Communists celebrate Stalin’s anniversary

My two comments published today, following Marc Bennetts’ article Stalin’s death liberated us, say activists in The Times, March 6 2020.

Note the profound difference between the treatment of Nazi and Communist genocides on the pages of The Times. This includes readers’ comments.

I am Polish. My parents were held in Communist concentration camps in northern Russia for many years and I am obliged to point this out.

Millions of Communists participated. And they still do. This system of violence has not gone away. The idea of the camp is alive and well also today, The camp has not withered away. It thrives.


The article is misleading. Just look at some of the keywords:

firework display
to celebrate the anniversary
national holiday
national holiday of liberation
very beautiful
It was the right thing to do
firework show
“openly voice their opinions”
the period of mass repressions, when so many innocent people died – note the euphemisms

The event in Yekaterinburg is in fact a celebration of Stalin and a celebration of the Communist genocide. It is disguised a bit but it is a celebration nevertheless. Death of Stalin was no liberation. The very existence of the Soviet Union meant enslavement and terror.

The Times uncritically transmits these lies to a wider public in the West.

Now, a glance at the categories the article was classified into. Where do the murdered millions fit in? Ah, it must be ‘global politics’.