Self-limiting journalism

My comment on the article Belarus rebels must act while Putin wavers by Roger Boyes in The Times, 26 August 2020.

Mr. Boyes represents self-limiting journalism.

Roger Boyes refers to Solidarity in Poland and calls it a ‘self-limiting’ revolution. This concept is a Communist lie. Communists themselves created fake opposition to their own regime. The key ‘opposition’ figures came from the regime’s core.

One of them, Adam Michnik, is a son of the Soviet agent convicted for acting against the Polish state in the 1930s. None of the western journalists dared to point this out. Key figure in the media.

Tadeusz Mazowiecki, a Catholic activist, who was called ‘the first non-Communist Prime Minister’ in 1989-90. He was a three-time member of the Communist ‘parliament’, each time ‘elected’ with more than 95 per cent of the vote. Much better result than Lukashenko.

When the Red Army Choir gave a concert in the Vatican during the celebration of the 26th anniversary of John Paul II’s pontificate on 15 October 2004, nobody in the media asked any questions or expressed surprise. The last song performed encore that evening was “Oka”, the anthem of the Polish First Communist Division formed in the Soviet Union in 1943. There was not a single mention of it in the media.

The ‘free’ trade unions in Poland was a Bolshevik trick and was done on order from the Communist authorities. It was merely a re-run of the old Lenin’s concept. And, yes, it has been done in the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk out of respect for Lenin. Such is the gullibility of western journalists, that they will do everything to avoid noticing the lie.

There was not and there is no solidarity in Poland. Solidarity was a lie. My wife and I were liquidated from out state jobs in a perfectly Communist way in 2015. In September 2011, they first launched an incredibly vicious campaign against us at the State School of Music in Zielona Góra, where my wife Małgorzata Głuchowska worked, and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, where I was employed as an associate professor of physics.

We didn’t back down. We recorded numerous violations of law and human rights. State documents were falsified, including student exam certificates, which we pointed out. We provided the top state authorities, the media, MPs, with detailed information. There was not a single helping hand. Neither from people around us, nor from the state structures or media. We have talked to numerous lawyers. There was not a single lawyer, that would agree to sensibly represent us, despite piles of evidence.

The state authorities forced my wife to see a state-appointed psychologist under the threat of her being fired. She didn’t have much choice. She went to chat with a psychologist, recording the two 40-minutes meaningless conversations. These recordings are now on YouTube. The prosecuting authority falsified the juridical process, when they received information and evidence from us. The falsification was of the most blatant type. Only someone guaranteed full impunity could do this.

Our evidence is also available on our website, some at the ResearchGate portal.

Our family was targeted because my parents opposed Communists and were imprisoned for many years in Communist concentration camps in norther Russia after WWII. I supported my parents’ choices. I was not politically active and I simply wanted to work as a scientist. I have a PhD from the University of Florida, a university much higher classified in world rankings than any of the Polish schools.

Poland is the same dictatorship as before 1990, only it is better camouflaged now. Political pluralism is fake in Poland. This camouflage suffices for journalists such as Boyes. They won’t ask questions, they won’t investigate, even if you provide them with piles of evidence.