Examples of Communist narrative in Poland

My two comments following the article Poland seeks to outwit Russia with canal to sea by Maria Wilczek in The Times, 6 June 2020.

The building of this canal is an exercise in telling the fake narrative. Poland does not need this canal. The goal of the functionaries in control of Poland is to solidify the present irrationally places Polish borders and make them seem permanent, while pretending that Warsaw is standing up to Russia.

As a result of the Soviet aggression in WWII Poland lost half of its territory, My parents’ families and my wife’s families come from eastern Poland occupied by the Soviet Union between 1939-1941 and after 1944.

The centerpiece of the Communist/Russian narrative in this part of Europe is to present this aggression as justified and irreversible. Hence the idea to build the canal to focus attention and create physical barriers and visible signs of the Polish-Russian border. It is ridiculous.

The Polish so-called ‘democratic transition’ was a farce, a Communist provocation. A lot of noise, little substance. The decorations changed, but not the essence. Polish authorities are subordinates of the Soviet/Russian narrative.

The West is duped, as indeed are many of the Poles.


As I wrote in my yesterday’s comment, the canal described in the article is part of a false, Communist narrative.

Let me give you couple more examples from the same script.

In recent years, the national Museum of WWII was located in Gdańsk/Danzig instead of Warsaw. Gdańsk/Danzig was an episode of WWII, not the main stage. Warsaw is the only place in Poland, where such museum could stand. It is due to the Communist management, control and falsification of history and memory that decision to locate the Museum in Gdańsk was made.

In the centre of the Polish capital stands the Communist monument imposed by the Soviet Union, the so-called ‘Palace of Culture and Science’. It was erected in the early 1950s. Polish Academy of Science’s central office continues to be located in this Stalinist building – symbol of the Communist dictatorship and genocide.

There is no monument in the centre of Warsaw to the Polish officers murdered by the Soviet Union in 1940. There is also silence on Soviet murders of members of Polish WWII resistance. Similar silence surrounds the genocidal treatment of anyone resisting Communism, including Poles in the area occupied by the Soviet Union.

As I wrote in a comment following the Jan 24 2020 op-ed article in The Times:

“About hundred years after the Bolshevik revolution the West still refuses to deal with the Bolshevik approach to history. History is not something that happens by itself and is written and told with limited manipulation only. Not at all. History is planned, organised and executed. Given sufficient resources, material, human and organisational, history can be planned and scripted just like a theatre play.”

Poland is a country of evolved and evolving Communism.