False obituary

My comment on the obituary of the former First Secretary of the Communist party in Poland, Stanislaw Kania, Polish leader who saw off the threat of a Soviet invasion – obituary, The Telegraph, 10 March 2020.


Lech Borkowski   11 Mar 2020 7:55AM

This text is full of nonsense. The Solidarity trade union was created by the Communists themselves. Part of contemporary Communist mythology. There were many fake ‘movements’. This is one of many. All this hardliners vs. moderates is crap because it is pushing the false narrative prepared by the Communists.

This obituary is simply an attempt to further peddle the fake interpretation.

There were only cosmetic changes in Poland. Change of decorations. My wife and I were fired from our jobs in state institutions in 2015 after a long and vicious campaign. We were fired for political reasons. If things have changed so much in Poland, why they have remained the same?

My father deserted from the Communist army in January 1945, together with a large group of others. I fully approve of his decision. That’s the reason for actions against my family. Also our daughter was targeted in her school.

Communists re-branded themselves and simulate capitalism and democracy, but this is the same criminal organisation.The same criminal state. The same organised social violence.