Neural correlates of consciousness

My comment on Hitler and Stalin by Laurence Rees review: a tale of two tyrants by Robert Gerwarth in The Telegraph, 26 October 2020. Polish version: Neuronalne korelaty świadomości.

Lech S Borkowski comment on a book review by Robert Gerwarth in The Telegraph 26 October 2020
Lech S Borkowski, comment on “Hitler and Stalin by Laurence Rees book review” in The Telegraph, 26 October 2020

WWII and associated developments are typically viewed from mostly a military perspective. Started on [date], ended on [date]. [number] mln killed.

My family comes from eastern Poland, which suffered three occupations during WWII and afterwards: the Soviet one 1939-1941, the German 1941-1944 and again the Soviet one from 1944 on.

The war has not ended in 1945. My parents and other family members were imprisoned in concentrations camps in the Soviet Union for many years after WWII. One of my uncles was tortured to the point of not knowing his own name. He was permanently damaged. Technically alive, dead as a human being.

My mother suffered terribly as well. WWII was terrible enough, but the real hell came post-1945. The war against our family has never really ended. More recently, my wife and I were fired from our jobs in Poland in 2015, because the neural correlates of our consciousness exhibited features proscribed for elimination by the ruling class installed as a result of the Communist occupation.

Our families suffered from both Nazis and Communists. My wife’s grandfather fought against the German invasion in 1939, was later imprisoned by the Soviets in 1940-41, then fought with the Allies on the western front, and again imprisoned by the Communists when he returned to Poland in 1947.

While WWII understood as a military campaign ended in 1945, the violence associated with it continued in non-military forms against civilians. Poland understood as a civilization developed over the centuries, has been wiped out. Now the same name is being used by the Communist fake.