Małgorzata Głuchowska’s Letter to President of Poland 13 February 2013

Małgorzata Głuchowska
Zielona Góra

Bronisław Komorowski
Prezydent RP
ul. Wiejska 10
00-902 Warszawa

13 February 2013

Dear President,

This letter is a continuation of my earlier letters of 14 October 2012 and 13 December 2012.

[…] I would like to present methods of operation of an organized group whose aim is to liquidate a human being as a social being and to completely annihilate his or her psyche with the possibility of leading to suicide. In other words, I would like to present the process of killing the soul (duszobójstwo).

The entire process is described in detail in several volumes of documentation […] Large part of this documentation is located in the building on the other side of the street from the presidential palace, in the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

It is incredible, that the person, who, due to her position in the school, was obliged to verify whether the functioning of the school conforms to legal norms, is subjected to various forms of harassment and public psychological torture and slander, and subsequently is removed without any justification from her positions, and as a result exposed to the loss of respect and trust of students, parents, co-workers, and the entire artistic environment.

As it turned out, the entire apparatus of state power, including the Ministry of Culture and prosecutor office, has been engaged in this process. The tormentors were protected by the top state officials. This fact proves unequivocally, that I live in a totalitarian state, in the next instalment of criminal collectivism. […] The banner of Communism has been taken down and hidden, but the criminal collective continues to function as before. Earlier, people were murdered openly by killing their bodies. Now they are torturing and killing their souls. Thus, instead of an open genocide we have the killing of the soul (duszobójstwo). The word duszobójstwo does not exist yet in the Polish dictionary. However, it captures the essence of the matter.

The evidence I gathered, exposes the Ministry of Culture, including the institution of pedagogical supervision, prosecutor office, and trade unions. Primarily, however, it proves that the extermination of Polish elites, which began on 17 September 1939, continues. The physical torture and physical murder was replaced by psychological torture and the murder of the soul. At the same time, we are dealing with a relentless media campaign which is both jamming and falsifying the reality.

Incredible sadism, meticulous surveillance, bullying, slander and defamation, while at the same avoiding written evidence, are typical Communist methods of tormenting a person. Someone justly said, that perfidy is the highest form of communism.

After six months of this hell, I began thinking about the definitive solution to these problems and I do not mean quitting my job. Do you know, Mr. President, how a hunted animal feels during the chase, surrounded by hunters and a pack of hounds?

I do know. I know also, how a person hunted by other people feels. I know how that person wants to end the suffering, persisting only because she is needed by the loving family.

I breathed with difficulty. Bouts of coughing hindered normal communication with people around me. I had a headache and a heartache. The suffering took away my appetite for food. I did not want to live. Symptoms intensified when I was nearing the school. Due to my taking tranquilizers, and later psychotropic medicine, I could not drive a car. I was quickly falling asleep after coming home from work in the evening, and waking up several hours later, wanting to go to sleep again. I was getting up in the morning crying and I could not believe that this is all really happening. This is how killing the soul looks like.


Krystyna Karcz, a senior inspector of the Center for Artistic Education, knows me very well. She is holding the same post since the time when I was a teenager. She knows me very well my persona as well as my psychological profile. She is also familiar with my work as a teacher, coordinator of pedagogic supervision and head of piano section. Documentation submitted in June 2011 in my application for the promotion to the rank of certified teacher provides a good summary of my work as head of the piano section. This documentation was illegally shown to an outside person. While I have been removed from the position of leadership, my ideas and projects are being used, and my contribution is omitted. Thus, results of my work have been taken away from me, which is simply a theft.

My diploma of certified teacher has been signed by prof. Wiktor Jędrzejec. On 22 August 2011, the school director extended my appointment as head of piano section for another two years, until 31 August 2013. In September 2011, I was asked for the third time to accept the function of head of school’s parents’ council. I rejected two previous requests. I agreed this time.

I received school director’s award on 14 October 2011, similarly to yearly awards in each of the previous twenty years of my service.

The school director delivered

heartfelt thanks for cooperation in the noble mission of artistic education and nurturing of the young generation.

She wished

plenty of health, perseverance, and patience, inexhaustible sources of inspiration in my work, professional success in, exemplary students and happiness in private life.

Earlier, I received similar congratulations from two previous school directors and from Michał Ujazdowski, Minister of Education.

But already on 29 November 2011, the director refused my access to the financial documentation of the parents’ council and simultaneously handed me first her admonition for my alleged bad behavior, and later the same day, a reprimand for my doctor’s appointment, about which I informed the school’s office. The same day in the evening, I was dismissed from the post of the chairwoman of the school’s parents’ council by the vote of 4 to 3 without any justification, but with an enthusiastic backing of the director present at the meeting. The votes for my dismissal came from fathers of two girls, who began their education in the first class of the elementary music school in September 2011, a piano teacher, a protege of the regional inspector of the Ministry’s Center for Artistic Education, who was my subordinate as member of the piano section, and a pensioner. Not long after, on 10 February 2012, in the next stage of liquidating me as a social person, the director addressed to me an extremely aggressive letter. The letter should be preserved for future generations and researchers of Polish history. I received the letter on the last day before the two-week long school break. This was fifty-one working days after the director’s award.

A lawyer from southern Poland, whom I consulted about the director’s letter, asked me where I was from and where I worked. He then said that it seemed to be not an artistic school but rather a high-security prison.

Director’s letter exemplifies the Communist persecution of a human object selected for liquidation and therefore I am passing it on to Poland’s highest authorities. It should be placed among the most precious documents of the current times. In the future, it will testify to the extraordinary flourishing of brutality in a supposedly free and democratic country. In the country allegedly experiencing the best time in its thousand years long history!  Obviously, the knowledge and skills of the Communist system in liquidating a human being are being applied with great proficiency. It is impossible to acquire these skills accidentally. They are not part of schools’ curricula. They are not discussed in the media. Nevertheless, the liquidating collective clearly follows a carefully established plan of action. Will we hear from them some time in the future that they merely followed orders? If so, whose orders were they following? It is time for the Polish society to know who is behind this executive power.

Already in autumn 2011, two kinds of documents were being created in the school on orders from the senior regional inspector of the Center for Artistic Education. Documents faking that school functions in agreement with the law were being hurriedly fabricated. Relevant documents should have existed and should have been in use for at least several years. Teachers do not know their contents to this day. They do not even know of the existence of newly fabricated documents, which they allegedly approved during the meetings of the school’s pedagogical council.(*) Their supposed authors do not even know about having “authored” them. Some documents are stamped with dates of fictitious pedagogical council meetings, i.e. meetings which have not occurred. Professor Wiktor Jędrzejec, Director of Artistic Schools and Cultural Education of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, describes such fictitious meetings in his letter of 6 June 2012, DEK/2904/12.

At the same time, current documentation, such as minutes of various meetings, including pedagogical council meetings, lesson journals, was being falsified. Documents slandering me as a person were being fabricated as well.

It is likely that protocols of the school’s final exams have been falsified after members of examination committees signed them. This step would be necessary to support professor Jędrzejec’s letter of 6 June 2012, which claimed that school’s teaching programs followed one of ministerial ordinances.

Falsification of documents relating to the elementary school of music was simple and presented no technical challenges. However, it was significantly more difficult in the case of students of high school of music.(**)

However, since prof. Jędrzejec referred to pedagogical council meetings which have not taken place, minutes of the meetings may have remained in their original form and provide yet another proof that the aim was not to obey the law but to liquidate a human being.

In May 2012, faced with the threat of losing my job, I signed the final examination protocol of one of graduating students, whose exam, as a result of school director’s manipulation, was carried out not only in disagreement with a minister of culture’s ordinance, but also against the law. Other members of examination committee signed the document without any comments and without slightest objection.

The personnel of the Ministry know all the falsification methods very well. I described some of them in detail in my letters to the Ministry.

The main method used by the liquidators was the method of provocation. Since actions of this group resulted in my acute suffering and contemplating an end to my life, I have both a mandate and a duty to present their names.

Honorata Górna, piano teacher in the State School of Music in Zielona Góra (Państwowa Szkoła Muzyczna w Zielonej Górze), protege of senior regional inspector of Center for Artistic Education

Sławomir Mundry, former secretary of the school’s parents’ council, today chairman of the parents’ council

Małgorzata Małaczyńska [current name: Szumska], director of the State School of Music in Zielona Góra

Krystyna Karcz, senior regional inspector (Zielona Góra) of Center for Artistic Education

Wacław Kłaput (Bydgoszcz), chief inspector of Center for Artistic Education

Zdzisław Bujanowski, director of Center for Artistic Education in Warsaw, Ministry of Culture

Wiktor Jędrzejec, director of Department of Artistic Schools and Cultural Education, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Warsaw

Paweł Sawicki, prosecutor of Regional Prosecutor Office, Zielona Góra

Mundry, the current head of the parents’ council, and the parents’ council’s secretary when I was its chairwoman, interrogated me with a skill of a Communist secret service officer, sabotaged meetings I chaired, interrupted and obstructed my speaking at meetings, harassed me and stalked with e-mails, phone text messages, and phone calls, falsified minutes of parents’ council meetings. He attacked me both as chair of parents council and member of the school’s professional leadership, despite the fact, that his six-year old daughter had just barely begun education in the school’s class of piano. He did not know me earlier and was not familiar with the school either. Already in his second month of contact with the school, he exhibited an extreme aggression and psychological cruelty. There is no slightest justification for this type of attitude, except for one: membership in the liquidation group.

Piano teacher Górna, acquaintance of Mundry and protege of the regional inspector of Center for Artistic Education, falsified minutes of piano section meetings and meetings of parents’ council meeting, lied publicly, tormented me publicly during section meetings, pedagogical council meetings, threatened me with lawsuits and issued libelous statements.

This teacher’s actions were protected by Małgorzata Małaczyńska, director of the State School of Music in Zielona Góra, who arranged provocations, threatened with more attacking letters, admonition, and reprimand, as well as applying public torture, humiliating me in the eyes of teachers, parents, students, and school’s administrative personnel.

These three people, while maintaining semblance of civility in other circumstances, joined forces to bully a lone and de facto defenseless person, who was and remains controlled by the power of school’s director. Their sadism may be described as the highest form of psychological violence.

The minutes taker signed fake minutes of piano section and pedagogical council meetings led by the school’s director. Contents of the minutes was altered several times after consulting the supervising authorities, so that these fake records signed by the minutes’ taker were diametrically different from real description, which I delivered to the Ministry of Culture.

It was the task of the prosecutor of the Regional Prosecutor Office to falsify my testimony and to create an image of an unreliable person, who casts unfounded accusations under oath.

The copy of the letter refusing to initiate juridical proceedings with a copy of my testimony was sent from the prosecutor office to members of the parents’ council, although I was testifying in my own name. Mundry distributed by email my testimony falsified by the prosecutor to all members of the new parents’ council, including members who were added to fill in vacated seats. This was the next stage of slandering me in the eyes of parents and the next stage of harassing me through emails. Mundry threatened to remove me from the council and attempted to force my resignation. He also let me know that I could be removed from my job.

The school secretary, who was simultaneously personal secretary of the regional inspector of the Center for Artistic Education, carried out the task of rewriting or copying falsified and falsely dated documentation aimed to pretend that school functioned in agreement with law. Earlier, the secretary was also put in charge of parents’ council’s financial documentation. This one-sided decision was taken by the school director, not the parents’ council.

This whole set of actions was controlled by Krystyna Karcz, senior inspector of Center for Artistic Education. She had the power to stop this process of victimization and humiliation by expressing her disapproval in just one sentence. For many years, inspector’s attitude has clearly communicated to everyone in the school’s environment, that neither law or common sense, nor basic ethics or simple human civility apply. The inspector actively monitored the course of the provocation against Małgorzata Głuchowska and very actively participated in it. She ordered the meeting of the piano section to be held, whose real aim was not to explain matters related to Minister of Culture ordinance of 25 February 2011, but instead was used as another round of attacks on me. Inspector did not answer key questions posed in my letters, which would explain matters and clear the situation. When I asked to react to school director’s behavior, she immediately left school (her office was located in our school building). In response to my two different letters she sent two identical texts, both having identical dates. The only different thing between the two texts was their ordering numbers. She did not answer the question I asked in my letter: what information about me did she give to members of the parents’ council, who later voted to dismiss me from the position of the council head?

Chief CAE inspector Wacław Kłaput, who came to “inspect” the school performed his duties according to plan. He concealed from me the subject of inspection, informing me that he came to investigate complaints of the parents’ council chairwoman Małgorzata Głuchowska. In later letters, the Ministry of Culture gave different reasons for his arrival in Zielona Góra. The Ministry also falsely claimed that I was informed of all aims of inspector’s visit.

The inspector failed to perform the most basic action, which was to speak to the former chair of the parents’ council to find out, how agreement was granted to school director’s requests to transfer money from the parents’ council account. He also had not asked why long-term council members suddenly resigned. Effects of this inspection became apparent quite soon. Both I and my students were adversely affected. One of my students, daughter of a former deputy chair of the parents’ council was refused access to the second stage of musical education, the high school of music. He was a witness of my conversation with former heads of the parents’ council. His daughter was an outstanding student and obtained the highest grade during the qualifying examination. However, the school director denied her further education. The news spread throughout the school quite fast. Everyone learned the lesson that director’s power is absolute, and no slightest dissent would be tolerated. The school director is under Ministry of Culture’s protection.

In December 2011, the inspector asked me suddenly during a conversation related to parents’ council:

And what if try to annul your reprimand?

I steadfastly refused to budge. I would not be intimidated or bought over. Despite my answer, he instructed apparently the director to cancel the reprimand.

My tormentors continued to bully me, being confident of full impunity. School director communicated to the pedagogical council during an extraordinary meeting on 12 March 2012:

Based on Article 38, section 1.2, of the educational system act, and after obtaining an opinion of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, I dismiss you from the post of head of the piano section in the State School of Music in Zielona Góra, effective 8 March 2012.

Since I have not found any opinion related to this decision in my personal file and reasons for my dismissal were not presented to me, I called the Ministry of Culture and asked, if an opinion has been issued.

The response was:

Unfortunately, there is an opinion. It was issued on 10 February 2012. Do you have any acquaintances in the Ministry?

Next, I was given an advice.

If school documentation is falsified, you must notify the prosecutor office.

This was already after prosecutor Sawicki falsified my testimony.

When I pressed the Ministry for the text of their opinion, it turned out there was no opinion. The Minister agreed with the director’s motion in his letter dated 24 February 2012, using as justification director’s slanderous letter of 1o February 2012. This information was contained in professor Jędrzejec’s letter of 8 October 2012, DEK/3917/12.

The aim was reached – I was dismissed from the post of the piano section head, and all teachers and the entire school community learned that not only the school director might have “some” reasons for this dismissal, but also that this decision had full support of the institution acting as school’s owner, the Ministry of Culture.

I was the last person notified of my dismissal from the function of piano section head. I was informed about it in a certified letter sent to my home address. Earlier, the administration and support staff were notified, as well as teachers. I was dismissed from this post without any justification. In violation of law. This means the Ministry of Culture accepts violations of law and violations of the most elementary individual rights.

The director of Center for Artistic Education Zdzisław Bujanowski protected all those involved in liquidating me. He has not addressed the psychological bestiality of my immediate tormentors, has not reacted to evidence of school documentation being falsified and of school director’s persuading and even forcing employees to participate in these dealings. He informed me instead about director’s far-reaching authority. He was, of course, threatening me in order to intimidate and silence me. This was also a very clear encouragement given to school director for further harassment. I learned what director can do to school employees, see his letter of 14 March 2012, NP-BE-059-3/2012. Bujanowski sent copy of the letter also to inspector Karcz.

The impunity of this organized group is protected by departmental director in the Ministry of Culture Wiktor Jędrzejec. In his letter of 2 February 2012, DEK/417/12, professor Jędrzejec informed me that the Ministry received a letter from unnamed members of the parents’ council dated 11 January 2012. To this day, I have received neither its text nor names of its authors. However, in his letter of 8 October 2012, DEK/3917/12, Jędrzejec writes that neither Ministry of Culture nor Center for Artistic Education received any denunciations against me.

I am sorry to say, that in spite of my ability to read with comprehension, I fail to understand contents of professor’s letters, in which subsequent letters contradict earlier ones, and even subsequent sentences of one letter contradict earlier ones, proving countless lies and manipulations, as well as unusual engagement of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in the process of annihilating me as a person.

The entire group collaborate very skilfully. The responsibility for the entire cruelty against me is shared by a rather large group of people.

Minister Zdrojewski is silent. Prime Minister pretends not to understand my letters. It is clear, that following instructions of the liquidation process the perpetrators are to remain unpunished. We are living in a totalitarian country.

Some characteristic, schematic features are discernible in the behavior of provocation participants. My testimony delivered in the prosecutor office covered all provocation participants who were known to me by February 2012. Thus, senior regional inspector of CAE and chief inspector of CAE are both featured in my testimony. I deposited the testimony twice in person. The third part of my testimony was sent by mail.

When I informed prosecutor Paweł Sawicki, simultaneously presenting evidence of cruelty, that I was victimized and inspector Karcz has done nothing to stop it despite my requests, the prosecutor replied:

So, what?

When I sent chief inspector Wacław Kłaput a letter with a relevant school document, from which it was clear that director falsifies school documentation, presents one of employees as having the Master degree despite lack thereof, attributes actions to school employees, which they have not performed or could not perform, because of lack of qualifications, and school functions without curriculum and educational plan in some of the school’s subjects, the inspector said:

The director slipped.

He then added

Director has an answer to every question. By the way, the responsibility for school educational programs lies with the deputy director.

Despite my presenting to the Ministry of Culture many descriptions of situations and manipulations schemes, documents signed by the provocateurs demonstrating their sadism, evidence of lies, fraud and falsifications, professor Jędrzejec replied

The matter was investigated by two inspectors and the ministry supports answers that were provided to you.

When I described to the regional CAE inspector the course of the meeting of the piano section held on her request, during which my subordinate teacher aggressively attacked me, she asked why I had not defended myself. When I reported to the chief CAE inspector the aggressive interrogation conducted by the secretary of the parents’ council, he asked why I allowed to do it. When I did try to defend myself on another occasion, I was punished by the school director.

These situations were arranged in a fashion typical of the Communist secret police. The aim was to trap the victim in circumstances such that any of his or her choices result in worsening of the situation.

The school director suggested in one of her letters that I should go to a psychologist. She did not dare to suggest a visit with a psychiatrist. The representative of the Ministry of Culture professor Wiktor Jędrzejec makes these suggestions between the lines of all his letters. We can clearly see the similarity to the Communist dictatorship, when everyone knew, that a collective of tormentors is always above the law, and the person demanding respect for human dignity and law was either liquidated or locked in a mental facility.

In January 2013, I received another letter from the Ministry dated 10 December 2012, DEK/4838/12, mailed from Warsaw on 27 December 2012. This was much delayed reaction to my two earlier letters with irrefutable evidence how earlier inspections by two CAE inspectors were carried out. There was apparently another inspection I did not ask for. This time the Ministry did not inform me who carried the inspection. Jędrzejec did not react to my submitted evidence. He wrote instead, that my pedagogical documentation is written very carefully but my lesson journal contains false information. Earlier, In February 2012, the same allegation was put forward by the school director. It suffices, however, to inspect lesson journals of other teachers to refute this claim. It is important to emphasize, that professor Wiktor Jędrzejec responds to my letters in a manner characteristic of inspector Karcz, i.e. without providing answers.

The contents of professor Jędrzejec’s letter was not a surprise. I know this attitude very well by now. The same method was applied by director Małaczyńska in her letter of 10 February 2012. It is based on making accusations with the full knowledge of them being false. In the event of allegations being compromised, we can expect to hear an excuse of the type “Mr. X made a mistake” or “Mr. X received incomplete information”. The aim may also be to erase the distinction between the truth and the falseness.

After my nearly twenty years of quiet, exemplary work, countless provocations were organized in attempt to manufacture an appearance of conflict between me and almost entire school community. For example, on 7 November 2011, after twelve years of friendly, warm and respectful collaboration, Ms Aleksandra, who is the school secretary and simultaneously performs the function of the regional CAE inspector’s personal secretary, demanded in a raised voice that I address her with her last name instead of her first name.

I should also mention that I am friendly with another employee of the school’s secretariat, Ms Aleksandra’s sister. I dropped by their office almost daily to say “hi, girls”. At the end of each school year I thanked them both verbally and with a little gift of sweets.

I saw, of course, a stack of newly manufactured school documents in autumn 2011. All falsified and falsely dated school documents, school curricula and their subsequent versions passed through the hands of the school secretary, who was simultaneously personal secretary of the regional inspector of CAE. The secretary also types director’s ordinances. She knows what was deleted or added to a text. She knows the true dates, when documents were written and when they were announced. In other words, the school secretary knows everything.

The secretary was ordered to stop being friendly with me in attempt to isolate me from the school community and to discourage me from contacting the secretariat. Creating an impression of personal disagreements was supposed to enable another provocation, this time by the chief inspector of Center for Artistic Education Wacław Kłaput, who clearly was tasked with finding something negative about me.

The secretariat employees were ordered to block my access to information and documents I needed to perform my professional duties and my daily tasks as a teacher. I might need information and school documents in case I were to defend myself in some circumstances. Thus, if I made my own decision, I could be punished for something I have done, and if I refrained from a decision, I could be punished for inaction. The denial of information normally needed to make a proper decision was meant to facilitate my making an error. I had to take certain decisions alone to enable normal functioning of the piano section. I described this in detail in my letters to CAE director Bujanowski. He has not done anything to help me.

I was first refused access to minutes of pedagogical council meetings. Later, I could read them under someone else’s supervision, without possibility to make a copy. Access to documents was also blocked by director Bujanowski and employees of the legal section of the Center for Artistic Education. I was denied access to the report of chief inspector Wacław Kłaput from his December 2011 inspection. The report was made secret, although the subject matter is not secret at all. Both Mr. Bujanowski and Mr. Jędrzejec made accusations against me based on this secret report, while denying my access to it. Are these not Communist methods? To accuse someone and hide the document used as the basis of accusation? When the document was finally made available for a brief moment, the legal section of CAE and director Bujanowski made it impossible to read it and examine in detail.

Minutes of various meetings were manufactured, although no person was tasked with the job of writing minutes, and neither I nor other participants of the meetings were aware such minutes existed.

I was being given instead information I did not ask for and did not need. For example, I was told that school director is on an official visit in Warsaw, although I was interested in the least where she was and what she was doing. Walking the school corridor I heard shouts of the school secretary quite a few times:

Ms director, director Bujanowski is on the line.

This behavior was seemingly illogical. However, the motives behind it are quite transparent in the context.

Among documents hidden from me was even the book of director’s ordinances. I could not therefore know, whether I was to chair periodic examinations carried out by the piano section, or if I was even a member of the examination committee. In these circumstances, I wrote a note next to my signature on one of director’s announcements. Also, I wrote a note following school director’s announcement introducing new school curricula in the middle of school year in December 2011, which contradicted the educational system act. Since the chief CAE inspector threatened me with another reprimand, in the event I wrote another such note, I signed without comment several astonishing director’s ordinances in the current school year. I also signed director’s ordinance, which was stamped with a false past date, refraining from making a written note when the ordinance was presented to the school staff.

The main method of victimization was to humiliate me in front of 0ther teachers, school’s non-teaching personnel, students, and parents. These scenes were most often arranged in my presence. Sometimes they occurred in my absence, when I was on medical leave.

During one of piano section meetings, my then subordinate Górna, announced she excluded me from jury of one of the school competitions. This occurred in school director’s presence.

When I asked the director during pedagogical council meeting, why she ordered shortly before the mid-year student performances to use new curricula symbols, in contradiction of article 22a of educational system act, I was immediately attacked by my subordinate Górna, who announced to the pedagogical council that she personally excluded me from the jury of the piano competition. This was a provocative humiliation of the head of piano section in front of the entire school community. This resembles naturally both Nazism and Communism, when the person to be liquidated was first deprived of dignity and humanity. It happened in a similar way.

Humiliating visits in director’s office, punishing me, member of school leadership, on the day I returned after several days’ medical leave, with official admonition, and subsequently on the same day for my visit to a doctor – this was always carried out in presence of a witness, member of school administration, the school’s secretary and simultaneously the personal secretary of CAE regional inspector.

Orders were issued to watch my every step, to note everything I said. When I visited the school library, there was an immediate phone call from the school secretariat with a question what I was doing there. I was the only target of school director’s accusation of having eaten a warm meal during a nine-hour workday. I was accused of not directing and supervising the writing of new school curricula, although everyone knew I was on medical leave during this time. This medical leave was caused by unrelenting bullying and harassment in my workplace. Director did not agree to postpone submission of new curricula until my return to work. She made decisions concerning piano section together with Mrs. Górna, without informing me, head of the piano section. She charged me with complete lack of progress in my section’s work, while the section under my leadership functioned, as always, without any problems. She began criticising my work, which was always full of dedication, and my initiatives, which were always met with appreciation by teachers, as well as students and their parents.

The new head of the parents’ council Mr. Sławomir Mundry began systematically attend meetings of the pedagogical council. If he was not available, Mrs. Górna was speaking on his behalf.

After my dismissal from the function of head of the parents’ council, all student diplomas received during national and international competitions were removed from the main school bulletin board. These certificates of students achievements were displayed in this place for many years. Now the board is occupied by the announcements of the parents’ council. Its current composition is featured there prominently. Students diplomas are tightly packed in a school corner to which hardly anyone pays attention. This is a very clear message.

Addressing her letters to me, the school director omitted my functions and generally accepted honorific forms. She reacted to my letters with significant delay or did not respond at all. My name was removed from school curricula written in December 2011, although names of retired teachers, who left school long time ago, were permitted to remain in these documents. When I was removed from the function of head of parents’ council, and the council’s secretary Mundry became the new head, my name did not appear on the list of parents’ council members on the school’s bulletin board, although I was still member of the council. The place, where my name should appear, was marked with a dashed line. This again can be associated with Communism, when persons were erased from photographs, books were removed from libraries, names from registers, encyclopedias and history. The removal of human being from social space and erasure of traces of his or her existence are key elements of totalitarianism.

Methodically applied psychological torture, to which I was subjected, was very advanced. The instigators had every detail under control. My documentation in several volumes describes methods used by this organized group of liquidators. Slander and attempts to provoke conflicts continue.

Although I began avoiding conversations with school teachers due to unrelenting provocations, some teachers stopped me in the school corridor, others were coming to my classroom. They praised my courage and determination in the fight for truth, expressed words of admiration, provided interesting information about my tormentors, delivered evidence of falsifications, despite my not having asked anyone for anything. At the same time they voluntarily provided justification for their silent approval of the entire bestiality, which was illogical, because I did not reproach anyone for being silent. However, no one dared to say publicly just one sentence:

You must not do this, you must not bully and victimize a human being.

Instead, they often said in private:

We obviously see what they did to you.

Let me supplement this picture with words spoken by Ministry of Culture representatives, including Center for Artistic Education between November 2011 and March 2012.

I am reading your correspondence right now. It is unbelievable, what you are writing about. (March 2012)

Really? And what does pedagogical council say about this? (…) I am really sorry that you must work in such circumstances. I have to end the conversation. I must go to a meeting. (January 2012)

The regional CAE inspector suddenly ended my conversation with her in November 2011, excusing herself with the need to pick her granddaughter from a kindergarten.

The chief CAE inspector told me in the evening of 19 December 2011, that he just finished his inspection in the State School of Music in Zielona Góra, immediately after I asked him to meet me the next day.

The next inspector, who allegedly controlled the school in April 2012, did not talk to me at all.

Another inspection I did not ask for was supposedly conducted by an anonymous person.

Mr. President, the human being, an individual is the central subject of the state. If he or she is systematically and in premeditated manner deprived of dignity and an attempt is made to destroy the person, such state is totalitarian.

The last one hundred years is heavy with the burden of crimes of gigantic proportions. Often, after crimes became known and condemned, people, whose professional and humanitarian duty was to react to evil, claimed they knew nothing of the crimes. I would like to make sure that none of those in power today will dare say tomorrow they were not aware of the killing of the soul.

These actions follow a well-rehearsed script, whose details are continually adapted to circumstances and to the need to apply further blows. They follow guidelines spelled out in documents of the Ministerium fuer Staatssicherheit of the communist East Germany. I recommend reading the directive 1/76 of the Stasi chief Erich Mielke issued in 1976. I am including a copy of three pages from that document. The entire directive is written on fifty pages. The physical torture and the murder of the body were replaced with psychological torture and the murder of the soul.

One might of course surmise that matters described here should be of interest to the state apparatus, the prosecutor office, as well to the wider public. This would have likely happened in a state respecting the rule of law. However, prosecutor in Poland is busy with falsifying witness’ testimony and government ministry hides the fact that law is not followed in state institutions, including parliamentary legislation as well as ministerial ordinances. Bullying, harassment, victimization of inconvenient individuals is to be continued and the aim is to hide it from the public. Why some individuals were recognized as inconvenient? Because they may be descendants of true pre-WWII elites or simply remain faithful to unfalsified Poland. They were raised in families respecting honor, dignity, truth. Some persons try to follow these values in their behavior. Their most precious possession is their dignity and their good name.

You happened to lower your head over the graves in Katyń and in other places – this can be done quite easily. To stand over the graves is very easy today. Gestures towards those murdered long time ago do not cost anything. It was seventy years ago. Have you done, however, anything for those, whose good name and dignity are trampled today? Is the state in which this happens, worthy of the name “Poland”?

Polish constitution proclaims the following:

The inherent and inalienable dignity of the person shall constitute a source of freedoms and rights of persons and citizens. It shall be inviolable. The respect and protection thereof shall be the obligation of public authorities. (Article 30)

The issue of holding prisoners by foreign intelligence service on the territory of Poland, possibly associated with using torture against those suspected of terrorism, was being debated in the last several years and an investigation has been carried out. The matter is being investigated by the European Parliament. However, why no office, no prosecutor, no parliament, neither Polish nor European, examines the killing of the Polish citizens’ souls committed on the territory of Poland?

In his book “Russian mind in fetters”, which is a reportage from his travel through communist Russia in 1929, Polish writer Stanisław Mackiewicz wrote, among other things, about persecution of lishentsi (outlaws), who were persons marked by the Bolshevik authorities for liquidation. The process of liquidating lishentsi was conducted in the Soviet Union openly at the time. Today, the same process is being carried out in Poland, albeit in a more camouflaged manner. It might be given the name of mobbing to conceal the truth. The aim is to keep the crux of the matter unnamed and to ensure that future victims are unaware of this organized crime.

Yours sincerely,

Małgorzata Głuchowska,
Teacher of Piano
State School of Music in Zielona Góra

(*) The assembly of all school teachers

(**) Second stage of musical education





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