Małgorzata Głuchowska’s Letter to Parliamentary Committee of Social Policy and Family 2 December 2012

2 December 2012

This letter was sent to members of the Parliamentary Committee of Social Policy and Family (Komisja Polityki Społecznej i Rodziny Sejmu RP).

Dear MPs,

I would like to inform you about a very important and widespread social problem which is carefully hidden from a wider public scrutiny. It is the issue of bullying and tormenting employees of public institutions. In the last few years these matters are classified as mobbing. However, from observations of daily life and from media it is clear, that mobbing is only a convenient excuse. No one of those participating in the so-called mobbing bear any consequences and mobbing itself is rarely acknowledged in the courts.

Many people in Poland are targets of bullying. Schemes applied in each case are very similar and the methods of liquidation of the targeted persons from professional and public life is also similar.

The targeted persons are often highly qualified specialists, experts in their professions. They are devoted to their jobs and their professional environment. In other words, they are trying to do their best to serve the society and the country. Despite this, they are becoming objects of shameful, abhorrent psychological violence in the workplace. A distinctive feature of this violence is participation of persons representing the employer, who freely and routinely organize provocations, which form the basis of the system of violence in the workplace.

It is astonishing, that no supervisory institution being part of the relevant Ministry of the country’s government tries to stop and prevent this practice. Despite abundance of evidence of violations of law, the group tormenting the individual is protected by the state apparatus, including the ministry functionaries.

Neither trade unions nor prosecutor office carry out their duties. To the contrary, their negligence sustains this system of violence.

Theoretically speaking, the current so-called Third Republic of Poland was formed on the basis of social solidarity. This is complete nonsense, because there is no social solidarity in Poland and the persons targeted for liquidation by the method of sadistic bullying are de facto deprived of rights.

The most elementary constitutional rights, Articles 30 and 32, are massively broken every day in Poland. This occurs in broad daylight, in front of co-workers.

Quite clearly, we are dealing with two categories of citizens in Poland: those above the law and those deprived of constitutional rights. This is the most serious issue concerning individual rights which is most carefully covered up. The persecution is masqueraded as a result of e.g. personal animosities. Vague pronouncements about mobbing are being voiced. However, this is neither personal animosity nor mobbing. Facts show unequivocally, that these actions are deliberate, planned and coordinated. Neither the High Sejm [Polish parliament], as a whole, nor individual deputies can pretend that we are dealing only with a series of unfortunate incidents, misunderstanding, etc.

This persecution is a method of liquidation of a very important part of the Polish population. The persons, whose health, social function and professional career are liquidated, are among the most valuable individuals in Poland.

I would like to meet with you and to deliver detailed information about this issue. This is matter of highest importance. Denying individuals their constitutional rights and persecuting them is a disgrace and a proof that there is no democracy in Poland. Polish Constitution cannot be just a worthless piece of paper.

I appeal to you for a minimum of civic courage and prompt and meaningful engagement in this problem.

Yours sincerely,

Małgorzata Głuchowska

Zielona Góra

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