Not impressed

My short comment on the article Headbutted and kicked in the ribs — Belarusian police gave me a taste of the brutality meted out to protesters by Gareth Browne in The Times, 19 October 2020. Polish version: Autor nie zaimponował.

Lech S Borkowski comment on The Times article 19 October 2020
Comment on The Times article 19 October 2020

Sorry, but I am not impressed. Those without experience of reality in Communist country might be, but not me.

The regime is staging the protests to organize a transition to the next phase, which is a fake democracy. Those protesters are people of the regime. They want to create a founding myth for the next phase: BTL dictatorship, i.e. dictatorship below the line.

I am writing this as a son of survivors of Communist concentration camps in northern Russia, Bolesław Borkowski and Irena Ostrowska.