Russian tv channels. Why hasn’t it been broadcast to Poland?

NKVD carried out killings of Polish officers and other officials in Katyn in western Russia and other sites in April and May 1940. Many thousands of Polish officers were held in POW camps in Russia following the Soviet invasion in September 1939. The invasion was conducted jointly with Nazi Germany, following the protocol signed between the Nazi and Soviet government in August 1939. Special joint Communist-Nazi victory parade was held in Brześć on the river Bug on September 22, 1939.

The banner decorating the join victory parade of German Nazi and Soviet Communist troops in the Polish city of Brześć on 22 September 1939.

It is pretty obvious now that John Paul II, born Karol Wojtyła, had a very special relationship with the communist intelligence services. To say that this relationship was amicable would be a severe understatement. He came to the Vatican from a very far place indeed.

The MVD Choir’s concert is a symbolic Communist victory parade in the Vatican. The march that began in September 1939 culminated with NKVD troops performing in the Paul VI Hall in the Vatican in front of comrade general Wojtyła.

The process of making him a saint was very obviously a farce.

14 August 2016

BBC News: Red Army choir performs for Pope, 16 October 2004