Total control, many options

My comment on the article Putin has no good options in Belarus by Andrew Foxall in The Telegraph, 25 August 2020.

Lech Borkowski
27 Aug 2020 2:49PM

I see my earlier comment was removed. Interesting.

The Belarus protests are completely phoney. The social control in Communist countries is total and there is no social activity which is not approved by the state. Whatever is not approved, is liquidated quietly before it grows.

Communist policy is carried out through provocations. Lukashenko, Putin, the ‘opposition’ in Belarus are one and the same team. Their disagreements are staged. An old Communist trick.

You can read in yesterday Times:

“Surprisingly, Tikhanovskaya was then accepted as a candidate to go up against Lukashenko.”

This is a clear sign of official approval.

Communist societies are empty of natural social activity. After several decades of a thorough dictatorship the societal fabric is completely destroyed. There is no trust and everyone knows that speaking your mind is a no-no. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. There is no life outside the regime. No one will help you.

It is absurd to take seriously the ‘protest’ at the tractor factory, for example. This kind of action is a variation on the old Bolshevik theme of workers activism. It is one of the last places, where anything independent would be allowed to occur. The control is total.

Communists developed a very advanced political technology, something very poorly understood in the West. Having a complete control of the situation, you can stage arbitrary protests and promote arbitrary political figures, without changing the grip on power.

These ‘protests’ have not revealed absolutely anything. The criticism of the regime by the ‘opposition’ is of a non-essential kind. Even their slogan ‘A Country to Live In’ is absurd. Lukashenko certainly approves of the slogan.