BTL dictatorship

My comment on the editorial article The Times view on Andrzej Duda’s re-election: Divided Poland in The Times, 14 July 2020. BTL stands for “below the line” and is a phrase borrowed from marketing practices. It refers to non-traditional forms of advertising. I used it for the first time in January 2010 in my Klient Nasz Pan blog.

15 July 2020

You are describing an empty political spectacle scripted by political technologists. These are signatures of Communists pretending to be democrats. There is no difference between Duda and Trzaskowski. Both were earlier associated with the same group of people. These are merely actors trained by the same school of acting.

Some of the issues you mentioned are completely fake and made up just to stir up emotions.

No candidate and no political party post-1990 ever backed the return of property stolen by the Communists.

The real issues are those not spoken about. They were taboos before 1990 and they remain taboos now.

Poland is a BTL, below-the-line, dictatorship, with the same Communist class running the show. Scenography changes from one scene to next, but this is the same empty spectacle.