Stasi daughter

On 25 December 2019, The Times re-published the article Sprint to freedom: how the East German athlete Ines Geipel outran even the Stasi by Oliver Moody, originally issued on November 5, 2019.

The sprinter is a daughter of an East German intelligence officer. The circumstances and events presented in the article contradict the modus operandi of the Communist state.

I made a couple of short comments about the text.

This story is not credible. Ines Schmidt (Geipel) belonged to the most privileged cast in the DDR. She was sent to the Russian school preparing future intelligence officers. As far as I can see from the article she has not revealed anything substantial about the Communist regime.

Interestingly, during recent reminiscences of the 30 anniversary of the opening of the East German border, both The Telegraph and The Times chose to focus on two Communist children from the regime’s inner circle and presented them as opposed to the dictatorship, although they were born into the Communist privilege and led privileged life.

This is a fundamentally false narrative.


I know Communism from the receiving end. I have seen many stories about privileged Communist children being allegedly opposed to Communism. The problem is they weren’t and their stories are false.

To eliminate an athlete from the competition they did not need a surgery. It is also highly unlikely that she did not know about being doped.

The father agent and the Stasi Russian school? This was the elite of the Communist intelligence.

In Poland, the biggest figure among the so-called dissidents was Adam Michnik, son of an important Communist agent acting on behalf of the Soviet Union. He also has a false story of opposing Communism. This is just one example.

The collapse of Communism was staged.


There is an unspoken assumption here, that Communists did not want to dismantle the wall and that they wanted to remain indefinitely long in some kind of a Brezhnev nirvana. However, this assumption is incorrect.

For a long time they were busy engineering fake dissident movements. Preparations took long time.