Stakhanovites of death

My first comment following The Times view on Vladimir Putin’s comments about the Holocaust: History Lesson, The Times January 24 2020.

Lech Borkowski

The event in question is a prime example of the weaponisation of history. In the hands of Communist regimes of Eastern Europe under Soviet control, everything was used as a weapon. Literally everything.

WWII was a meeting of two genocidal ideologies, each with its own killing dynamics and its own algorithms of the delivery of death. The Bolshevik regime of the Soviet Russia was the first to embark on its murderous trajectory on a mass scale long before WWII. The Stakhanovites of death have exceeded expectations and earlier ‘norms’ of killings. The Communist genocide and the associated concentration camps preceded the Nazi invention of the gas chambers.

“Just as the Polish government was wrong two years ago to make it illegal to accuse Poles of complicity in the Holocaust, so Mr Putin is wrong to accuse them now of complicity in starting the war.”

You must understand that both the current Russian and Polish leaders have come from the same Communist school and although they pretend to differ, they represent the same Communist narrative. I know you will say “Wait a minute! The Communism collapsed in Europe, including Poland!” To which I say: sorry, it did not. You have been misinformed.

I would like to make it clear that neither the current government represents me or my family nor any other government of Poland post-1945 did so.