Collective protagonist

My comment on the article Belarus protests: Opponents of Lukashenko lose heating and water by Marc Bennetts in The Times, 18 November 2020. Polish version: Bohater kolektywny.

Lech S Borkowski comment in The Times 18 November 2020
Lech S Borkowski, comment in The Times, 18 November 2020

Ah, the virtual politics of BeLaLand.

“Residents said bio-toilets painted in the red and white of the opposition flag were delivered to the district on the morning that the taps went dry. It is unclear who was responsible but some locals suspect the move was a deliberate act of mockery by pro-Lukashenko officials.”

The whole thing is a mockery. The regime and its ‘opposition’ perfectly agree on the white-red-white flags and symbolism associated with the Grand Duchy Lithuania, Pogoń/Pahonia coat of arms and its flags, during its union with Poland in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Now the regime tries to appropriate that history as their own, pretending it is done by an opposition. Belarus does not have any state history to speak of. This is a long-term historic thinking at work here.

Someone has to pay for and produce all that gadgetry on display during the ‘protests’. As is typical in Communist countries, the hero is a collective and the fake story is put forward as an explanation.

Mass ‘protests’ and displays of some kind of disapproval are nothing new. It has been done many times before. Condemned were capitalists, wealthier farmers, people of independent mind, disgraced Communist officials. What we are seeing today is absolutely nothing new.

They are living and practicing lies in their daily lives.