Faking democracy in Poland

My second comment on the article Polish president looks for US troops to give him edge in election by Oliver Moody and Maria Wilczek in The Times, 26 June 2020.

In Poland, there is a democratic spectacle, but there is no democracy. There was no democracy since WWII.

The title of the article claims that there was a democracy ‘we fought for’. This is incorrect.

The opening paragraph is also incorrect. There was no uprising against Communism and no ‘transition to democracy’ in Poland. There was a staged simulation of a collapse of Communism. A provocation. Recommended reading on the general methodology of Communist provocations: The Triumph of Provocation by Józef Mackiewicz, published in Polish in 1962, in English by Yale University Press in 2009.

The reference to the Middle Ages is a typical slogan of the Communist propaganda.

Another recommended reading is Virtual Politics. Faking Democracy in the Post-Soviet World by Andrew Wilson, Yale University Press 2005. “Performance was substituted for reality; performance was reality.” This quote refers to the Soviet Union but it is valid in post-1945 Poland as well. This means Poland today as well.

Virtual Politics by Andrew Wilson, Yale University Press 2005
Virtual Politics by Andrew Wilson, Yale University Press 2005

Communists have a long history of manufacturing fake movements pretending to oppose the ruling regime, beginning with operation Trust in the Soviet Union in the 1920s. After WWII they formed false underground resistance movement Wolność i Niezawisłość in Poland, i.e. Freedom and Independence. CIA was duped into giving money to it. Later on they fabricated the Solidarity trade union following essentially the Leninist idea. There is no way that any underground movement could function in Communist Poland. This simply contradicts the realities of everyday life.

All organised forms of resistance against Communism were liquidated in the 1940s and the 1950s. Its participants killed, tortured, imprisoned, or executed.

The main function of the article is not to explain reality in Poland. Its aim appears to support mainly the mythology of the alleged overthrow of Communism.