Collective control and management of life

My comment on the op-ed article The Times view on Poland’s new abortion ban: Law and Injustice in The Times, 3 November 2020. Polish version: Kolektywna kontrola i zarządzanie życiem.

3 Nov 2020, Lech S Borkowski comment on an op-ed article in The Times
Lech S Borkowski, comment on an op-ed article in The Times, 3 Nov 2020

The Times writers and editors ignore the most basic elements of the Polish reality. It may be even worse: they do not want to understand.

You are looking at a Communist country, but assume that all that totalitarianism, all that control and management of the tiniest details of life has magically disappeared, and you are trying to squeeze your interpretation into the western framework. A demonstration in Warsaw means something else than a demonstration in London.

It is incorrect to write that Poland went from extremes in collective control and management of all aspects of life to the extremes of a man’s imagined will imposed upon a country. This is silly.

Catholic religion the dominant force in Poland? No. It only provides a convenient cover. The ruling class is the same as before 1990. The rules of the game are the same as before 1990. Only decorations are different.

The western media have lost the plot long time ago. They believe in a magic collapse of Communism, rebirth of democracy, and a massive shift to authenticity in public life. This theory has not been confirmed by experiments conducted in the trenches of everyday life.

Mr J. Kaczyński and scores of people around him come from families privileged under Communism. They were trained in political technology. The entire ‘collapse of Communism’ was fake. People ‘protesting’ against them on the street are from the same ruling class. This is an artificial conflict. One of many.