Simple deceiving tricks

Comment on Peter Conradi’s article Party writhes in hunt for next Merkel in The Times, 26 December 2020.

Lech S Borkowski comment in The Times 26 December 2020
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Times, 26 December 2020

Simple facts contradict Angela Merkel’s supposed line of thought pursued by the author of the article. She was a member of the Communist youth organisation, a training ground for future Communist leaders. She joined to support, build and benefit from the Communist dictatorship.

Lots of Communists told lots of rubbish over the years how they loved western culture. This did not prevent them from loving the Communist party and their dictatorship even more. Gorbachev quoted Sinatra. Polish Communist banker boasted of knowing Jennifer Lopez. These are only simple rhetorical deceiving tricks.