Organised crime at university in Poland

Hugh Tomlinson writes in The Times, February 21 2020, about cheating in Indian schools in the article Testing times for India’s school exam cheats. My comment is about falsifications at a university in Poland.

In Poland, where I was employed at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, everything, not just exam results is subject to falsification.

This has not changed since the so-called ‘fall of Communism’. The very term ‘fall of Communism’ is actually a false statement.

When two Erasmus students from Spain turned in their essays, which copied large quantities of text from the literature of the subject, I handed the matter over to a University official. About a month later I was attacked during a faculty meeting for not issuing the students’ grades. This attack was carried out in the presence of top University officials, including the rector, who was visiting the Department of Physics that day. Following the attack, the meeting was immediately closed, so that I did not have a chance to respond.

Couple of days after the meeting I received a note signed by several ‘committee’ members, who accused me of applying wrong teaching and examination methods. This was in March 2012.

On other occasions I was pressured to sign a pass grade during an exam, when a pass grade was absolutely out of the question.

Whenever I tried to follow strict and transparent rules of assigning grades, my efforts were sabotaged by both the University and students themselves. Sometimes my lecture was cancelled by the University without notification. This was a very highly organised harassment.

I was fired from the University in 2015. The letter of dismissal was signed by a person who was present during the faculty meeting in 2012. This person is now the University rector, i.e. its president.