Polit-soap opera

My comment on the article Belarus protesters defy Alexander Lukashenko with show of solidarity  by Nick Holdsworth in The Times, 31 August 2020.

This is a polit-soap opera played in slow motion, product of Communist political engineering. There is no independent political life in Belarus. The ‘protests’ are staged and the entire spectacle is a provocation against the outside observers. There is only one political force in Belarus and this is the entire conglomerate of public life firmly controlled by the regime. The fake opposition is a routine exercise by now. It part of the syllabus of a beginner’s course in Communist political technology and proof of dictatorship’s strength. An ABC really. But it is not taught at Oxford or Cambridge.

All these articles about Eastern Europe are written with a byline ‘Communists don’t lie’. Well, they do. As Lenin once said ‘telling the truth is a bourgeois prejudice’.

People in the West try to interpret the script within their own cognitive limits, which inevitably results in a cognitive catastrophe.

And so it goes. At some point there is a fake transition of power, a fake ‘democratisation’ process. Democratizatsiya. And the lie holds until the next upheaval.

Then the cycle begins anew. The reset button is pressed again and the same Communist fairy tale is broadcast all over the media again.