Issues and non-issues

My comment on the article Chopin’s love letters to men ‘covered up’ by Polish by Oliver Moody in The Times, 26 November 2020. Polish version: Sprawy i nie-sprawy.

Lech S Borkowski comment The TImes 26 November 2020
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The TImes 26 November 2020

It is a non-issue. I am coming from a conservative, traditional Polish family and I can tell you that you are being told a fake narrative about Poland. The really important matters occur in a different domain.

My wife Małgorzata Głuchowska is a pianist and was a piano teacher at the State School of Music in Zielona Góra in Poland until 2015, when she was fired by the state authorities for allegedly being mentally unfit for the job. They threatened her with a job loss and forced to have two meaningless conversations with a psychologist and accused her of having an unspecified mental problem. We have published the transcripts of the psychologists speech and made full recordings of those conversations available on Youtube. She was the best piano pedagogue of the school with 23 years of experience. Her students won many awards at the national and international piano competitions. Her English CV is available on our website.

At the same time, I was also fired from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Our family has been targeted for years.

In reaction to the harassment and violation of law by the state representatives, we wrote many letters to top officials in Poland, exposing their violations of human rights and of the officially declared law. Law is a fiction in Poland. The state’s modus operandi is the same as pre-1990.

The entire Polish ‘transition to democracy’ in 1989-90 was a farce organised by the Communists themselves. You can call it Communism 2.0, or evolved Communism. The new ruling class is the same as the old ruling class. Decorations are changed from time to time.

Artificial controversies about someone sexuality are a very useful diversion for the Polish regime. The officially declared profile of a government is unimportant. It is the same old ruling class.